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on 3 June 2003
After about a decade of unfitness due to a busy life and a general and lifelong aversion to exercise, I have finally found an exercise programme that I have stuck with it for 3 months, and that I truly enjoy. I had no experience with yoga or pilates, and was seriously out of shape with a recurring back injuury made worse by a desk job, and had done minimal exercise in recent years. At first my level of flexibility was very low, although right from the start the combination of yoga and pilates was deeply relaxing for me and helped 'destress' me from the very first run, and the beginner programmes which focus on, respectively, the abdominals, arms, and legs noticably improved my muscle tone, much to my suprise, within the first 3 weeks. More importantly, I was able to do these workouts without injuring my back, and found that my back strength increased with time. I actually look forward each day to doing the video, unlike previous forms of exercise I have tried which took great effort of will to do, and now work out every day, since the workouts wake me up in a way that coffee used to, minus the caffeine jitters. After eight weeks of doing only the first three workouts which felt for the most part fairly effortless, and which improved and strengthened my back, I have graduated to the advanced programme 4 which is more strenuous but hugely satisfying to do, involving a variety of integrated postures and movements, and lets you know just how much your tone and flexibility has been strengthened. Yogalates is a great exercise for individuals who need to improve their muscle tone as well as to learn to relax, and for those with an injury that prevents them from doing other types of exercise; the video is well paced and well edited (although now I fast forward over the discussions of breathing and spinal alignment),and Solomon's presentation is extremely soothing. I know I also need to integrate some higher- paced cardio workout into my life to complement my yogalates workouts, but yogalates has been the first step for me to healthier living- my back problem is much better, and my stress level is much reduced. I have not lost weight, but I have lost literally inches due to enhanced muscle tone and now can wear a bikini without cringing for the first time in 10 years!
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on 20 August 2004
I've now used the video for a few months around twice a week but still find the first 3 workouts "toning enough" for me. I really enjoy the sessions and the instruction is done in a nice, clear way. Contrary to another reviewer I find the initial alignment and breathing sessions really crucial and that they make an enormous difference to how much good the subsequent exercises do. The exercises are much more difficult (but feel more effective and satisfying) when you really concentrate on breathing and alignment throughout.
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on 2 October 2003
this video has 4 short sessions or "workouts" as they are called by the presenter, this facilitates either a short daily practice or a longer one by doing the sessions in sequence.
the video is beautifully presented, in terms of asthetics, plus the sessions themselves are well thought out and coreographed. the clear instructions can be followed easily whilst exercising ie no need to crane the neck to figure out what your meant to be doing.
the instructions for the "breathing system" are clearer on this video than on Yogalates 1.
a really excellent physical exercise video.
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on 25 April 2006
I found this gem of a DVD and bought it - thinking it would be perfect for me while expecting. It's not intended for pregnant women however! I did the video for as long as I comfortably could. The reason it isn't good for pregnant women is because most of the first three workouts are floorwork/mat-based and that just isn't good for a heavily pregnant woman. You can cut off oxygen supply to the baby, and injure your back.

Some people find that Louise Solomon talks too much - I liked and valued her instructions because with these types of exercise if you are not familiar with things, you can so easily injure yourself.

I also like that she states the beginner's modifications and the modifications for people with neck and back problems. That is a wonderful advantage to her style of teaching. I feel that it shows she knows what she is talking about. As well, her program shows that anyone of any level can exercise! When you follow the video as she recommends, you feel the results immediately AND there is no stiffness or soreness at all. It is a nice relaxing way to exercise and you don't break a sweat!

After the baby was born, I started back a little too soon, and my abdominals were sore so I waited a few more weeks then started it again. It is wonderful. The video is broken down into 4 easy workouts. The first workout targets the abs and pelvic floor muscle groups, the second targets the upper body, while the third targets the lower body. The fourth, which should not be done for at least three months into this program is a total body toner. Each workout is about 15-20 minutes long, and you can do them all together, or one or two at a time, depending on your schedule. A flexible workout that helps you become more flexible.

For this program (dvd) you don't need any equipment (your own body weight is all you really need), except a cushion, a handtowel and a strap (my bathrobe/dressing gown belt fits the bill here) and the strap is only needed for the fourth workout (if you need it to aid your stretching). I have even used just a regular bathtowel as my stretching aid - just to see if that would work and it is just as effective as my bathrobe belt. So again, no need to spend a whole lot of money on things that you have to store. I liked this program so much that I even bought a copy and gave it to a friend, who in turn enjoyed it immensely.

This program works your body out from head to toe and you don't have to jump around, lift heavy weights and risk injuring joints and muscles to get in shape. If you get this video to do after having a baby, wait a few weeks after the birth before starting up the program and if you have had a c-section, follow your doctor's advice to the letter BEFORE doing any sort of exercise program.
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on 30 March 2014
this dvd is a great way of exercising without breaking a sweat I have been using for 3 weeks and the results are visibly noticible
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on 24 November 2016
This dvd is brilliant.. been doing it for 3 weeks and can see and feel the difference already! It's not like other work outs u don't get all hot and sweaty. Honestly try it u will be surprised! I see a lot of the reviews are from the older generation I'm in my 20s and have really enjoyed this and will be getting more
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on 13 July 2014
It's nothing particularly special although I did enjoy learning the techniques. I did struggle to remain dedicated to doing the regime and have found it difficult to get back into after having a short break. The instructor explains the movements well and you feel the supportive nature. I would find it more beneficial to have some form of music in the background as it would keep me more motivated.
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on 30 April 2008
This is like doing a class in your own home. Its very relaxing, good for beginners and there are variations for the more advanced to do or for beginners to try as they progress. This is definitly for people who have tried conventional workout DVD's and been bored to tears with silly dance moves and annoying reps. This is interesting and varied with lots to do. The instructor explains things so well you hardly need to look at the TV screen at all. She has a pleasant tone and there is no jarring music to contend with. You don need props but these are found around the house, so no expensive equipment to buy! I would recommend this to people of all ages and all fitness levels as you will feel great afterwards. I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 just because it may be too easy for die hard yoga and pilates fans who will need more of a challenge.
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on 6 December 2013
I bought this with the yogalates dvd and thought id really enjoy this but the same as the other I got extremely bored and her voice is so calming I almost fell asleep. Definately noticed changes even afer the first few times but I just could not find the motivation to carry it on
n, just not my thing but recommended if you like yoga or pilates
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on 2 July 2012
I chose this as I had a trapped nerve in my neck last year which has left me with ongoing problems, as a massage therapist myself I'm constantly telling people to take up yoga/pilates to strengthen their core and help with back related issues so I thought it was time to take my own advice! I can honestly say that after doing this dvd 4 times in the last week I have seen an 80% improvement in my symptoms, I can feel massive improvement in my posture and the workout goes so quickly I don't know where the time went. I wish I'd taken it up ages ago. I'm going to purchase some of the other titles in the series as I think after a few weeks I'll want to change it up a bit and maybe try something a little more challenging as this is fairly easy, even for a beginner like me. However this is a great starter and I will be recommending it to my clients!
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