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Yeowww Pollock Fish Cat Toy
Style: Pollock Fish|Change
Price:£7.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 22 January 2017
To say that this catnip stuffed banana was a wild success with our cat is something of an understatement.
It's the size of those fun-size actual bananas you can get in supermarkets. It's absolutely crammed with catnip, and the smell is extremely strong. Other fruits are available from this company (and the apple is set to arrive later today), but the banana offers pleasing length for back-paw kicking action. It's now looking even more like a banana,being an unsavoury brown at the end after some sucking. He's played with it multiple times a day for over a week, so it has staying power.
I'd bought some catnip mice from another emporium, and these had been greeted with only moderate enthusiasm. Eddington, who's around 18 months old, is a rescue cat. We've only had him for a couple of weeks so are still trying toys out. The sitting room is littered with discarded attempts to entertain. Crinkly starfish, not so much. Drug-filled bananas, buy them by the bunch, says Eddington.
If your cat likes catnip (and not all do), I think fun (for both cat and owner) is guaranteed with this toy. I post evidence below.
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on 10 December 2015
Good God! My house has been pandaemonium! You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it!! Unreal ..

I placed an order yesterday for quite a few cat toys (some by Yeowww) and a gorgeous cat Christmas stocking, which was for my baby girl Molly (3yrs old and sweet and gentle) and the box arrived an hour ago.

So I opened it in the kitchen on the counter. Carefully taking out the toys aimed for the Christmas stocking all of a sudden 2 cats flew into the kitchen. They were fast asleep in front of the fire when I went into the kitchen. Granted, Molly does have a thing about boxes and she is always in situ when they arrive. I have to empty them and give her the boxes.

Nash was up on the counter as I am desperately trying to get the toys into the stocking, to hide in a cupboard until Christmas. All hell broke loose when he just got near the Yeowww Apple Cat Toy. He literally pushed me away, growling at me and stole it! A mild scuffle then occurred between me and Nash (no animals were hurt in the making of this movie, as they say!!) and I got it off him. Him climbing my legs, all 2 stone of black Panther like cat! as I’m trying to cut the tag off the toy. Then Molly started.

I dropped the Apple.

Then the madness got worse. They just went crazy!!! I was a mixture of horrified as well as laughing myself almost to the point of needing the toilet. It was mad. I should have taken video, but it all happened so fast. I was ill prepared for the impact a Meowww cat toy would have on my babies. My gentle fur babies that cuddle me and snuggle me and rock my world.

I’ve had to break up 2 fights, serious fights with teeth and screams and fur everywhere as they battle for the Apple. I removed the Apple, shouted at them both to behave, then they were clawing at the cupboard I threw the Apple in. So as I didn’t want my cupboard destroyed I got the Apple back out and threw it down the hallway. I’ve left them too it! I’m outta there, seriously. Utter chaos!

It was supposed to be for Christmas! This company are going to bankrupt me as I’ve had to order a Banana now as the Apple is no longer within my reach. I want to keep my skin intact and frankly, they are loving it so much I haven’t the heart to take it off them.

I don’t know what type of Catnip is in this Apple, but goodness me, it works!!!!!

Be prepared for chaos.

Tip: Do not open the box until they are safely ensconced in a cat carrier with the door locked. If buying for Christmas, do not wrap it whilst they are anywhere near you or even in the same room. They can smell it a mile away. Stash it at a friends house out of the building or they will find it!!!


I’m still laughing …

It continued as I was talking on the phone to SSE Energy who had phoned me to see if I was ok after yesterdays power cut. She asked me what on earth was going on! LOL She did laugh when I told her about the Apple.

Oh yeah, Nash is exhibiting signs of total euphoria now. Laid on counter top rolling himself around LOL. He looked at me with those eyes as if to say ‘Its a man thing’ LOL

Buy one!! Christmas Day is going to be mad with that Banana!! LOL
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on 2 September 2017
Not all cats are attracted to catnip, but I knew mine was interested in it so I thought I'd get him a toy to divert his attention from the sofa arms and the local wildlife. Minutes after the package was delivered my normally ignorant/nonchalant cat was sniffing around the lounge trying to locate the smell. He found the Amazon box and started attacking it, and managed to open it himself!!! I've never seen anything like it. He went bonkers with this banana. Biting, bunny kicks, and dragging it about. I had to wrestle it off him to remove the rest of its packaging. Within minutes it looked rather soggy. A definite winner for feline catnip fans, and I hope the amusement will continue for us!!
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on 29 December 2017
Before we’d even got it out of the amazon box our cat was sticking her head in trying to pull it out. When we did open it she attacked it and wouldn’t get it go rolling back and forth, even when we’d taken it away. We had put the plastic packaging in the bin and our other cat got into the bin to try and get it out! Totally worth it!
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on 25 January 2018
I have 4 cats, My usually rather grumpy anti social cat went ape for this! He was trying to get it out the package before I had even opened it the tiniest bit. It was meant to be for Xmas but with how strong the smell must have been for him there was no chance of it lasting!
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on 9 February 2017
My cat was going mad trying to make me open the box... while I was removing the tags etc he was climbing up, desperate to get hold of his fishy... when he finally did he played with it for ages... unfortunately he's chewed through it's upper lip, and bits of the catnip interior came out. I guess the 'mouth' shape is a bit vulnerable. I will sew it back up for him. It will be fine. 5 stars if it had lasted more than an hour. Obviously a fantastic toy though. He has a yeowwwww little red fishy, that's lasted a year so far (2" long) so I'm sad this wasn't quite as robust... he loves it!
*** edit. I've finally sewed it up finally (bad mum) and he's licking it to death .. the green fishy I bought after seems indestructible and he loves it too 😊
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on 2 August 2017
I've always used Zebedee mice but my current cats are a bit more aggressive and after the third morning of coming down to an exploded catnip piñata having dispensed its contents all over my carpet, I decided to pick out a heavier duty toy for them. Since cats can be fussy I speculatively purchased just one of the Yeowww bananas along with an expensive computer-related toy for myself.

The items arrived packaged together and my cats became suddenly acutely interested in my delivery, trying to open the box themselves and drooling all over the packing paper when I helped them. As soon as the toy was located inside they become excited and I only managed to fish out my expensive computer accessory by luck before it became a victim of the appeal of The Banana.

The banana is a great shape for little cats as they can snuggle up to it and hold it like a kicker, and already ours is riddled with marks from eager teeth and claws. The bigger cat throws it around beside himself with excitement while the smaller one lovingly tries to bite it to death, locked in her fatal embrace. They both have a great time playing with it and it's the only toy I have to put away in a cupboard in between sessions. Whenever I take it out again the cats immediately know they're in for a good time. I'm writing this review now because I'm back to buy some of the sardine-style toys in the same range so they don't have to take turns!
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on 20 March 2018
My cats FAVOURITE toy. We have had it for over a year and he still loves it so much. Always catch him snuggling it too.
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on 16 January 2018
Fantastic toy. My cat Inky ripped the packaging off to get at the banana. He plays with it for ages and the catnip lasts for a very long time. Well worth the money
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on 2 December 2017
We buy the fish banana and rainbow fir our cars and they adore them one of our cars sleeps on them uses them as pillows.
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