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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 4 June 2014
Some very good advice - avoid sugar, grains and poisonous chemicals, include healthy fats, get some exercise, but I think we knew that anyway. The rest is mostly pseudo-science or health claims with minimal evidence and some gimmicky self-tests. Very thin bibliography, consisting mainly of papers by Bruce Ames and almost nothing from the last ten years. "Inspirational" style of writing (uses the word "sexy" a lot). I disliked it (serves me right for being seduced by the title!) but worth three stars for the anti-sugar message.
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on 10 July 2014
There is nothing original in this book at all.

I suggest you take the test first (link below) which shows you basically what the instructions will be, and just how unscientific it is. A very brief survey and it'll deduce that you are twenty years older than your biological age/ten years younger/whatever. Totally unscientific. None of the 'anti aging' rules are rocket science and all easily available (and cheaper or free) elsewhere. Exercise. Don't booze too much. Sleep well. Eat healthily. etc etc etc. As a previous reviewer said - smatterings of common sense and lots of pseudo-science. Better to read Michael Pollan instead and really learn about nutrition. This is just marketing opportunism. pinetribe (dot) com/thorbjorg/biological-age/

PS: It asks for an e-mail to send the result, but you don't need to fill this in, it comes up on screen.
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on 4 July 2014
Ok, positives first, Thorbjorg does look amazing. So it's clearly working for her. Which is great, because there are LOTS of photos of her looking delighted in various states of dress/undress.

But... I'm just not able to get excited about this book. She assumes that first and foremost, your motivation for following the programme is so that younger guys will still check you out. Thanks, but no thanks, pet. Second, the eating plan is really just the same old-same old, paleo stuff that's been so popular of late. Chuck out everything in your house that contains sugar or flour, and hang the expense, then buy a load of wholemeal spelt and weird supplements. There are a few funny turns of phrase that may come from the translation, such as the perennial suggestion to fertilise your stomach garden. Ultimately, though, it's nothing new or revolutionary as far as I can see.
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on 28 July 2014
Hmmm, was I reading the same book as the five star people? I read the kindle version that kept referring the reader back to her website on almost every page (for half a page of information), so annoying and very repetitive. (Why would I want to have internet on for reading a book I've downloaded?) Perhaps this book is useful to people who know absolutely nothing about how to eat or keep fit, but it seemed like a dumbed down rehash of other (better) books to me. Go to the books Wheat Belly, Deep Nutrition, Nourishing traditions, etc Not to mention Leslie Kenton who wrote about raw foods, the dangers of sugar etc thirty years ago!

Her strength is in her 'look at me enthusiasm' and the recipes are fine but her grasp of science is weak. When she tries to explain basics of physiology it's clear that she doesn't really understand it herself. (That or the translation is really bad) How can someone who wants to explain digestive issues confuse leaky gut syndrome with permeability of the ....stomach?
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on 22 May 2014
THE BOOK is beautifully produced with a clear, motivational and inspiring layout - very easy to understand - well organized structure - and content that is easy to put into action [ provided you can get around your very human laziness, of course - which may not be the easiest .. ]

as with ANY program in the world - it only works if you work it - and as long as you work it ..

provided you have the self discipline to do what the book says - in the periods where i have implemented the program in my life i have not only LOOKED WONDERFUL but FELT WONDERFUL in every fiber of my body as well ..

my self discipline is not always that steady - and my primary focus shift a lot - but when i wake up and get back ON TRACK it's clear that it's a GREAT TRACK TO BE ON - THE KNOWLEDGE in this book has substance and integrity - with a sympathetic focus on HEALTH, WELL BEING and VITALITY as much as on LOOKING GREAT ..
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on 23 April 2014
I think the most important thing to realize is that healthier eating won't only make you look and feel better, but it will also make changes in the small subtle things that you didn't expect. Aside from having less aches and pains, you'll also sleep better. Not only will your skin clear up, you'll feel more at peace. I can't understand the way food affects the mind, but our food choices really can dictate the way we look at life.

If you've ever done a diet or cleanse and failed, 10 Years Younger will give you a very comprehensive, thorough AND realistic plan for success. Even if you can't afford to do the entire cleanse or buy all the products recommended, a few small changes can and will be significant!

Thorbjörg also shares beauty tips, secrets, and some delicious recipes! 10 Years Younger is a wonderful and practical comprehensive guide for all ages!
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on 23 April 2014
Yes, this book helps you ditch sugary, fatty foods and find new easy-to-make, healthy alternatives. It also helps you find an exercise regime that works for *you* and all the other things you'd expect from a book like this. However, the title of this book may make it sound like a strict 10 week regime (or bootcamp if you will), it is so much more than that. This book is written by a trained nutritionist and nurse, so this woman really knows what she is talking about! You'll learn lessons that will stay with you for life, not just 10 weeks.

It's an eye-opener to what side affects having too much sugar in your diet can give you. It makes you think twice about the products you apply to your skin. It helps you eat well, feel good and think positive. Most importantly, it helps you slow down the ageing process, helping you look your best for the many years to come. Give the book a read and start slowing down your biological clock.
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on 23 May 2014
After using the book i no longer have pain in mucles and joints every day, my acne is gone and I have knowledge
about how to stay healthy for the rest of my life. I now want to live to be 90 years,
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on 1 June 2014
This book is very involving. Easy to follow. Would have liked more recipes but the ones given are straightforward. Have followed the advice now for a week and feel better, sleep better and lost 3lbs. Love being part of the Pinetribe.
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on 30 August 2014
What I liked about this book was Thorbjorg's holistic, no nonsense approach and practical advice. She offers convincing arguments on aging gracefully both physically and mentally. Her message for me was if you want to look 10 years young and stand in your knickers with your top up around your middle at 54 with the sexual appetite of a 20 year old - you have to make it your life's work and I don't think many people have the time or possibly the inclination to do this. I found the list of vitamins endless and I worked out that I would have to spend a minimum of £150 per month on them which I thought was a little extreme and it put me off. She tries to link you to a site offering less costly vitamins but I found them all expensive. It would have been better if she offered a core, must have list of the very best vitamins. I would say if you are REALLY interested in living a longer, healthier life read YOUNGER NEXT YEAR FOR WOMEN by Chris Crowley. That book has the capacity to really change your life in a less costly, more fun way.
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