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  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars

on 23 June 2017
These are great for updating your room lighting, especially in the kitchen
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on 10 July 2014
This item was delivered right on time.The lights are really bright and everything is so easy to work,its plug in and switch on.I have fitted them in my motorhome and they create a great ambience at night time. A first class product and at a fraction of the price of other lights.I would recommend them to anyone.
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on 28 April 2013
great product looks much better than i thought it would super easy to put together lots of colors remote is a bit of a let down but i guess what do you expect for the price also not hard to tune a universal remote into it. came exactly as depicted with a 10amp power supply more than enough for these as alot of people seem to say they are getting 3 amp ones this one is far better than any of the other similar products i have purchased from amazon :) would recommend to anyone looking to add a little something extra to a room
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on 3 November 2012
This is a good kit if this is the first time you are installing LED strip lights. It was my first time and so I will list the pros and cons as I experienced them:

1. Good amount of light for ambience lighting. This has 150 LEDs total (more expensive ones have 300 LEDs) and it can change colour and it's dimmable.
2. Remote control is ok, lots of functions.
3. Glue on back of strip seems ok to stick to surfaces (I stuck mine on the back of a corner desk for some corner lighting.
4. Easy to connect everything up and get it running.

1. The supplied adaptor was WORTHLESS for me. Worked for about 3 hours then stopped working. Had to buy another adaptor.
2. The parts seem and feel quite cheap, especially the remote and the adaptor.
3. The LED strip is not AS flexible as you would like. If you bend it too much (e.g. 180 degrees) the lights that are in the bent portion begin to do weird things like getting stuck on one colour (in my case green). I fixed it by wrapping those two lights in black tape so it doesn't spoil the overall effect. But consider that I didn't do a proper job of it. I should have cut it and resoldered the connections for a proper fit. I don't have a soldering iron! If you do then it wouldn't be a big problem for you.
4. It's not bright enough to replace normal lighting. If you are looking for LED strip lights for use as your main lighting you should invest in more expensive ones (and not colour changing ones!). If you do this be careful that you buy the correct adaptor (the more lights you have the better adaptor you need, i.e. higher current rating ones)

Do not buy from any chinese sellers (avoid Lei Yang especially, also goes by name of GlobeTradeExpert). Even if these sellers are endorsed by Amazon you will end up with some sort of headache. In my case I got lucky because Amazon sorted me out a full refund. But you really don't want the hassle. If you want to do a proper job, get soldering irons and buy the lights separately, a controller separately, and a power adaptor separately. Do not bend this strip light through stupid angles like me, otherwise the lights may get funny on you.
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on 20 January 2014
For something at this price, you must consider that if you are trying to use these as a replacement to actual lights, you may want to spend a bit more money. I'm using this as a down-lighter and back-lighter at my computer desk and they seem to do the job of ambient lighting
well enough. You don't need too much knowledge in wiring if you are going to be doing simple straight lines, but a soldering iron might come in handy otherwise, for hard corners and such.

First of all, I would definitely cut off the mains plug they provide and replace it with a standard UK FUSED plug to be safe.
Plan ahead and cut the pieces BEFORE anything else and lay out the wiring first. Parallel wiring will be better than a straight circuit so that there is minimal current loss.
You can buy solder-less connectors but I don't find them as trustworthy as soldering them myself.
If you rush ahead of yourself and start sticking things before wiring them properly, it might be easy to blame the product, but be sure that everything is set up correctly first.

The parts overall do feel a bit cheap, but thats because they are. They all work fine as far as i've used them though.

The programmable lights are a great feature and you can make your own presets, though i haven't had much use past using one solid colour at a time.
The fact that they are dim-able makes them bearable to look at in the evening, especially as i have them at my desk. The full brightness is really strong and dimmest could probably be dimmer.
Try not to use them for more than 12 hours a day as they can get a bit warm.
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on 27 December 2014
This is a terrible product. Dangerous and often faulty.

The item is supplied with an under-powered controller unit which will burn-out in a very short time. Mine lasted a week before burning out with an awful smell and smoke and other people have literally had fire so I was lucky.

No power supply was provided which appears to be a good thing judging by the comments of others who had been given illegal supplies without fuse or protection. I used a car battery for mine, providing a perfect 12 volts but the controller still burned out. My unit was supplied with a 2 inch long cable and a connector (probably just cut the last 2 inches off the old power supply on account of the other reviews and patted themselves on the back for having saved a bit on the shipping weight)

The sticky back on the LEDs claims to be 3M but I doubt this as it peels off as easily as it initially sticks down. Initially my lights stayed up for two whole days after which I had to continually keep putting them back in place. After a week the controller burned out so I just took the lights down.

They may seem cheap to buy but on account of their quality they turn out to be very expensive. Other people have found them to be even more expensive on account of the fires which I can totally believe.

Avoid. Stop looking at them now and don't press that buy button!
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on 6 April 2014
They arrived well into the allotted time. The lights work well, that's the good points. The adhesive backing is a waste of time.(use spots of glue instead) The reason for the two star, is the mains plug without a fuse. It is not to the British standard and dangerous.
Coolindi replied to my E mail stating that it is alright to use a non fused plug on 12 volt equipment. What a load of **** !! Any item supplied by 240 volts needs a fuse. I have three sets of lights and replaced each one with a standard plug.
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on 20 January 2014
Led lights are excellent.

When I first received the item, the remote would not work. The seller was very helpful providing a replacement and received this a few days later. I would recommend these lights for indoor use.

Also FYI I would not use the mains plug provided as this will set your house on fire. Use a different kettle wire. U can get this for about £1.50 from B&Q.

Overall. Very pleased with product
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on 27 January 2014
I'm really annoyed with the product I had set them up all around my desk and they looked awesome put them on to the auto mode then I heard a bang a they now no longer work there is no power to the supply at all it's like it has blow can I have a contact email for the seller I would like to get them replace or this issue sorted as I have them less than a week I'm in the uk
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on 26 September 2013
I fully installed this kit into a new kitchen, I switched it on and it worked fine for 15 minutes then the kit started flickering I found the problem to be the driver that a this point was nearly on fire!!!
The driver is under powered for the kit and has no safety cut out so is very dangers.
I tried to return just the driver as the rest of the kit is installed it a new kitchen but was refused, I've now had to buy my own driver elsewhere!
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