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on 9 June 2016
If you're a fan of the X-Men films then you should enjoy being able to buy all three of the original trilogy together in one pack instead of paying for them individually. The product itself was delivered fast, HOWEVER…The Case was damaged. And the extra disc holder for the first two films is loose and comes off. Very disappointed with the poor handling and delivering of the product. Also and this is the most important part, the box set DOES NOT come with the bonus features which on the back of the case says it includes for all films making this actually a poor buy if you're of those fans or viewers who enjoys watching and going through the special features, deleted scenes and listening to the Director's Commentary.
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on 13 October 2010
Having now had the chance to sit down and watch all three of these wonderful films on blu-ray, I can honestly say that anyone wanting to own them should do so in this format. The colours and sound are excellent...and just for the hell of it, I sat and watched them all through back to back, preceeded by the Wolverine origin movie...Yes, it was a mammoth session, but so enjoyable, and despite the obvious difference in the age/appearance of Hugh Jackman, the first X-Men movie follows on fairly seamlessly after the Wolverine movie, so I hope when they put the sequel together of Wolverine's Japanese adventures, this too will slot nicely in and not detract from this excellent series. There are those who say that 'The Last Stand' was awful or at least not as good and a bit of a let down, but I hasten to disagree. It finished the trilogy off so well, and actually whet my appetite for another trilogy dealing with other members of the X-Men who have swelled the ranks over the years, possibly having the Sentinels or Apocalypse as the bad guys. I have heard that there is another movie in the pipeline called 'First Class', as well as an 'origin movie' of Magneto. If these are anywhere near as good as this boxed set, then I'll be pre-ordering them.
This really is a must-have collection for fans of this wonderful bunch of superheroes, and shows just how good they can be when treated with respect, dignity and trying to remain true to the ethos of all the characters...Now I only have to wade through the bonus material and see what treasures lay in store for me there. If you only buy one blu-ray boxed set this year, make it this one...I love it.
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on 30 August 2015
The first oe is really interesting. The second one is a valid attempt to let the political side of the story come out. The third one is a mainstream drama that only some good actors can still make it strong and interesting. All in all, a good saga, with some great action and not common reflections on good and evil, seen through the eyes of "the others". But not a masterpiece. Blu ray is, obviously, top
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2015
Brilliantly realised trilogy of films, I was a huge fan of comics as a kid and these films continue Marvel's brilliant work in bringing all of these superheroes to life, I can often feel very emotional watching their films as the attention to detail is superb, but the really great thing they have done is these films are not just for comic nerds, they have great universal appeal, these are 3 great films and I am so happy to have them in my collection!
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on 28 March 2011
As a HUGE X-men fan, i highly recommend this product for 2 reasons.
1. The films are all brilliant, although the third, much like Spiderman 3, tries to fit too much in.
2. Wolverine is VERY bad film and not worth having, so avoid the Quadrilogy box (Wolverine is just slapped in there as a slimline almost bonus disc rather than in a cool, well designed one like this)

X-Men and X2 are the main reason to get this trilogy, both brought a seriousness and adult feel back to the superhero genre. The characters were well drawn, deep and very well acted and the story was engrossing on both parts - with the wolverine history subplot playing off very well and particularly in the second film (which, in my opinion surpassed the first in terms of quality, story and characters) against the main good vs. evil story lines in both films.
X-Men 3 whilst still a decent film on it's own, does little to add to the trilogy, Wolverine's backstory is completely ignored, and the Dark Phoenix character who in my view is one of greatest anti-heros in any story ever written is given very little justice. The writers try to include too many characters giving non the screen time they deserve and subsequently the film suffers massively. It would have been better to be done as 2 or even three part story...

Bluray wise, all films look truly phenomenal, picture quality is second to none and extras that are included could fill a library. Sound again, is slightly dampened on the third film for some reason, but i can't hold it against it. It's a very minor niggle that might just be me.

Overall this is a 5/5 boxset for quality of bluray, it is an advert for why to get a bluray player, and how to do a bluray collection for any film or film series. The only reason i give this 4 stars is due to X-Men 3, which i feel lets the film series (not the bluray boxset itself) down.

I would suggest just buy the first 2 films and ignore the third, however the cliffhanger ending to X2 means you need to get 3 anyway, and it's cheaper in this collection than buying them separately!
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on 10 June 2011
brought this item to complete my super heroes collection. The delivery was fast and the item was in very good condition. If you have not see the X-men yet, I will advise you to watch it (even if you don't buy the DVD). You really do not have to read the comic book to understand the film (actually better not be a fan and had read the comic) .

The first movie (x-men) is an introduction of the characters (logic so far), the second movie (X-men 2) is more focus on Logan's(aka Wolverine) back story. The third one from my point of view is more focus on the groups than any particular character. Despite the movie being really good I really don't like the end of the third movie (personal opinion) as it feels so wrong and unfinished business (since X-men 4 is not going to happen).
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on 13 May 2017
Great video quality in blue ray and sound quality playback arrived in excellent condition.
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on 7 July 2013
Got this one very cheap - £6.50 I believe - can't argue with that for some decent super hero movies. The first movie sets everything up nicely, the 2nd movie is really excellent and expands on the universe. The 3rd is a bit of a misstep, but still very watchable, if not quite up to par with the other two.

All films here are certainly a lot better than X-Men Origins Wolverine, so if you're not worried about having the full set of films, this set offers the best of the X-Men movies (other than X-Men First Class).
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on 21 August 2017
not normally blockbuster film person .overpaid , but these are not that bad,
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on 22 August 2017
Brilliant films when they were originally released. Still holds up now
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