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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 3 August 2016
Am not sure why Amazon mix reviews with all formats, i mean how does this help people make their mind up if they want to buy or not?.

Well anyway I've had my little rant and the X-Men: Days of Future Past is a great edition to the X-Men series and the 4K is just beautiful, and well worth upgrading..
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on 28 March 2016
I bought this mostly out of curiosity regarding the deleted material featuring Anna Paquin, and thankfully this edition does include the theatrical version of the film as well as the 'Rogue Cut', each one coming with a commentary amidst a decent if unspectacular set of other extras (mostly a nearly hour long sofa conversation with the main cast). The 'Rogue Cut' itself doesn't materially alter the storyline as it remains in the theatrical cut of 'DoFP' but it does offer a little more breathing room for some of the subplots and characters and offers a visit to the dilapidated X-Mansion as part of it's detour into the extra screen time for Rogue. I probably preferred the extended version between the two but the theatrical cut of the film remains fine as well.
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'Charles' Past - 'James McAvoy' - Future - 'Patrick Stewart
'Eric' Past - 'Michael Fassbender' - Future - 'Ian Mckellen'
'Logan/Wolverine' 'Hugh Jackman'
'Raven/Mistique 'Jennifer Lawrence'
'Blink' - 'Bingbing Fan'
'Bobby/Iceman' - 'Shawn Ashmore'
'Storm' 'Halle Berry'
'Hank/Beast' 'Nicholas Hoult'
'Kitty Pryde' 'Ellen Page'
'Peter/Quick Silver 'Evan Peters'
'Bishop' 'Omar Sy'
'Doctor Bolivar Trask' 'Peter Dinklage'

(a brief guide to the story's outline)
Earth of tomorrow has been laid to waste by the unstoppable 'Sentinel-Robots' who have hunted down 'Mutants'
and Humans' alike.
'Charles' and indeed 'Eric' have assembled a team to try and find a way to change the events of 1973 where it had
all began, and to try to save the future of both 'Mutants' and 'Mankind' alike.
In 1973 the presence and actions of 'Mistique' shaped what was to come, she tried to kill 'Doctor Trask' who is
heading a campaign to rid the world of 'Mutants' by creating the 'Sentinel-Robots' the D.N.A of 'Mistique' if captured
could be used to enhance the ability of the robots to counter anything the Mutants could throw at them.
Because of his ability to regenerate his injured cells when damaged only 'Logan' could be sent back that far in time with
the special new-found teleporting skills possessed by 'Kitty'
Back in 1973 he returns to where he would have been at that time, though now, as his future self, he has to gather the
support of the then young'Charles' of in the hope of gathering enough support to change the future, 'Logan' has to convince
'Charles' that he had been sent back by him from the future, and the urgency of the mission he was there for.
They will need the help of 'Charles's' former friend 'Eric'(Magneto) who is held prisoner in 'The Pentagon' to achieve this
they will need the special skills of 'Peter/Quick Silver'
When together rumblings of what the future holds between 'Charles' and 'Eric' are simmering as they , 'Charles' wanting
a way to co-exist with human kind, 'Eric' wanting to rule them, for now they have tp put aside their differences for the
futures sake.
Can 'Mistique' be prevented from carrying out her historic mission, or can negotiation and reasoning prevent a bleak future
for both the 'Mutants' and 'Human-Kind' will 'Logan's' mission into the past succeed.
This is a superb X-Men offering that should not be missed if you have followed the series in recent years.
Again 'Marvel' brings an enjoyable visual-spectacle to the screen, with awesome special effects.........great picture and sound
quality throughout.( Great 3-D )
Special Features -
* 3-D - The Feature Film - 'Exodus Gods and Kings' Trailer.
* Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Brian Singer
* Kitchen sequence
* Gag-Reel
* Double take - Xavier and Magneto
* X-Men Reunited
* Classification M
* Sentinels for a secure future
* Stills Gallery - Trask Industries
* Second Screen Apt
* Sneak -Peek of 'Exodus - Gods and Kings
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on 21 March 2017
A fine double feature movie, one of the best in the X-Men franchise collection. It contains the original theatrical version, plus the additional built in footage with Rogue in, lasting nearly 20 minutes.

My complaint about this is that this is how the original release should have been, rather that getting money out of the public with two versions.
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on 16 May 2017
My favourite X-Men movie. It balances many characters with a good plot and good character development for some characters. I even praise the extended scenes which add much more to the film than compared to that of The Wolverine
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on 27 April 2017
I loved this X-Men film. It does jump about a bit and the 'time travelling' aspect does mess with the plot but still an excellent film with all the x-men involved in making a new future for themselves.
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on 29 June 2017
Very good movie but sad cut some bits out of this version of movie but released it afterwards but not on 3d blu ray only on DVD and blu ray
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on 26 April 2017
I thought this film was very entertaining. I hadn't seen any of the other X-Men films, but enjoyed this one regardless of that.
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on 15 June 2016
a great action packed film of the x-men collection as a war between mutants and human is about to start and the start of the x-men coming together with dr xavier.BRILLIANT
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on 8 September 2016
It was an absolute pleasure watching this movie in 3D format.

This is a 'must-watch' for those who appreciate Sci-Fi and X-Men movies.
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