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on 22 September 2015
I'm a huge fan of the spiderwick series and would recommend the books to anyone. They are great fun, well written and great for kids.
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Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi's Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles series somehow hasn't grasped me as tightly as their original series of teeny tiny, hauntingly eerie fantasy books. But the spinoff series roars to a satisfying conclusion with its third book, "The Wyrm King" -- while the frenetic pace is a bit confusing, it's a nicely gory, bizarre and intricate story.

Because of their kids' bizarre behavior, Laurie and Nick's respective parents decide to temporarily separate -- and though this is what Nick wanted once, he doesn't want it now.

But he hasn't got the time to be confused, because massive sinkholes are appearing all over their Florida city -- with something snakey inside. Suspecting something weird is up, Nick and his brother Jules join up with Laurie and the three Grace kids, and soon discovers that their new enemy is a sort of "wyrm king" (like a rat king, with the tails all joined together), which resembles the mythical hydra. They even find three tiny salamander-like creatures with one tail.

Unfortunately, Nick soon finds that his old promises and actions are starting to trip him up, and he's losing the trust of the various faery creatures around him. Their only hope to stop the sinkholes is to set the wyrms' natural enemy on them -- the giants, who have been sleeping in the sea. But lurking somewhere in the city is the ultimate enemy of the giants -- a monster that even they may not be able to destroy.

While the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles started off rather blandly (especially compared to the first series), "The Wyrm King" is a solid grand finale -- plenty of fire-spewing giants, monstrous dragon-things, and the ground collapsing as monsters hatch underground. And while the back cover proclaims "It's over!", the door is left wide open for Black and DiTerlizzi to continue the series someday.

And Black and DiTerlizzi do a solid job plotting out a fast-paced adventure story that ties up various plot threads (the nixies, Jack Jr's giant-hunting), without losing its focus on the disgusting methane-breathing dragonets. Black's writing gives a genuinely magical atmosphere to the mundane Floridian setting, and provides the faery world with a sense of beauty and danger ("their long fins seeming to float, their scaly bodies lashing the water languorously").

And they weave in plenty of exciting scenes -- car chases (by a giant), Nick being briefly eaten, a brief exquisite trip into the underwater world of the merpeople, and a vaguely Lovecraftian climax. The biggest flaw with the book is that the frenetic pace gets a bit confusing at times.

Nick spends much of this book dealing with the consequences of his actions and his various ill-chosen promises, as well as the fragmentation of his new blended family (turns out he doesn't want it as much as he once claimed). But despite his errors, he eventually shows his mettle as a hero. Laurie serves as a solid female lead, and Mallory, Simon and Jared serve as a solid trio of faery-fighting veterans.

Though it started a bit limply, the Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles series ends on a solid, action-packed note with "The Wyrm King." And there's still plenty of room for further adventures in this world.
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I finished this book with a sense of the bitter sweet. Sweet because it was the conclusion to a great trilogy. But bitter because it hints that there will be no more books in the Spiderwick world. It is the last book in the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles trilogy, and the last of 11 books set in the Spiderwick world. What I loved about the afterward by Black and DiTerlizzi was that they encourage others to tell more tales of the fantastical, and we should start seeing books written in homage to these books, exploring and expanding upon the magical, mythological and adventuresome nature of these books.

At the end of the last book there was a forewarning that the Giants had a purpose. Now, it seems very obvious what that purpose was. Huge sink holes are spreading all over the Florida coastline, and most people are assuming it is a new natural disaster. But both the Vargas and Grace children are racing time to try to save Florida and possibly all of North America from a new threat from the fairy world. This story has great adventure, some mishaps and a few surprising twists. It is a great conclusion to an amazing series of books.
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Spiderwick is something of an institution in my home. I have the DVD, I have the full set of books and I'm getting ready to do something special for my nephew to introduce him to the wonderful world created by Black and illustrated by DiTerlizzi.

One thing I will say before we go much further is that this is not a book to jump into having just seen the film, you have to immerse yourself into the world and to do that fully, you have to have read each novel to get the maximum effect and pleasure from the book. Each tale expands on the world as we explore themes and meet new creatures with each jump of the tale and to be honest its definitely something that will enchant old and young alike. A great book and a cracking addition to the next layer of Black's and DiTerlizzi's. Well written, beautifully illustrated and above all a story arc to get pure pleasure from. Great work.
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on 14 November 2009
My whole family enjoyed this 3rd in the series audio cd but we have enjoyed all the series. From my 7 year old girl to my 14 year old boy (not to mention myself and my husband) all listened intently. Great to listen to in car on long journey, there was peace and no moaning or fighting. I do not need to recommend this book or cd to anyone who has bought any of the previous spiderwick chronicles as once you have bought one you are hooked.
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on 6 February 2016
This has been a fantastical journey, we have loved every book in the series, in fact we now have to find something else but don't think it will be anywhere as good as these books. There is nothing we didn't like in the whole series... loved everyone...
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on 4 September 2015
My grandson loves it. I will be buying the rest of them. The thing I like most is that I can choose, buy the article, pick it out of the post box with two days and it is postage free. Great.
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on 27 October 2009
A high quality book well produced using the highest quality paper and print.
Very engaging will probably be turned into a film just as it`s predecer was
Anyone who likes good books should buy this as the story and illustrations are excellent
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