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Worth buying an xbox?

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Initial post: 15 Apr 2010, 19:32:04 BST
Alex says:
I already have a PS3, but I like the kind of games like Alan Wake. Do you think it's worth getting an xbox? Thanks.

Posted on 19 Apr 2010, 12:42:07 BST
Last edited by the author on 19 Apr 2010, 12:44:20 BST
Erwin Heiser says:
Only you can answer if it's worth it, but the Xbox has some pretty sweet exclusive titles, Gears of War(1+2) and Mass Effect (1+2) to name but a few.
I bought mine especially to play these both titles and have really enjoyed them, they're both classics.
The Xbox Arcade downloadable games also have some instant classics (like Shadow Complex, which was just fantastic)
(and yes, I own a PS3 as well)

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Apr 2010, 13:14:17 BST
At the end of the day you don'y really need to own both. The 360 is by far the better console with so many quality games you don't need both. Yes the ps2 was good but the ps3 is nothing special, i should know as i used to own one and when i looked at my Elite with all it's games i realised i didn't need another. Wish i'd listened to my wife. Yeah sure the ps3 has exclusive titles and some backward compatability, but come on you'd be backward to buy one with a quality console alredy streets ahead. My opinion only guys/girls

Posted on 20 Apr 2010, 09:55:55 BST
Beavis says:
I say sell the PS3 and get a 360! If you check the last several years of Gamesports graphics comparisons the xbox has better lighting and better textures in every game thus far tested!!! The only game I would consider worth getting a PS3 for is Heavy Rain! but i am not supid enough to spend 350 quid for a single game! Sony lost most of its exclusives since it took 300 years to actually get the thing on the market, so I say sell teh PS3 and get the 360!!

Posted on 30 Apr 2010, 21:10:43 BST
Oscar White says:
I'm puzzled why people seem to think you have to choose between consoles, I've had xbox 360, ps3 and wii since they came out, if you can afford it, get them all and you can then get the best game that's out for that machine. But in my opinion having spent way too many hours playing them all, the ps 3 is just that little bit slicker than the rest, the 360 is a great work horse games machine and the wii is fun console for all the family. Anyway my advice, Alan Wake is looking great and if you can get a bargain on an xbox 360, go for it.

In reply to an earlier post on 1 May 2010, 11:24:40 BST
R. hills says:
you forgot one thing that sells the ps3 the blue ray which is fantastic , the only way the xbox will be abell to keep up with ps3 is a new console ! and they will have to do it soon in the next 2 years at least, i have both consols and love them both, but the ps3 is pulling away,

In reply to an earlier post on 4 May 2010, 23:19:06 BST
gabriel71 says:

Posted on 5 May 2010, 09:40:49 BST
Hatch87 says:
I agree, its taken a long time, but developers have finally managed to start using the PS3 properly, less and less games suffer from frame rate glitches and are starting to look better on the PS3. Personally think its a lot of money for a couple of decent games as I'm personally thinking about doing the same thing but getting the PS3 as the second console, but it just seems like a lot of expense for little reward.
Might be worth waiting till after E3 in June, they normally announce price drops there and with Natal and Move coming its almost guaranteed they will

Posted on 13 May 2010, 06:26:50 BST
I had a PS3 and then got an xbox last September. Since then I haven't bought a game for my ps3. I wouldn't ever dream of selling it though, as the blu-ray player is fantastic and I've still to play some ps3 exclusives on it.

In reply to an earlier post on 14 May 2010, 20:58:45 BST
Get a copy of Heavy Rain for your PS3 instead, if you aint already. Not played AW and don't have an Xbox, but it appears AW aint living up to the hype. Heavy Rain is in a similar vein to AW and is worthy of the higher scoring reviews it got (9/10 IGN)

Ultimately, AW doesn't seem like the kind of title to base a hardware purchasing decision on.

In reply to an earlier post on 14 May 2010, 21:30:48 BST
Ah 'Beavis'...a poster living up to his namesake. Although Butthead would be equally suitable methinks. £250 plus £40 makes £290, by the way, so great maths skills you gots there, son. Only £60 out...LOL.

Where to start? LOL...all the X360 games that have looked better than their PS3 counterparts were made on Xbox and ported over to PS3, and the differences were eye straining to see. Xbox 360 launched sooner, the developers had more experience with it and had not YET got to grips with the PS3's unique architecture...those *were* the only reasons that this *was* the case. Since the headway into the market that the PS3 has now made, it is a practice that has all but stopped. Only the most ardent and deranged Xbox fanboys still desperately cling on to that tired mantra. For instance, Red Dead Redemption has been produced simultaneously and uniquely on BOTH consoles. Also, since Uncharted 2 released....impartial observers and the type of people who don't ally themselves to one console maker have been left in no doubt which machine is capable of looking better (not that better looking graphics are the be-all-and-end-all of a satisfying gaming experience, I should add)

If you think Heavy Rain is the only game worth getting a PS3 for, you're even more deluded than you first appear. For one, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a game not to be missed...and as for the upcoming The Last Guardian, from the makers of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, well....anyone who considers themselves a real gamer and not a weekend warrior will be in the queue for that on release day. And for your £290, you'll ALSO be getting what is still used as a reference standard Blu-Ray player for a number of Blu-Ray review sites and magazines. You'll also be getting a console with a ten-year plan...from a manufacturer that doesn't cut and run if the going gets tough (like the first Xbox). And I'll bet my house that when they compare the titles made at the end of each console's life, your all important graphics will be multiple times better on the PS3....which *still* has untapped potential. Just remember that Shadow of the Colossus came out for PS2 when the PS3 was already out. That took the PS2 to its absolute limits and became an all time classic...that is exactly the kind of thing Sony love to pull out of the bag.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 May 2010, 18:29:55 BST
Sorry to invalidate your argument but IGN gave Alan Wake 9/10

admittedly i do want to play heavy rain and you are right that if AW is the only game you're buying an xbox for then that seems a little extreme. i want to play GOW3, heavy rain and uncharted 2 but i'm still not coughing up nearly £300 for a ps3

Posted on 16 May 2010, 17:06:28 BST
Last edited by the author on 16 May 2010, 17:09:37 BST
BluePie says:
I'd say buy one only if there are a decent amount of exclusives that you want to play. I have had my PS3 for just over a year now and I bought an XBOX last month but I've hardly used it. With The PS3 playing Blurays, upscaling DVDs to almost Bluray quality, and generally providing a much better picture quality on all things you watch on your tv (including a better picture with .avi's) the Xbox is quite bog standard by comparison. Plus with the little childish avatar thing that you have to have with your account and a very cartoony feel to the dashboard etc, I feel that the PS3 is a more 'grown up' piece of equipment. So there.

Posted on 26 Jun 2010, 16:52:30 BST
R. J. Lister says:
It's worth buying an Xbox, yes.

But not for Alan Wake.

Posted on 4 Jul 2010, 14:21:19 BST
ad hoc says:
I'm not really into the whole fanboy-thing, but I would buy an Xbox before I bought a PS3. I still want a PS3, for the blu-ray, free online, quieter fan cooling system, and the odd exclusive (Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted). However, I feel Xbox 360 has a better achievement system, more exclusives, and a better online system. Both controllers have different pros and cons. The only real difference is that Microsoft is geared towards draining you dry, with online subscription payments, and using microsoft marketplace points rather than straight money to ensure you don't realise the rate of exchange is ripping you off for some pointless DLC. Although, I'd sooner buy one of those two than a Nintendo Wii. That really is the icon of shovelware money-making in the gaming community.

Posted on 20 Jul 2010, 01:48:57 BST
Xbox is just a waste of money. Sure if ur the sorta person to sit there and play games like CoD or BFBC for hrs and hrs and never get bored of it, then it's prolly worth it, xbox has a small handfull of exsclusives like Forza, Alan Wake, etc, but Gears got pretty bad after the first and halo has always sucked. Truth be told all theese so called "Great Xbox Exsclusives" are actually terrible, and will never ever match up to PS3's exsclusives.

Mass Effects, Splinter Cells, etc all done better on PC. No xbox racer will match Gran Turismo, and even gears in it's epic glory was overshadowed by Uncharted 2.

It's not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of fact, cuz Sony's devs were making games when xbollox was an itch in Bill Gates' Boxers.

If your gunna buy an Xbox, buy an old one. 2 Words... Stealth and Firmware, free games is the only reason anyone should get an xbox, cuz aside from more population on less popular games online, the Xbox can barely hold it's own, and only does due to cheap price and gullable yanks.

Posted on 31 Aug 2010, 17:21:16 BST
Alex says:
OK. First, I would like to thank you guys for all the input. I recently bought the xbox360 so I could play Alan Wake. I am happy that I did. The game in my opinion is one of the best I have ever played and I started playing video games in the early 80's. I still remember pitfall and indiana jones on the Atari 2600.
I hope that Alan wake will have future releases and that remedy continues to produce quality products.
I was also wondering when the Writer is coming out and if I should buy Heavy Rain for PS3.
Thanks again.

In reply to an earlier post on 31 Aug 2010, 18:02:12 BST
R. hills says:
definitely get heavy rain great game very different and sometimes very sad, there is no game out that is like heavy rain.

In reply to an earlier post on 31 Aug 2010, 18:05:42 BST
Alex says:
From what I have read Heavy Rain sounds really interesting. I tried the demo, did not like the controls so much but I guess that you get used to them. Price is still around 30 pounds. Does it have a dark atmosphere and interesting plot?

In reply to an earlier post on 31 Aug 2010, 18:08:10 BST
R. hills says:
completely agree with you there, over rated , 5 years in the making , and it looked ordinary i felt really let down with it, it seemed a bit of the same over and over again with the combat

In reply to an earlier post on 31 Aug 2010, 18:16:38 BST
R. hills says:
it depends how you play the game its got elements from a few films like saw, its a great story and as i said a bit sad, my miss is was nearly filing up and she hates games, you should like it the controls do get better after a while as well , if you are still unsure rent it for a weekend , iam sure after that you would whant it!

In reply to an earlier post on 31 Aug 2010, 18:53:41 BST
Alex says:
Thanks for your post! Sounds good, I will rent and if it is good I will buy it.
Do you think that this is the future for games, I saw that it comes out in November with the wii like sony remote.

In reply to an earlier post on 31 Aug 2010, 19:54:13 BST
R. hills says:
i hope so because it can only get better, yes it comes out again with move , now this could be realy good

Posted on 11 Sep 2013, 09:53:32 BST
I. Koster says:
i say first borrow the game from a friend then judge if you want to buy a Xbox360 for it. Me personally say its a waste of your money to buy a xbox360 for this game (since i thought the game sucked but maybe you will like it who knows).
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