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on 5 June 2012
I have been trying to understand TA for some time. At the simple level it is simple, but when you start to explore th4e detail it becomes more complex. Anita and Chris have given us a book that we can read at our leisure and totally understand the concepts. I recommend you read the book and then go on one of their courses. I have now done both and intend to go back for re-informant training each year. This will change your understanding of human behaviour
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on 15 September 2011
As a consultant and coach, one of the most important aspects of any book that I read is to understand how to apply the principles presented. In 'Working Together', Anita Mountain and Chris Davidson explain the theory of organizational TA and give numerous suggestions for application plus exercises and examples. The authors have a very accessible style for a topic which in some other texts appears too clinical or complex. In addition, this is possibly the finest work of its kind in the business field.

Each chapter is well presented, helping the reader to grasp the principles of the topic and explaining how this works in `the real world'. Significantly, the reader clearly understands why it is important; for self-development, for developing others and significantly for working with others.

The sub-title of 'Working Together' is 'Organizational Transactional Analysis and Business Performance'. It is clear to me that the authors truly understand what impacts business performance and present their knowledge and findings in such a way that the reader could look at a problem situation at work (or home), read the relevant chapter, and say "ah ha, so that is what is what is going on and this is what I need to do the resolve/improve the situation".

I recommend this book to anyone who works with people; consultants, managers, leaders, coaches, trainers. If you want to understand and improve how you interact with others; if you want to improve performance, then there is something in this book for you. For those familiar with TA and want an organizational text, "look no further".
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on 29 January 2012
Anita's and Chris' book is a very good mentor for all subjects you may encounter in your business- and also your private life.
You learn all about communication, recognizing, making contracts, game playing, leadership, bullying, culture, life balance, in order to cite only some of the valuable chapters of this book. It is written for daily use, it combines in a very professional way the theory behind our behaviour with the way we act. Especially worth mentioning are the many examples which are used to explain the messages of the chapters. A book strongly recommended for organizations and individuals.
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on 4 January 2012
I have worked in Development Training for around 15 years and I have been studying TA for several years. This book is the most useful text I have come accross for understanding how people work together - or how to help them to do so if they do not do so already! The book works so well for a number of reasons.
1. It introduces the powerful concepts of TA in a very manageable way
2. The authors have drawn on their training experience to develop TA theories and to produce models that are very relevant to working with organisations and groups. Two example of these models are the OK Modes and the Potency Pyramid. These are very user friendly, yet powerful frames for people to use to recognise and change their behaviours. I use both of these models in most of my training scenarios and they have helped people to move on in their thinking and working relationships.
3. The authors illustrate the theory with the sort of scenarios that occur every day, and that I as a facilitator deal with on a regular basis
4. The chapters are based on practical topics, as opposed to areas of theory, and the theory is applied appropriately and usefully to those topics. This is very useful from the point of view of a trainer or facilitator because the book allows instant access a lot of ideas, exercises and models to help me with the issue that I am working on with the group.

TA is the bedrock of my work as a professional facilitator and supervisor and 'Working Together' is simply the most useful book I own for helping me to help people to work more effectively together. Great work!
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on 29 August 2013
This book provides an inspiring new approach to leadership and management. Unlike many self-help guides it has helped me to look at what is working well as what areas I might like to improve. I have had no prior knowledge of transitional analysis and I was impressed how the authors have skilfully presented the concepts in an easily accessible way. The real-life examples are particularly valuable and have helped me adopt a mindful approach in my interactions with others, rather than simply following my reflexes and old habits. The strategies presented in the book have encouraged me to `experiment' and have go at `unsticking' previous stumbling blocks both in the workplace and at home, and as a result I've been able to successfully resolve a number of `difficult' issues that I would have previously tried everything to avoid. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to follow a structured approach to help overcome everyday frustrations and improve productivity and motivation in the work place.
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on 25 March 2012
I can highly recommend this book both to individuals seeking to better understand the psychology of the workplace, and too anyone in a management role.
No prior knowledge of TA is needed, as the basics are described at the beginning of the book , but this is not to say that those who do have an understanding of TA will not find it just as useful / interesting.
It is written very clearly and is a pleasure to read. ( This is not something that can be said of any other text book that I have read ! )
Anita and Chris write in the same way that they speak ie clearly and engagingly. ( Yes- I can also highly recommend the courses that they run too.) They clearly have a passion for their subject, as well as the ability to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise.
It can be read as a whole but individual chapters can also be dipped into as the interest/ need arises.
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on 12 March 2012
I work within an organisational field mainly in the public sector and have found this book helpful, informative, extremely well written and expertly referenced.
There is a lot of articles written about TA, so I find that pulling theory together saves me time and give me a helpful perspective.
In studying TA for many years, I would recommend this book, and also recommend it to people who are less familiar with TA in terms of theory and practice.
I have found the book invaluable in preparing for workshops and seminars and it is fast becoming the a book that I turn to for a bit of inspiration as well as theory.
The exercises are practical, straight forward, illuminating and also helpful tools for change.
It packs a lot in.
Well done Anita and Chris.
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on 1 August 2012
Before I bought this book I had some knowledge of TA and its applications but am particularly interested in its applications in organisational settings which is why I bought this book. I never thought that I would say this about a 'text book' but this book was hard to put down and was so well written that the concepts were really easy to understand. It includes various exercises to do and in my view is applicable in any organisational setting not just 'business' settings. I have read it once and know that this will be a book that I return to on many occasions. It may seem expensive but its content is invaluable to anyone working in organisational or group settings either as a manager, trainer, coach or consultant"
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on 6 November 2011
Have you ever asked yourself "why won't people just get on and do their job properly" or "why do I spend so much time on people problems", or " I wish I could get my people to say the right things" or " I wish my boss understood me "?

The authors have done a great job of translating and updating proven TA concepts and applying them to the work environment.

It's not just for business coaches and trainers, but anyone who is looking for a more sophisticated source to help answer common workplace frustrations. The theory is supported by practical applications making it accessible to any one who is serious about stopping complaining about work.

I gave a copy to my partner already!
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