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on 17 September 2011
I've only been using this book for a few days and already run into serious problems.

Firstly, although I suspect it contains most, if not all, the information you need to get the most out of Wordpress, it's very badly organised, and not brilliantly written. To take just one example: the description of what a 'child theme' is (page 537) is nowhere near as concise and easy to understand as the definition of a child theme on the Wordpress website itself. If a book like this isn't at least as easy to grasp as the information on the product website, then it isn't doing its job properly.

Secondly, and much more seriously, I've come across significant errors. For example, in the section 'Putting It All Together' starting on page 508, instructions are given on creating a simple theme. All you need to do is copy the code and upload it to your server. This should be completely straightforward. Except that the code contains numerous mistakes. You can see this clearly by comparing the individual lines of code for the index.php file with the summary of the completed code on page 515: they should be the same, but they aren't, as you will find when you try to use it. I spent an hour debugging before I could get it to work. This is just not acceptable.
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on 31 January 2012
I purchased this book hoping to learn everything about wordpress from creating a first blog straight up to creating a CMS website. However, I was badly let down by the sheer disorganisation of the book.
This could have be organised in a better way. It starts off with explaining all about open source software and other subjects which are not really needed by a beginner at the beginning of the book. These subjects should have been left to later on when the user knows a lot more about wordpress.
The ideal beginning would be to get the reader to set up their first blog and talk them through other aspects associated with this. Then take them on to more advanced options gradually. The book actually gets around to that in Book 4 chapter 1 " Writing your first Post". this is about 25% into the book !!
It also jumps around too much for my liking. You might be reading about some particular subject then it might say for a more in depth discussion on this subject jump forward to another page, then you have to come back to the original page you were at. It does this quite a few times.

If you are after a book to learn wordpress this is not it. I have got to try and find that book myself now as this was a total waste of money.
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on 19 June 2012
Very disappointed with this book, in my opinion it missed the point of a `Dummies' book. Being new to WordPress I needed a book that would simply explain the various aspects of WordPress and guide me through the basic stages in setting up and using the programme.
To start with this book is big, running to 884 pages. For me it did not explain the jargon sufficiently, assumed far too much knowledge and the few pieces of information that I did find useful were buried deep in this weighty tome.
Overall I did not find it very useful.
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on 26 May 2013
Whilst the revue title may seem a little "lukewarm" there is a point here: The "Dummies" series is a good concept so in this context this particular book is as excellent as most others in the series, it is good at giving you an "entry point" and in the broadest sense, a solid overview of the topic which is in this case, Wordpress and "8 in 1" rather tells you the story. If there is 'one thing' out of those 8 "books" that interests you specifically, you will not be totally 'satisfied' with that module however, if you want to try and understand what "WordPress is all About" in the broadest sense and therefore what it can do for you, this is a really great place to start.
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on 6 September 2012
I was really disappointed about this book. I have a word press website already created for me by someone else, but I wanted to change it, and maintain it myself. This book assumes far too much that the reader understands the jargon. If you are new to it, you want all the language like "plug ins" clearly explained - but this is not the case. If you have some experience of web development then I am sure it is a good book, but in that case it should not be called "dummies" as it is not for a complete beginner. Also it gets very time consuming trying to follow directions it sends you on and finding that where thr book sends you, that in fact it's different to what is on the actual site.

in a nut shell, if you are totally new to Word Press then don't buy this book as it is very disappointing
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on 21 August 2012
This book will take a WordPress novice and turn them into someone who can manage a complex website customized to meet a variety of needs. It provides a wealth of useful knowledge on several important aspects of building sites with WordPress. It provides a thorough background of knowledge before taking you through tasks, which helps to build your confidence when developing sites as understand exactly why something is happening.

Several people have criticized this book for the way it jumbles up the content and requires the reader to jump around in chapters for a full picture of a given topic. They make a good point. Personally, I didn't mind this approach. I made several annotations in the book so that I could easily find the related information. Maybe it's because I'm a Web developer, but I liked the way the book introduced a topic, then revisited the topic later to provide more detail. This way I felt I had a good grounding in all the basics before moving on to more detailed areas.
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on 14 December 2012
I am a beginner and just wanted the basics to get a blog up and running. You know, good advice, to pay for a service, or free blog - how to have a page of photos albums with a description of each album and a few links, then get this HUGE book through the post! 870 pages ! I have lost all enthusiasm to do anything with my wordpress site - it is so HUGE that I can't find even simple information. In trying to make this book good and making it "8 books in 1", they have done the opposite of making a book for dummies that just want to get up and running. I definitely don't recommend this book unless it is retitled "a complete guide to wordpress for those that already know more than basics" ... I just want a 80-100 page book with easy step by step instructions. I wasted loads on this for nothing ...
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on 13 June 2014
It's quite possible that I need to understand the 'for Dummies' way of writing, but I have not managed to find the bit in the book that I need to do what I want, so, well, it's now sat in a cupboard gathering dust!
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on 28 February 2013
I recently got the task of maintaining a website for a community group, and found this book to be invaluable. Lots of tips covering every area that I have needed so far.
It sits handy on a shelf & still gets pulled out every so often.
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on 7 July 2011
There are lots of WordPress books, this book cannot be all you'll ever need, no book can be. But! 840 pages of 8 books in one by 5 writers it certainly covers beginners and intermediate. It will give a very valuable grounding in WordPress. I haven't even read it all, but so far it's ACE!

Use the amazon "Look Inside" feature to see the contents, amazing! This feature now works in the Opera browser. I could go on but you need to see for yourself.

The only other book I want to get is "WordPress Web Design For Dummies" another big tomb written by the main writer - Lisa Sabin-Wilson.

I don't understand why more more people haven't purchased and reviewed it here on Amazon, they should! Perhaps they've been disappointed by other WordPress books as I have.

After reading the other reviews I have to add that I agree with some in that I was not a beginner and never saw the book in that light. It is probably poorly categorised as a "Dummies" book. I only used it as a dip in and skim through book.

Also there are other sources (hint!), if you care to search (hint!). That's what I do now, gathering together snippets here and there.
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