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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 July 2006
WYIN is an altogether more emotional album compared to Placebo's debut album, it seems, Mr. Molko and co were trying to create a series of songs that would target your inner feelings rather than to just be 'a good track' and this album does, mostly, succeed!Far from being my favourite Placebo album, it does contain some of their key tracks,which helped toward their success!Everybody has probably heard 'Pure Morning', an extremely uplifting experience and a great start to the album, however, 'Brick Shithouse' is a massive letdown, then, the album finds its feet again, with a run of fantastic songs including my favourite Placebo track 'Without You I'm Nothing' and, it's this middle section of the album that is simply flawless, then, things die down again for the final three tracks, two of which aren't bad, but are noticably lacking in Placebo pleasure, with the exception of the beautiful and odd 'Burger Queen' which ends the album in fine form and if you can be bothered to fast forward to the 'Hidden Track', I think the majority of us may be a little underwhelmed, but, it's no great loss!Altogether a worthy purchase and one of the best albums of the nineties!
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on 13 June 2016
Waited so long to get this on vinyl and disappointed that they didn't make a better job of it. Its an opportunity missed. To be fair the cd was always a bit of a difficult recording but this seems to lack the energy and seperation of the digital version. It put me off bothering with the other placebo vinyl reissues.
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on 15 December 2003
I bought this album spontaniously.I had only heard Pure Morning and was hoping that the album was as incredible as that track.The album was TEN times better than i imagined.This album is a classic example of Placebo style.Full of emotion,inspiring riffs and Brian Molko's individual voice.All of the songs on this album are deep inspiring pieces of art,that each have a different story to tell.Placebo have done it again with this fantastic album.Placebo are not like other rock bands,because they cover a wide range of emotions and musical styles...and it actully sounds good!. This album has made me a religious fan of them.I listen to this album and i never tire of it. This is one album you will not regret buying.
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on 26 September 2014
I stopped listening to Placebo after the torrid 'Battle for the Sun' and most of their albums sat collecting dust. Having had the passage of time remove the bias of my feelings towards my once favourite band I recently gave the CD's another spin. This album is the stone cold masterpiece of their catalogue.Without equal, its strength is the relentless quality of songwriting and its 'heart on its sleeve' melancholy. Molko once stated that for a second album there were too many slow songs on this release but I disagree. The rockier numbers distil and perfect the angst from the first album and the slow songs really highlight Molko's despair with drugs and relationships of the late 90's perfectly. I will always treasure this album as a beacon of the teenage years. BUY THIS ALBUM!!
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on 5 November 2014
This album contains many of the Placebo classics and is an ideal starting point for a new Placebo fan. There is something about Placebo that most of us can relate to and resonates with the Genius. The songs are powerful, euphoric, and when they are not, we all sympathise and feel the empathy of emotion that a troubled time may bring. Placebo are excellent musicians, one of the best bands out there and still going strong.
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What can I say? This album is just one of THE albums to buy. At first, when i was still listening to their first album, I thought that things couldn't any better... Well, Bian, you've proven me wrong! "You Don't Care About Us", is just stunning, no-one but Brian Molko could perform in such a way as to make this song what it is. "Without You I'm Nothing", the title track, is the best on the album. The slow, harmonious start, builds up to one of the few songs that has ever brought me near to tears: but not through depression, but happiness! I think I'm going to have to buy this album again, I've listened to it so much that the CD is all scratched! I'll be playing this to my grandchildren............
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on 27 June 2000
It had seemed that Placebo's future had already been decided, to follow in their first album's footsteps into spiky, almost savage guitar riffs fueled by Brain's brooding sexuality: perhaps too close to Marilyn Manson for British comfort. However, life is not like that and Placebo have created an album of the rarest thing: beauty. Stark,uneasy lyrics cling to the eeire production skills of Brian himself. The music shows influences from, most noticably, 'The Cure', as well as the vocal links to 'Rush' which combines to make harrowing listening; 'The Crawl'and 'Burger Queen' show Placebo at their delicate best. Brian leaves it to the title track to conjure the most spine tingling moment of the album. This was the album that we all hoped Placebo would make, as they run riot into the fledging group of great British bands of the moment.
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on 30 October 2015
It's still an amazing album after all these years. And now having been remastered there are sounds and vocal melody lines than were previously almost impossible to hear, now coming out in all their sonic deliciousness. There's also some extra sounds added to Burger Queen, that I am guessing having been added due to the celebratory nature of the release.

Oh and it's yellow which is pretty cool too!
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on 16 February 2013
Placebo, what can I say? if you're looking at this you'll probably have an idea of their style and music.

Great music with very distinctive vocals. I got into them through a compilation album and have scooped up quite a few of their albums since.
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on 8 November 1999
This is definately one of the better albums I have listened too recently, and does not deserve some of the critisisms that some short sighted critics has given it.
The album jumps from the more up beat 'Pure Morning' and 'you don't care about us' to the very dark and somber 'My sweet Prince'.
Many of the songs remind me a great deal of early 'Cure' songs in their uncomplicated use of instruments and melodies.
The slower more darker titled songs deal with the problems of drug abuse in their lyrics.
In summary his album should not be sidelined after listening to it only once. This is definately an album where Brian Molko's brilliant vocals can grow on you.
If you are a true Indie fan then this is a must.
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