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on 11 November 2013
I consider myself well-educated on Hillsborough, which means I knew a lot of what was written in this book before I read it. What amazes me about this most avoidable of disasters and most despicable of cover-ups is that you never know it all. The lengths to which people went to keep the truth covered up, the obstacles that were put in the way of a normal working class Mum over such a long period of time would be enough to destroy anyone - but Anne kept her faith in what she knew. The facts of Kevin's case. It's remarkable to see the bonds she built with those who helped Kevin on the day - good people trying to do difficult jobs, good people harassed into changing statements and simply not called to give evidence because they told a different story than that the authorities had put out.

When the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report came out, it was described by many legal experts as the biggest cover-up in UK history. No-one did more to expose that than Anne Williams. She deserves to have that story told, brilliantly told by those who knew her best. She deserves that story to be read. She deserves for you to read it.
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on 25 May 2016
A very visceral and involving account of Anne Williams campaign to get justice for her son, written by her daughter. It has always made me wonder how accountable public services are, including the police, and the propensity and potential for injustice and corruption by their actions. Can it really be possible that such authorities can cover up such deficiencies for so long under the public spotlight? Sadly it can. It leads one to believe that if such poor process, injustice and corruption by the police and authorities can happen on such a large scale in open forum, when it's obvious, that injustices to individuals must by implication be much more widespread because the police (and IPCC which some perceive as an apologist organisation for the police) can get away with it, without any public scrutiny. The effect could be on victims where police do not properly investigate, without victims knowledge, of those wrongly accused of crimes with officious and prejudged police statements, which in some way can amount to fraud and corruption. A policeman above the law but acting that way all the time. The hillsborough disaster raises this much bigger question of how the police and public services should act, what sort of people should we have as police officers, and the very moralistic foundations of how the police should operate. No more high fiving colleagues when getting convictions as seen on various police docu-soaps, as such attitudes probably cut to the core of a police force acting with such self interest, such qualities which make injustices from the police so very possible, as with hillsborough.
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on 25 May 2016
In 1989, I, along with my sister, was taken by our parents to lay flowers in memoriam for 96 people who had died at a football match. I don’t remember this, I was only five and in fact my first really knowledge of the Hillsborough disaster didn’t happen until much later. As I said, I was baby. In 1996, I watched the Jimmy McGovern docudrama on ITV and afterwards I openly sobbed for what had happened. From that moment on I noticed things about my city (Liverpool) that I had never been aware of before.

With the recent news of the Hillsborough Inquiry coming in favour of the families of the 96 people killed at Hillsborough I picked up a copy of Anne Williams – With Hope in Her Heart by Sara Williams. Anne Williams was the mother of Kevin Williams, a young fifteen year old boy who was one of the 96 victims. Anne Williams fought for over 25 years to have the truth revealed about what happened to her son on that fateful day. The massive cover up operation meant that the South Yorkshire Police publically accused the fans of Liverpool Football Club of causing the disaster taking none of the blame themselves.

In 2012, the truth was revealed (through Anne Williams and the other families tireless campaigning) and a new inquest into the deaths was to be opened.

Anne Williams – With Hope in Her Heart by Sara Williams is Anne Williams Story. It is told in such concise detail and with such heartbreaking emotion – in both Anne Williams’ words and her daughters. Sara Williams does her mother proud with the release of this truly amazing book about the resilience of one woman whose life was torn apart by the death of her son.

Everybody should read Anne Williams – With Hope in Her Heart by Sara Williams. It is important. The most heartbreaking thing about this book is the knowledge that Anne Williams passed away before she could see the blame apportioned to the right people and the hard work and the courage of her conviction paid off.

The world needs more people like Anne Williams. Justice for the 96.

Anne Williams – With Hope in Her Heart by Sara Williams is available now.
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on 10 May 2016
I had just watched the BBC's Hillsborough Documentary and was transported back to the shocking and tragic scenes that were being shown live from the Hillsborough Stadium. I found the documentary incredibly informative and of course very moving. Afterwards, I looked for any recent books that may have been written and felt compelled to read this one by Sara Williams, younger sister of fifteen year old Kevin who had excitedly gone to the match but never came home again.
This book is about their mum, Anne Davies, who in the face of viscous slander aimed at the Liverpool supporters, lies about what caused the tragedy, a disgusting cover-up by senior police officers, the coroner and many other people - with the full support of Margaret Thatcher, took them all on to try and find the truth about the circumstances surrounding her sons death. This she did with incredible courage and determination enlisting the help and support of as many people she could find that were in a position to possibly get to that truth, getting knocked back year after year. It is hard to imagine how a seemingly 'ordinary' mum could endure so many years of fighting for justice - not just for Kevin and her own family but for all the other bereaved relatives and survivors. Her daughter Sara has done a wonderful job of painting the picture of her mum's amazing battle to route out the truth.
Of course, Anne Williams was not just an 'ordinary' mum - she was an extraordinary mum.
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on 5 December 2013
I think Anne is so special, she never gave up the fight for justice. I grew up in Liverpool and met a lot of inspiring women there. I feel the pain of losing Kevin the way she did, made her ill. The book is sad in places, but you do feel you want justice for all the 96, so much went wrong that fateful day. May God bless you Anne, I feel you are now with your beloved son Kevin.
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on 5 March 2016
Wow what an amazing woman Anne Williams was, her tireless campaign to bring the truth about Hillsborough which didn't just affect survivor's and the families of those who didn't survive, it affected a whole city; Liverpool. Written by her daughter it includes Anne's words. I'm glad Anne managed to get the truth before her sad demise.
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on 3 November 2013
I really wish I could give this book way more than five stars.

I don't really have the words to do this book justice. Thank you Sara for sharing your Mum's story - the most inspirational woman who never gave up the fight for Truth and Justice for the 96.

This is a book not just for Liverpool fans but for all who love the game - whichever team they support. Anyone who wants to read about the power and strength of a Mother's Love will find this impossible to put down.

Anne lived to see the Truth revealed to the whole world but all of us left behind must make sure Justice comes as soon as possible.

Justice for the 96
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on 2 April 2015
Heart-breaking story - I got a little mixed up as to who-was-who when reading the contributions of others, but that may be just me. The death of a child must be the worse thing a parent could go through and I don't want to diminish that in any way but it was Anne William's fight to uncover what she knew to be the truth, of the inadequacies, incompetence, lies, deceit and cover-up by those whom we look to for justice, had the most powerful impact on me.
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on 22 February 2014
A remarkable woman who fought for the truth on how her son, Kevin, and 95 other men, woman and children lost their lives at Hillsborough and how those in power abused their positions with lies and a mass cover up, Anne achieved that mission on getting the real truth out there, now lets keep up the fight and get JUSTICE FOR THE 96
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on 12 June 2016
Heartrending personal account of the tragedy of Hillsborough:- Such perseverance and courage in the face of the establishment cover-up. So glad some sort of justice has been subsequently achieved, if no accountability as yet. We live in hope.......
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