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on 15 February 2014
This is the fourth Kindle keyboard that Amazon have replaced for me. I wouldn't be without a Kindle now but find it disconcerting the amount of times that my screen has "froze" with lines breaking up the screen. Luckily I've been within warranty most of the time and the time that I wasn't, Amazon were very gracious to replace for free. I think once my current one goes I will replace with a newer version, hopefully that will solve the screen freeze issue.
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on 9 December 2015
Does not last... I am back buying paper books. These screens/devices are way to temperamental and fragile. Bought the device, then a nice leather cover, then the device stops to work. Accessories are then obsolete because the new model comes with a different size etc... So basically you need to keep on buying the whole thing all over again. With the money spent on replacing you faulty screen, or eventually buying the last model and protective cover etc... can buy you quite a few good old paper books that you can always give to friends or local library once read.
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on 27 August 2014
Don't get me wrong - I love having a Kindle, BUT... This Kindle was a replacement for one bought for me for Christmas 2010,so that one lasted 16 months, which I think is poor. The technical help was "switch it off & switch it on again" and when that didn't work I had to send it back & pay another £50.00 for this one.
This one lasted longer - April 2012 until August 2014, (so out of guarantee). There is no way of repairing a Kindle apparently,, no equivalent of a Genius Bar or anything, so if "switch it off & switch it on again" does not work, that's it. You are then offered a reconditioned Kindle, or have to buy a new one. I have now bought a new Kindle Paperwhite, so I will be interested to see how that lasts. I tend to read books at home, and only use my Kindle on holiday, so the two I have had that have broken were only used for a few weeks per year.
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on 23 August 2015
As always, Amazon customer service is second to none. Great product given in replacement to a previous kindle, and I'm very happy with it. Kindle will never replace paper books for me but having one is brilliant for those "extra books" you'd like to take with you. Easy to use, good notation tools and ease of navigation. Love it.
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on 25 March 2013
This is my third Kindle, in just over two years. When I wrote my original review, I got grief from Amazon because i was "ambivalent". My main issue was not the unit, which is brilliant, but reliability. My daughter's first Kindle broke very quickly - hence my ambivalence, as I was about to set off for a 7 week trip with only electronic books!

In the event, my Kindle lasted nearly a year before the dreaded "screen freeze" hit, and Amazon shipped me a replacement. I bought a warranty - something I never do! That Kindle lasted over 15 months, until, on week one of an 8 week trip, the screen freeze demon struck again. Amazon refused to ship to South Africa, so I was stuck. I eventually got my replacement via a friend 6 weeks later.

Amazon have acted very well throughout this saga, shipping a new unit each occasion. So what am I bitching about? I suppose the real issue is the very poor reliability of early Kindle units and the fact you are really, really out on a limb if this is your only source of reading material for extended periods. Does the iPad work as a replacement? No, it is too heavy and awkward (10" unit) and has very poor sunlight performance. Who knows, maybe the Kindle Fire HD will work as well as a reader - hard to tell.

What I do know is - if you take books on holiday/business, they are durable, even if you mislay one. If you take the first generation Kindles - they are most certainly not, and you are screwed! Who knows how long my "new" unit will last this time?
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on 20 September 2011
I have owned my Kindle for almost a year an absolutely love it. I bore all my friends by constantly eulogising about how wonderful it it and, no, I am not being sarcastic. The Kindle support team is brilliant and incredibly helpful. I recently contacted them to say my keypad was fading and they sent me a new one which arrived the next day; doesn't get any better than that. I have just bought my husband a Kindle and he is a massive convert. We would both like to see a wider range of images on the cover. My husband is an excellent artist and cartoonist and is willing to offer you an image free see his work on Facebook. Love to all at Kindle.
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on 23 July 2013
I'm already on my third Kindle in about a year. Kudos to Amazon for exchanging it for free every time, but on the other hand, this is a consequence of the extremely poor construction quality and, hence, low reliability of this particular model. I've taken good care of each one I've had, but they all ended up freezing for no discernable reason, and it seems like I will soon be on my fourth.
The Kindle is convenient to store a pile of books and carry them around easily, however it connects poorly to my WiFi networks, and the 3G often doesn't work in the moments where I would like to use it (i.e. travelling, which is supposedly the whole point of the thing, right?). The interface is showing its age, it's quite clunky and a pain to navigate around a lot of the time. Also, not being able to read in the dark, while acceptable some time ago, is now a big limitation.
All in all, I would say avoid this particular model.
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on 16 September 2013
If you love to read, this is a must have. It's possibly the best thing I have ever bought. Reading on tablets and phones is a very poor imitation of reading on a Kindle. Whereas a Kindle is a great proxy for reading a physical book. Actually a Kindle is better than a real book. I resisted the Kindle for ages on the basis that reading a book was more than just a visual experience (touch/texture, smell, sound etc) but the Kindle's brilliance outtweighs the ancillary pleasures of reading a physical book.

If you read a lot you will have been annoyed by: the weight of reading books one handed (train/bath/plane), the difficulty in turning pages one handed, the annoying habit of a favourite paperback falling apart (and a hardback being too heavy). You will have found it difficult which books to choose to take on holiday or away on business because books are heavy and luggage is expensive - and if you love to read, only having 3 or 4 books for 2 weeks or more is simply not going to cut it. And you will have been annoyed that one time, when the shops were inaccessible, you ran out of things to read. NONE OF THIS IS EVER A PROBLEM WITH A KINDLE.

If you only turn on the wireless occassionally to buy something specifically or to synch, then the battery life is simply immense. And if you don't have an iPhone it's highly likely that your phone charger fits it. On top of all of this you get free mobile downloads all over the world for life. I have tested this in the US, Europe, South East Asia and Australia and been able to connect to the free mobile network everywhere except in Tunisia.

I thought about subtracting one star from my review on the basis that the screen of the Kindle is pretty fragile and very pressure sensitive, however once you get used to watching out for it and buy a hard cover you will be fine. And if you do get a fragile one, Amazon will replace it in my experience.

And if all that isn't enough, when you do occasionally turn on the wifi/mobile connection and find out that a book you preordered months ago has been delivered it feels like Christmas. But then, I do love to read.
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VINE VOICEon 11 October 2013
This is pretty much the standard for the Kindle type devices. It has been superseded but even now it is still working well several years on. I used it a lot to listen to talking books, but had trouble with a faulty headphone socket initially. Amazon swapped it for a new one, quickly, and with absolutely now fuss. You couldn't ask for better service.

Definitely a grerat buy. And if you have not used such a device, this will be a delight to use and discover the wealth of stuff out there, free and paid for.

I now mainly read books on a PC and wasn't using this a lot, so my wife has inherited this Kindle. She has fallen in love with it, and even subscribes to some magazines to read on the Kindle. So this unassuming little device has another fanatic devotee.
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on 20 November 2012
I recieved this Kindle as a gift however it decided to stop working. I came online to the contacts page and spoke to someone on the chat section, which i think is a great idea as your not left waiting, you speak to someone instantly. they was very helpful with my questions and decided i needed a replacement sent out, they sent me links to download a returns address label which means i would not have to pay to return the non working kindle and my new one was dispatched and recived within a few days. All in all a fantastic outcome.

My review on this model of kindle is.
I think the creator of kindle is an amazing person, I have been an avid book reader for several years, you could say a little bookworm as i was reading as often as i could day and night, but then i got to a point in my life where i didn't read as much as before, then eventually i'd heard about kindle's and that it was a better way of reading, i was a little sceptical at first until i was bought this version as a gift, wow i am so glad i have got it, i read alot more now than i have in the past, its easy to use and the screen quality is fantastic and another plus is no more paper cuts on windy days lol
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