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on 29 June 2001
Error, error, error, blue screen - this version of Windows will drive you insane if you try to work between 2 or more applications; especially if one of them is a browser. But, in saying that, a lot of people keep Windows 98se for gaming, fear not Windows M.E. is the perfect upgrade for you, great for gaming (online or not) 9 out of 10. Everyone else steer clear, especially budding web designers!!
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on 15 May 2001
Personal Web Server will not run on Windows ME, so data-base driven web design is out. Don't waste your money on it. Spend a bit more and get Windows 2000.
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on 1 December 2009
What do you get if you take a successful operating system, slosh on a new looking theme like Windows 2000 riddled with bugs and errors and then hastily shove it into the market and make the unassuming Average Joe think they need it this software, only a year after they bought thier last product which worked?

This abhorrence. Only to be called Windows Millenium Edition - or should that be Mistake Edition?

Only Microsoft can make a cockup so bad.

Let me take you back into time, to 1999... Whilst Microsoft was devising strategies to cream more money from the consumer, one bright spark came up with Windows ME - Only a year later after their last operating system Windows 98. Now here is the thing: Windows ME IS Windows 98 - Esentally a revamped, slightly butchered version with the interface of Windows 2000.

Which begs the question: Why would you change your (then) spanking new operating system to one which is riddled with viruses, errors, crashes, and prolonged freezing? It's like changing from XP - Which was a speedy little lapdog which will be supported for years to come, to Vista, a overfed pig which gobbled up some much RAM it made it virtually unusable unless you have a high end computer.

...Which most of us dont have.

Some of the problems with ME, which a reviewer has already commented on:

Rejects endless pieces of hard-ware.
System Restore (Although I have never used it) apparently does not work.
Memory management is awful, as blue screen errors will bombard you,
Keeps disconnecting your internet connection it is doesn't like the hardware/software
A lot of software is incompatible with it (which was previously supported on Windows 98).

To actually have a flawless Windows ME system which simply worked is practically zilch. I bet even when you have upgraded your computer right down to the capacitors on your motherboard I can guarentee that ME will still kick up a fuss for reasons unknown.

Countless times I have spent restarting, checking cables, staring at blue screens and booting screens is just unbelievable.

All in all? It had promise for those that wanted a Win2000 lookalike on underpowered computers. But in the end all we got was an awful operating system that brought your computer to a halt, that still remains etched in our memories like a bad nightmare. Stick with something you know and trust, Windows 98 or even better Windows 2000. Ultimate avoid, go for something less contemptible.

EDIT: Is this seller serious at selling it for £100? I seriously hope not...
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on 18 March 2003
Dont believe what you read, Windows Me is one of the best Microsoft operating system for a while, ok Windows XP out shines Me by a ong way, but if you have a nd older pc with less than 256mb of ram steer clear of XP and get Me, as the system requirements are lower and stability is better than Windows 98se.
I have heard some people say Me is useless for multi tasking yet i havent seen this yet for myself, ok it does take a while to load thing like when you Have IE5 open and Outlook and the try to load something esle but windows 98se wasnt much better.
If you need to upgrade or you have deleted your old operating system by accident Get Windows Me or if your pc can handle it Get XP but be warned XP wont run on 64mb or 128mb machines even though MS say they will get Me instead if you own one of these machines.
A quick summary show that Me is one of the best operating systems for a while but not as good as XP!
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on 16 September 2000
Having used operating systems for a few years now, from Dos, Win3.1, Win95, Win98, Win98SE and Win2000, given the choice I would choose Windows Millennium. At first use you think it is much like Windows 98 with a few extra gadgets on but after a close look you find there is a lot more to Windows Me than meets the eye. Depending on what you use your PC for will depend on if you will want to upgrade or not, I personally would recommend it.
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on 10 September 2012
Great OS way better than Windows Vista and 7, but I can't get online with my old Dell Laptop with WinME. I like the Design in Windows ME so much cooler than todays Windows 7. The design and the Movie maker 1 are cool but since it has some problems so well I rate it 4 stars. I prefer Windows 2000.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 12 September 2007
1999... The Millennium Bug is a word heard everywhere - leaflets were surrounding your right left and centre, telling you to upgrade your electric equipment. The main culprits where in fact the yanks - one Bank panicked and replaced ALL its mainframes/hardware, costing them billions. They found out the 'bug' would never have affected them.
Post Millennium effects? Microsoft felt the need to cash in on what was a perfect time for companies to make money. In Microsoft's case, they claimed 'Windows ME' would be 'necessary' for this new millennium. Oh, so changing a few numbers now means we need new operating software? It was merely rushed propaganda....
First off, i'm not writing a negative review because I despise Microsoft, or because i'm a no-brainer trying to sound clever. In fact, I've used every Windows from day one, even the new Windows ME - Vista! However, this is by far, the worst operating system produced.
People may review saying they've had a good experience - that's all well, and signify's its problem - compatibility. I'm a technically minded person, and understand how a computer works - so here's a 'shortlist' of problems with ME...

- Rejects endless pieces of hard-ware, most notably motherboards, which it is very fussy about.
- The registry can become corrupt as easy switching on a light, and when this occurs, you are forced to so a System Restore....
-.... the only problem being that it doesn't work! A well known glitch in this OS.
- Blue screen errors will bombard you, mostly due to memory.
- Keeps disconnecting your internet connection it is doesn't like the hardware/software
- A lot of software is incompatible with it.

The fact is, it is too focused on looking pretty than actually doing its job (whatever that is!). This is probably an attempt at hiding whats underneath... within a month or too, I felt like strangling the 'Merlin Wizard' - a character that is supposed to help you through the usage of Windows ME. Shame he can't use his wand and fix the bugs! Looks wise, this is a clean OS - lighter grey bars, new multimedia layouts/options that look experimental towards XP, and lots of fancy colours. None of which is useful when your computer keeps showing 'STOP' blue screen errors.
The architecture (set-up of files, way system works) was actually a one off in this case.. no need to explain why. In other words, whereas Windows 95 and 98 were based with DOS, while Windows 2000 and XP were based 'on top' of DOS (more stable), Windows ME... well... is neither! I researched, and apparently it fits somewhere in between.. hmmm
What's more, their are plenty of virus codes written for ME, because hackers knew about the vulnerabilities of this terrible system. Even McAffee software, I was forced to buying a new system, as the thing just grinded to a hault.
The people that have a computer that is actually compatible with Windows ME... well, they must the needle in a haystack! And these days ME simply wouldn't cope with modern hardware (not that it ever did at the time anyway). This software was just propaganda that looked nice - Microsoft played right into the wallets of people who though 'New Millennium, so we'll have to update'. Shame they did - their are still millions of people around the world that use Windows 98! In fact their that many, that Microsoft cancelled their plan to shut down the customer service centre.
It is important you don't confuse this OS with the release around the same time, Windows 2000 - they are two completely different operating systems. 2000 is likely to be one of the best, with the exact same architecture as Windows XP (in other words, its got the same stability and start-up/shut-down procedures) and although it is referred to as a Buisness OS, some still say its the best.
Theirs little else to say. Some may keep it as a collectors item, looking back to a feeble attempt at cashing in. But none would dare use this as a stable operating system anymore.

Want the modern version? Its re-named 'Vista', and Microsoft put their logo in a small bubble....
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on 17 September 2000
Windows ME is the final in a long line of versions of Windows or so Microsoft say! The new version has the looks of Windows 2000 but easier to use for the home user. It offers entertainment as standard especially with the new Movie Maker on Internet games. and is also fool proof by offering a restore utlity when you go wrong. It also makes it easier to network two home pc's together!
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on 14 December 2003
I really dont know why Microsoft bother to make this rubbish. I installed it on my computer, then after 1/2 an hour, went back to 98SE. Crashes, fails to open up simple applications and hangs for no apparent reason.
Steer clear, total rubbish. Go for XP if you want to upgrade, or stay with 98. (Remember XP, is a hungry beast so get a fast computer for that).
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on 21 January 2011
I brought ths item as I needed a windows ME disk to restore an old computer from a COA, however this seler provided me with a very botched copy, it was only for distribution with new pcs and it would only work on fujitsu pcs, the COA was not present so I have no reason to beleive this is a Geniuine copy of windows ME. DONT BUY FROM THIS SELLER
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