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on 28 January 2015
The one-star rating is solely for the Kindle edition of this book, to act as a warning to other purchasers, and feedback to the publisher (if they take any notice of amazon reviews…). The body of the eBook is good, diagrams are well presented (some even in colour), and the table of contents is fine.

However, the index is unusable and for a reference work such as this a good index is critical. The indentation for all of the subentries is missing, they follow their parent index entry but without any indentation, making it almost impossible to work out where the next index entry starts. Unless the item you are looking up is in the first few entries for that letter, you will almost certainly not be able to find it amongst all the subentries…

As an example here’s the start of index ‘A’:
AAM (Admin Approval Mode) , Running with Administrator Rights
aborts, Trap Dispatching
absolute timers, Timer Expiration
abstract classes, Providers
AcceptEx function, Winsock Server Operation
access, ACL Assignment, Ghosts, Network Access Protection
caching, Ghosts
determining, ACL Assignment
network, Network Access Protection
access checks, Protecting Objects, ACL Assignment, Determining Access,
Determining Access, Determining Access
access token-based, Determining Access
discretionary, ACL Assignment, Determining Access
user-mode equivalents, Determining Access
access control, Security, Trusted Computer Svstem Evaluation Criteria,
Security Descriptors and Access Control, The AuthZ API , The AuthZ API
claims based, The AuthZ API
discretionary, Trusted Computer Systean Evaluation Criteria
forms of, Security

‘caching’ is obviously a subentry for ‘access’, and perhaps ‘access checks’ is the next actual index entry, but by the time you turn to page 2 of the ‘A’s you have no idea where you are in the alphabet! It infuriates me that after the incredible amount of effort writing this book must have been for the authors, whoever prepared the eBook version made such a poor job of it.

After wasting way too much time trying to use this index I’ve given up, and bought the paper edition. It is an excellent book, and for system programmer essential reading (5 stars for the content). I strongly recommend the book, but avoid the Kindle version completely. (Unfortunately Part 2 [6th edition] has exactly the same index problem).
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on 7 January 2014
If you are looking for a book which investigates and explains the finest details of the windows operating system; then this is the one.

The book begins in a helpful way, explaining terminology that will be used throughout and explains the way the book is set out. Very soon the content gets very heavy and very technical. This is ideal for the target audience; advanced computer professionals.

As well as those people, it is a great book for students in the Computing area, going into much more detail than university courses generally do, setting the student up well for a future in the field and to further deepen their understanding of how the Windows operating system works.

You can tell the book is written by professionals who fully understand what they are explaining. They cover all areas in such fine detail, the reader will not need any more information; it is all in this book.

Alongside the detailed textual explanations there are experiments/tasks throughout the book. These tasks help the reader link what they have read to an actual result, something they can see and reproduce, which is a great way of assisting the reading in learning more efficiently.

Topics covered in Part 1 include the registry, DLLs, The Kernel and processes and threads. These are all covered in great detail and would be difficult to understand and follow without the mentioned recommended experiments.

This is a very good, very detailed, well written book, which will teach you a lot and give lots of helpful, detailed information. Recommended.
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on 8 September 2012
The introduction states that this book is intended for advanced computer professionals - developers and system administrators. It delves into the minutest details of the core Windows operating system and does require patient reading with a lot of back checking and note-taking to keep an overview of the huge amount of information. For the first time, this title has been split into 2 volumes and I've been reading Part 1 for the past 4 months and I'm still not halfway through its 700 pages, but I am neither advanced nor professional in my knowledge of computers. The authors write with complete authority on their subject, which you would expect considering that they actually design the Windows operating systems. I can't speak for professionals, but for me, this is an extremely interesting book that increases my understanding of how Windows works the more I read it and I'm looking forward to Part 2, already pre-ordered for sometime around the end of September.
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on 27 September 2013
As a part of my work as a sys admin I read a lot of tech books. This one is the best for a really long time.
Easy to follow, good language and full of really nice information. You get many of the "So that's why xxxx happens" and "And that explains problem xxx" moments.
Absolutely a must read for any windows admin who wants to move past the UI and look inside the box
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on 12 October 2014
definitive reference. If you work with Windows then this is a must have
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on 6 December 2016
Fantastic book - very well written. There is literally nothing that compares.
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on 6 June 2016
The essential bible for Windows support work
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on 28 January 2015
good product
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on 30 April 2013
One word great book, uncovers the the shell to get inside the inner works of Microsoft O/S client and server side.These guys really know what they are talking about.
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on 23 June 2013
still reading it - 1st section is essential to understanding the whole book. So, a little difficult for a non technical person to grasp but will plod on!
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