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on 6 April 2013
'The Rising' is the third book in the 'Darkness Rising' trilogy, the second YA trilogy by Kelley Armstrong. Main character Maya is a shape-shifter, and she and her supernatural friends are forced to go on the run when they realise they've been part of an experiment.

I need to start by saying Armstrong's first YA trilogy 'Darkest Powers' was what made me give the YA genre a try and I was glad I did as her YA books are as good as her adult novels. The characters were brilliant and well developed, the story was solid and action packed. The same can be said for the 'Darkness Rising' books, though I didn't get as invested in the characters until the third book this time and I can't quite put my finger on why.

With the first two books I hadn't been sure about the main character's love interest this time around but as usual Armstrong knows exactly what she's doing with this and I never should have doubted her!

**Potential Spoiler** Look away now if you want a surprise when reading 'The Rising'! The characters from the first trilogy meet up with Maya and her friends in this book! This is something I was hoping would happen and was very happy when it did.

All in all a satisfying supernatural adventure full of great characters. Fingers crossed there's more to come!
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on 1 December 2013
I read the other two books a few years ago and have read hundreds of others since. Nadia and Jack's story stayed with me all this time as it was so different. I even wrote to Kelley Armstrong to find out when she would finish the series.
Having just finished re reading the first two and Wild Justice back to back it was well worth the wait.

Nadia and Jack both draw you in and repel you at the same time with their attitude to their chosen profession. I will not go into detail here I case I drop any spoilers. How often do you read a book and want the killer to come out on top? I could not put it down and over the two days of reading I even dreamt the plot!

I suppose the books could be read individually as she does remind us in passing what happened before but the books are best read in order.

Kelley's other adult series Otherworld and Cainsville are equally well written each with their own unique style. This is yet another success way up there with the best of Kelley Armstrong and definitely a keeper to be read again.
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on 2 January 2014
Nadia is on a job when it takes a turn for the worse and Jack helps drag her out of it, by giving her something else to focus on. Her childhood terror - the man that killed her cousin. Unfortunately that seems to put Nadia's name on a hit list and she and Jack have to figure out who's behind it before they manage to cross her name off.

For Nadia Stafford fans, this book has been a long time coming - 4 years in fact. Armstrong always said she wanted this series to end the way she wanted and was working on the book the whole time while waiting for a publishing company to pick it up, finally it happened and we were able to finish Nadia's story.

I really like the Nadia books, they're so vastly different from Armstrong's other series and you can tell that - not just from the lack of paranormal, but Armstrong's writing style is different in this series than in the Otherworld or her YA series. Not in a bad way, but it's definitely noticeable to fans like me that have read most of her work.

This was a good ending to the series. It starts out fast and ends with a bang, although admittedly it does slow a bit in the middle - took me a few days to read it 'cos I wasn't as interested during the 2nd quarter then it picked up and I didn't put the book down until it was finished. It's sad to see another series come to an end but it's good that the author got to finish it on her terms and the way she wanted.
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on 10 April 2013
Maya, Daniel and Corey are on the run and trying to stay that way whilst also trying to get their friends back. In order to so that they, at some point, have to confront the cabal that took them in the first place. Maya has to come to terms with her powers and the fact that they might make her revert (become more cat than person) like Annie, Rafe's sister. They all face their own memorial services and see what their "deaths" have done to their families - but Maya has family she was unaware of that she can deal with - a means to an end to help her get her real family back.

So we finally see Maya and her friends meet up with Chloe and her friends in this book, it's not really that big a deal actually. They don't get up to much together, just running and then meeting with Sean Nast. I know a lot of people are constantly whining on Kelley's board about Chloe coming back so this will make them happy. Personally, I don't have a favourite but Maya does call to me a bit more than Chloe, perhaps due to the fact that she stand up for herself more than Chloe ever did.

This is the finale in the Darkness Rising trilogy, also the finale to Kelley's YA series - unless she decides to revisit it at a later date (which I hope she will, I love this world and the secrets and the kids coming to terms with things). This was long awaited, anticipated and also feared - it was one of those books that arrived and I thought "Oooh, I can't wait to read this" but at the same time I also thought "If I read it, it means the series is over" but I can never bring myself to NOT read a book like this (even for a little while to make the fantasy last a little longer) from an author like Kelley. I adore both too much - I love Kelley, I love her books and I love her world and characters and the fact that both adult and YA Otherworld series are over is painful for me to write.

Any longtime readers of my blog will know just HOW much I love Kelley and there will never be a bad word come out of my mouth (or fingers) about her. If you've never read her books - go do it. If you like YA, start with the Darkest Powers series - you don't technically HAVE to but it just helps set the story. If you like adult, try her Women of the Otherworld (or just Otherworld in the later books) series. As sad as I am about these 2 series ending, I'm looking forward to Omens coming out.
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on 5 December 2013
I'm a huge fan of Ms Armstrong's Otherworld series and hadn't really envisioned getting caught up with Nadia Stafford`s life. I tend to stick with the same genre when I read, Urban Fantasy/Romance but I didn't have anything on my Reading List so decided, what the heck?
I am so glad I did. I LOVE this series and I think Wild Justice is, possibly, my favourite of the three books so far. It is fast-paced, there are some fab twists and turns that I just didn't see coming and **SPOILER ALERT** **SPOILER ALERT** Nadia and Jack finally, finally get together which made my absolute day. Mind you, I had another heart attack when he was seriously injured as it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Ms Arthur throws a huge spanner in the works and kills off some of her characters!!
So all in all I am happy to give this 5 stars and I really, really hope we get to see more of Nadia in another book.
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on 4 April 2013
As a HUGE fan of Miss Armstrong's Otherworld series I decided to give her YA books a go and as an adult reading them, and keeping in mind the age group they're aimed at, I have to admit that I really enjoyed them. I especially liked the coming together of the two groups (I`m trying to word this very carefully so as not to give too much away) which I`d pretty much guessed would happen but was pleased with nonetheless. I love that characters I know from the Otherworld series are mentioned - it's like catching a glimpse of old friends - and I hope that the ending means we might hear from these guys sometime in the future.
All in all an enjoyable, if a little predictable, read.
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on 4 June 2017
The concluding part of this Young Adult series. It ties in with a previous YA series set in the same world by this author. It needs to be noted that you do need all three books to make a complete story but it is a well written series that will appeal to the target audience very well. It is a very light read for those of us adults who like this authors work enough to try it anyway.
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on 31 December 2013
This long-awaited third book fulfilled all my requirements indeed. Appreciated following Nadia's journey from her point of view yet again and truly had varying ideas throughout as to whoactuallydunnit. Enjoyed enigmatic Jack (the mentor) from Exit Strategy; taciturn Jack (Quinn-disturbed) from Made to Be Broken and hesitant Jack (getting-in-there) from Wild Justice. Questions are answered - or volunteered - by an occasionally unusually talkative Jack as we are given more insight into his past. His favourite one-word comment(!)is, however, still very much in evidence! Events and characters are tackled as consistently as in the last two books (did they? didn't they?). Nadia's thoughts and descriptions of her own story are rounded-up quite nicely. Everything falls into place. Fitting conclusion as we know that the business they're in could go any which way. Short phrases to this review (a la Jack), but one I needed to write because I was one of those hoping this book would happen. Sorry that Wild Justice is labelled the final Nadia Stafford book from Kelley Armstrong herself, because it was great fun to read. Happy though, that she actually found time to write it, being so busy with her other successful series of books.
Fantastic job, Kelley Armstrong and thank you!
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on 7 September 2016
I read this book within an afternoon and couldn't put it down! The hints and revelations that had been in the last two books about Nadia's past finally culminated in this book which I felt really wrapped up the series and gave some closure for the main characters. An excellent book and an excellent end to the series. Definitely recommend!
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on 8 May 2014
okay yeah so the book is awesome you cant get away from it, it seems whatever Kelley Armstrong writes just flows, with the kind of easy to read that lets the story slip into your head and heart.

HOWEVER. it is not acceptable that this book looks so stupid next to the first two on my shelf- it is taller and has your typical big bold capital writing on the spine that screams ordinary crime novel -_- I couldn't bring myself to rate it low because obviously whats inside is more important but yeah- its still annoying.
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