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on 28 May 2007
I cant believe that this book hasnt already been reviewed, as it is one of the most interesting books I have read in ages. Maybe it's down to poor marketing??

This is not a dramatic book of conspiracy theories (despite being published by Conspiracy Books).It represents a well researched overview of various theories of "Who really runs the world". Expect balanced arguements, clear thinking and a history lesson that you were never taught at school. For example, I had never heard of the Nugan-Hand bank and knew little of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and their role in the 20th Century.

The authors have done a lot of research so the reader doesnt have to and the writing style is direct so you dont have to read through endless fluff. A huge spread of topics are therefore covered thoroughly but concisely, from balanced criticism of both Noam Chomsky and WTO, to the history of Masons and Skull&Bones.

It is not one of those books which has one or two ideas that is spread over 300 pages to make a best-selling book. This is a book of substance - I wish there were more of these out there.

Very worthwhile, very readable, illuminating, informative. Go and buy it.
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on 18 February 2008
Appropriately co author Alex Games has written another book called Balderdash & Piffle because that's exactly what this book is. The most important thing to realise is that it is a conspiracy debunking book. It sets up all the popular conspiracies then sneers at them by revealing a single weakness in their argument. An elephant with a squint is still an elephant.

The real problem here is that the book doesn't quote one single reference for any of its 'superior' research. In the section on the CFR there is a sentence which begins "if we are to believe ...". The following sentence states "this proves that conspiracy theorists are wrong". No sources, references, nothing. It's laughable.

What makes me believe it is a spook book (apart from the aforementioned creepy sneering) is first of all that one of the authors is described as 'a pseudonym for one of Britain's leading experts on security and military matters' (having served in UK special forces), the other a regular contributor to the Financial Times !! Secondly they raise the issue of the 9/11 put options by Deutsche bank which showed pre knowledge of the events. However they add in a completely bogus statement that the Bin Laden family bank accounts were 'conveniently' stored on a computer in the WTC.

The section on the global financial system which was badly explained and breathlessly presented was centred round the analysis of George Soros arguably the dodgiest human being on the planet. Soros is one of the major figures behind the theft (through privatisation) of Eastern Europe masquerading as a leftist figure and the money behind John Kerry and Barak Obama.

This book is radioactive in a bad way although it may have a small value in sharpening up the wits of some conspiracy theorists. Not all conspiracies are as simple minded as they are presented. The federal reserve is a good example but again they dismiss the obvious conspiracy on the basis of one false account. The Aldrich bill wasn't passed but a compromise bill was that still put effective control of the global financial system in the hands of a few men and the day to day operation of the economy in the hands of the market desk of the New York federal reserve bank which is operated by major commercial banks.
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on 9 June 2013
Definitely one of those for the conspiracy theorists, this book looks at the different groups that might run the world. Everyone gets a look in from the banks, to the Illuminati to David Icke's lizard people. It name checks Bush, Rockefeller, Thatcher, Saddam, Bin Laden and many others. It raises many interesting questions but never really answers who it is that really runs the world.
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on 13 December 2012
excellent value exactly as described pleasure to do business with this vendor would use again and recommend to other people
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