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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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I don't think I've ever quite heard of a show quite like "White Collar," a clever new mystery show in which the FBI decides to employ a brilliant criminal to help them bust other "white collar" criminals. While it has an intriguing new twist on the odd-couple cop show, it also has brilliantly witty writing, a murky conspiracy within the FBI, and some excellent actors with plenty of chemistry -- and it promises to get even better.

While searching for a thief known as the Dutchman, FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) hears that gentleman thief/conman/counterfeiter Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer)-- who he put in prison -- has escaped, only to allow himself to be recaptured. Caffrey is desperate to find his girlfriend Kate, and so he makes Burke an offer: free him from prison, and he'll help him catch the Dutchman.

Though he's dubious about Neal, Peter reluctantly agrees. After only a few hours out, Neal has a new wardrobe, a luxurious apartment and a wealthy landlady who doesn't care that he's a former thief. And he's working for the FBI.

Together, the odd partners tackle a bunch of tricky white-collar cases: data hidden in a designer dress, a priceless Bible stolen from a mobster, a painting with a dodgy trail, smuggled Iraqi artifacts, clashes with Interpol in Chinatown, a jewel robbery, infiltrating Wall Street, real estate fraud, an illegal organ-trafficking ring, priceless wine bottles, and a kidnapper who is gunning for Neal. And as Neal tries to unravel the clues that Kate has left him, he and Peter become entangled in a shadowy conspiracy within the FBI...

The first season of "White Collar" is a lot like Neal Caffrey -- elegant, smart and charming, to the point where you don't really care that it has some painfully unrealistic moments (trotting their only witness onto a rooftop party with the KILLER nearby?), and a few slow spots. Fortunately, the writers seem to be smoothing the lumps out.

And the writers have a knack for winding together the one-off cases with an overarcing plot about a corrupt FBI agent who is conspiring against Neal and Peter. There's plenty of hilarious dialogue ("It's a loft, seized in a DEA bust -- fifteen hundred square feet, service elevator. It's perfect!" "Is that a chalk outline?" "I'm sure they've cleaned that up by now") and suspenseful little scenes where Neal and/or Mozzie disguise themselves to infiltrate secure places where the FBI can't go without a warrant.

But the show's heart is DeKay and Bomer. DeKay is a snappy, sharp-edged FBI agent who is willing to bend the rules to get the job done, and respects Neal more than he'll admit. And Bomer is a sort of 21st-century Remington Steele: boyishly handsome, clever, charming, refined, and a little bit rakish. At the same time, you really feel sorry for him because of the loss of Kate, and the hints that she may be in on the plot against him.

There's also a solid supporting cast -- Tiffani Thiessen as Peter's loving, long-suffering wife, and Willie Garson as the hilarious Mozzie ("I just said that to a guy who enjoys killing people with his bare hands!"). Also good performances by Diahann Carroll and Noah Emmerich.

It sounds like just another odd-couple cop show, but "White Collar Season 1" has the benefit of excellent writing, acting and some grippingly suspenseful plots. Definitely check it out.
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on 30 August 2010
As a rule i dont normally watch shows like this as they tend to all be the same but there is something quite different and exciting about White Collar which makes it stand out from the rest,the casting is perfect, all the characters are funny and very likeable which makes it easy to watch and the story lines are great,not once did i get bored and very surprised at that as normally you find 1 or more episode abit boring. I love the relationship between the FBI agent burke and caffrey, sometimes its like watching a married couple.
I bought this dvd 2days after it came out as i love it and thats something i never do so i shocked myself actually, so i would recommend it to anyone of any age, obviously 12 or older.
This gets an A++++++++++++++++++++++ from me!!!!!
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on 11 August 2010
White Collar is a new American TV series about the FBI, only this time there's a twist.

The main charcter - Neal Caffrey (played by the gorgeous Matthew Bomer who you may recognise as Bryce Larkin from Chuck), is in prison serving a 5 year sentence for bond forgery, when his girlfriend Kate tells him that she is leaving him. This prompts Neal to attempt an escape from the high security facility where he is being held, buying a guards uniform with a stolen credit card, reprogramming a security card using a tape deck, and walking straight out the front door.

He's caught soon enough though, by the man who sent him to prison in the first place - Peter Burke, an FBI agent in the White Collar Crimes division, who questions why Caffrey would break out of prison only 4 months before the end of his term, earning him another 4 years as an inmate.

Seizing on an opportunity, Caffrey gives Burke some invaluable information on a case that he is working, and asks for a deal - his help catching other white collar criminals, in return for release into FBI custody, with a tracking anklet fitted.

At first Burke doesn't go for this idea, but eventually reconsiders when he needs help catching a thief known as 'The Dutchman', knowing that Caffreys own experience in the forgery business could prove invaluable to the case.

This series, although another about the FBI is a different take, and Caffrey is totally cheeky, charming, and loveable as he manages to talk his way into living with a rich widow and her gorgeous grandaughter in a mansion with 10 million dollar views, and his unconventional methods of catching the bad guy such as setting off his own tracking anklet and getting himself into the criminals warehouse in order to allow the cops to go in without a warrant, and throwing parties for supermodels in an attempt to lure criminals out into the open.

Overall, this is a very promising new series, and I believe that they have already begun airing the second season in the states. Season one contains 14 episodes, and is worth every penny. Buy it if you like shows like Bones, Numb3rs, The Closer etc. Recommended, and good fun.
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on 29 July 2010
This show is brilliant. I've just finished watching it on Sky and though I would buy it for my parents who love these kind of shows and I know they won't be disappointed. Well worth it!
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on 10 April 2013

White Collar is an American crime drama serial following the FBI's New York White Collar division. Matt Bomer stars as Neal Caffrey a brilliant con man and forger who has been caught and jailed by the FBI. However, Caffrey offers to use his skills and knowledge to help the FBI catch criminals, and is freed on a work-release scheme. He now works with the man who put him in jail, Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), a shrewd and talented FBI agent. Caffrey and Burke form an unlikely and unconventional partnership that nevertheless proves very successful, as they both bring different skills to the metaphorical `table'.

The first season of White Collar deals with multiple plot threads, including the evolving relationship between Caffrey and Burke as well as Caffrey's search for his former girlfriend, Kate Moreau (Alexandra Daddario). Other plots follow the relationship between Caffrey and his best - and criminal - friend Mozzie (Willie Garson) as well as the relationship between Peter and his wife Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen). Furthermore, each episode deals with a separate FBI case which Burke, with the assistance of his team, Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins) and Lauren Cruz (Natalie Morales), as well as Caffrey's support, must solve.

The season benefits from some excellent direction and cinematography with great transitions and fantastic filming locations within New York City. However, it is the chemistry between Bomer and DeKay that really makes this show excel. They complement each other very well, and the back and forth between the two is almost reason enough to watch White Collar. Indeed, if you did need another reason then the performance of Garson would provide it. With a list of film and TV credits as long as an arm Garson has definitely been around the block but seems to have found his role, providing a tremendously energetic and amusing performance as Mozzie, providing some light hearted comic relief to juxtapose the more serious elements of the show.

The main criticisms of this season are its supporting cast and its chief plotline. Though not bad actors, Atkins, Morales, and Thiessen just get blown away by Bomer, DeKay and Garson, and though they are billed as `main cast' they are in reality `supporting cast', as they struggle to make their characters anything more than two-dimensional stereotypes. The biggest criticism has to be levelled at the main plotline however, and although the writing for the individual episodes is exciting and pacey the main story arc comes across disjointed, confusing, and a bit boring! Especially when compared with the escapades Caffrey and Burke go on every episode!

Nonetheless, this is a marvellous first season with three great actors and characters besides having one of the best pilot episodes you will see! If you are a fan of the crime caper genre then this is definitely for you, or even if you just appreciate a well-crafted television programme, you will want to buy this season.
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on 21 February 2011
I bought White Collar season 1 based on a friend's recommendation - that it is like "Catch Me if You Can" but more cool. The two lead actors play well off each other and the supporting cast is outstanding. There are a few weak spots in the writing, but that's common for the first season of almost any tv show. Overall, White Collar has a great mix of charm, good writing and interesting characters that make you want to know what's going to happen next.
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on 15 July 2014

Had never heard of this series but was buying something else when the Amazon flyer - 'People who bought this also looked at these .....'. appeared. The review ratings were excellent and so thought we should give Series 1 a try. So glad we did. This is our 'nightcap' treat and we watch it in bed (it's the only room with a DVD Player!). Only thing is that bedtime is getting earlier so that we have time to watch two episodes and so in a short time we're way into Series 2 now!!

No swearing, no violence (seen) and would be completely acceptable for family viewing with over 12's (to understand the story lines). There's great charisma between the two main characters - and ditto with the two other back up main characters when they are on screen with them. Back ups from the two FBI young Agents and the female con artists are also perfect.

Always funny as well as dramatic and New York looks great - a change from the seedier sides as in L&O etc.


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on 8 October 2010
I'm not a fan of series, but I really like White Collar. I was hooked from the moment I saw the pilot. The cast is beautiful and talented and everybody seems to have a great on screen chemistry. I can't say that I hate a character. Even the bad guys are likeable because they play their parts so well.

Each story is very well written and seems to be a mixture of drama, comedy, mystery and glamour. I'm thankful the show doesn't focus on the love lives of the characters and it isn't only about solving white collar crimes. I love the whole mystery around Neal Caffrey's (played by Matt Bomer) girlfriend, the music box, etc.

Everybody should buy this series. You will get something really awesome for your money. Something I'm sure you will watch over and over again.

White Collar - Season 1 [DVD] [2009]
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on 7 March 2011
The stories are fun,interesting and simple. My kids are hooked on the series and we see it all together.We see it in English but our language is Spanish so I recommend it to everyone who want their children to improve their English.
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on 8 October 2016
I found this by accident and was pleasantly surprised. The first episode had us gripped. Caffrey is a very charming criminal who agrees to help the FBI in return for some time out of prison. He is a very intelligent and professional and charms his way into lodging with a recently widowed very rich lady, and gets to wear her late Husbands clothes, designer of course, along with the watch....
As the story goes on, the FBI Agent responsible for looking out for him realises he is an amazing asset to the bureau and he continues to consult for the FBI. Initially I found it similar to the Mentalist with the lead role being a good looking charming witty Man helping the police solve cases. Peter tries to keep a tight reign on Caffrey but they also have a great relationship and he learns to trust him despite Caffrey being a master criminal. Its really funny in parts and for me the main bonus is that we can watch it with the family and its completely suitable, no worries of language and definitely no sex scenes or talk.

Saved by the Bells' Tiffany Amber Thiesson plays Peters wife.

It has the same 4 main cast members throughout the series, but each episode is an individual story, with a background story of them trying to trace Caffreys' missing girlfriend.

It is a great series and worth a watch.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review :)
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