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4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 February 2006
I watched this film last night expecting to see a comedy; and although it has its funny moments, it's more a story of relationships and standing up for what you believe in. And its done brilliantly. I didn't recognise any of the cast but I will definitely be looking out for Til Schweiger (Tim) and Martin Feifel (Hotte) again. Their performances were brilliant.
As for the storyline, watching this band of former 80s anarchists reunite to destroy the evidence of their crime is highly entertaining. You feel sorry for them, you hate them, you even cry for them (thanks to Hotte's heartbreaking frenzy). This film will have you on a rollercoaster of emotions and will keep you hooked right till the end. Which, if you ask me, is the whole point of watching a film.
If you enjoyed "The Edukators", you're gonna love this, because this film actually goes somewhere. There's nothing wishy washy about it, the plot is persistent and the characters are varied and real, allowing you to empathise with their various ups and downs. All in all, superb.
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VINE VOICEon 15 May 2006
An excellent film featuring a group of former anarcho-terrorists brought back together by an act they perpetrated a lifetime ago. While not quite as laugh out loud funny or containing as many heart-wrenching moments as Goodbye Lenin, What To Do... is in the same mould, casting wistful but self-admittedly rose-tinted glances back to a different era.

The cast and characters are strong, if at times a little unsurprising but their banter and compansionship delivers a powerful story of the way that changes strain kinship and impact on choices.

This film is the best German language film of recent years outside of Goodbye Lenin.
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VINE VOICEon 11 May 2007
This is an intensely humane and funny movie about a group of political punks who have hit middle age. They know time has passed but they wonder if they can acknowledge both that, and the radical ideals they held when they were young. The plot, which is relatively conventional - a sort of heist in reverse - offers an effective vehicle for exploring the problems all of us face when our younger selves step out from memory to challenge what age, mortgages and children have done to us.
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on 20 June 2017
If I had, I must find someone like the hero. The plot is tortuous. The filming technique is breathtaking. I don't know what other people think, but I think it's a good movie. A story with happy ending. On rainy days, I shut myself up and watch it by myself.
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on 15 September 2003
A tale of friendship, ideals and compromise, accompanied by an excellent sound track and a nice sense of humour. Good acting, good script, in the whole quite an enjoyable film, shame about the lack of that extra bit of courage needed to add solid credibility which would have made it outstanding.
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on 8 November 2009
German films are not known for their lightheartedness, but this film is full of the joy of youth. It may not to be to everyone's taste to smash the world up with a group of anarchists, but there's something very liberating in the attitudes that permeate this movie. The story begins with a group of anarchists leaving a bomb in a mansion. It explodes years later, not injuring anyone much but destroying the mansion. The local police chief decides to track down the anarchists and nearly succeeds. But the anarchists, who have by now mostly settled down into boring materialistic modern lives, realise that they must come together again to save themselves from jail. And they come up with a brilliant and audacious plan...

I won't give the plot away but it is a very well constructed one, and the film is full of amusing little touches which flash past so quickly you hardly have time to notice them. It's not a laugh a minute- more of a comedy of relationships. Nobody really gets hurt in spite of all the wildness and madness. Great acting, too. Highly recommended.
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on 3 August 2012
Films that star Til Schweiger can be hit and miss, thankfully this is former. German cinema is a niche market and Til has a habit of appearing in more than his fair share of films and this really is to his detriment. What to do.... features pretty much an ensemble cast with some pretty special performances by Nadja Uhl, Martin Feifel and Til Schweiger. Although the film has comedic value, its real strength is portraying relationships and moral values. This set within the backdrop of political change in 1980/1990's Germany makes for a very entertaining film that hasn't got the recognition it rightly deserves since being released. If you understand German, then you should leave of the subtitles because at times, seem to be out of sync, also there was a period of about 5 minutes during the film when the subtitles stopped, luckily I speak German. If I was a non German speaker, I would have knocked a star off the rating. The special features also benefit from subtitles which is usually unheard of. This film is a welcome addition to my German language collection and I recommend it.
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on 14 March 2012
This soon became a film I would want to rank with my favourites - 'The Edukators', 'Atomized', 'Run Lola Run', etc., because it is in that league in its contempt of conventions and more or less bohemian bias for revolution and revolt, for anti-establishment polemic and - wait for it - actions which come back to haunt the people involved when a bomb of their explodes in a large deserted house years after it was placed and, presumably, primed. Closer to 'The Edukators' in spirit and outlook, if not exactly theme, this film keeps you enthralled and delivers on its promise when the original perpetrators - traced by the police - concoct an ingenious plan to rescue incriminating evidence of their former 'terroristic' associations from the police hold in which it had recently been stored. All the characters in this film are absorbing and convincing, even some of those on 'the other side'. For those who admire both 'The Edukators' and 'The Baader-Meinhof Complex', this film, which comes somewhere in between, is a must see.
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on 26 August 2007
Great movie, I enjoyed it start to finish. Nicely filmed, fast paced and with great characterisation. Nice portrayal of how peoples lives change and the enduring strength of friendship.
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on 19 August 2009
The central idea of the film, a group of ex-anarchists having to reassess the value of their earlier actions and attitudes when under pressure from police for having planted a bomb in a building many years earlier, is an interesting one, full of possibilities. I was looking forward to seeing whether the script managed to inject life into the characters and avoid cliche in showing what the activists had subsequently done with their lives. In this respect the report is mixed. There was a now-respectable lawyer, a now-cynical entrepreneur, a mother now chained to nappies and babysitters etc, but there is also a more interesting survivor still living in a grotty flat (Til Schweiger, a dead ringer for D Beckham) whose enigmatic silence and attempt to reconnect with his sold-out ex-girlfriend (Doris Schretzmeyer) suggest greater complexity.

Unhappily, at around halfway director and script abandon the cinematic debate about their individual responses to the passing of time and their new political and material circumstances in favour of a much less compelling story about incriminating evidence and an implausible prison-breakout in reverse. The tone of the film dwindles away into sentimentality.

That's a great shame as the picture is filmed with great energy, somewhat in the manner of Run Lola Run - spiky opening credits, rapid cutting between scenes and time periods, vibrating music, several visually striking sequences, fine urban atmosphere, excellent collective acting.

The movie has a lot going for it, and I really wanted to give it **** but in the end its switch away from something ideas- and character-driven was just too disappointing.
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