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on 30 June 2011
As a science teacher I often despair at the maths skills of my students - if parents were able to access this book and apply some of the simple tips in here their children would benefit not just maths, but another curriculum area too!

This book is written in a conversational style with plenty of anecdotes to hold interest, yet has a proper message and some excellent advice for parents. I have to agree with other reviewers that older children and teachers would also benefit from reading and absorbing the information given.

I particularly liked the revision and exam sections, as someone who notoriously flunked major exams (even my maths A-level...) I think I would have done much better if I'd had this advice before I started. If you are thinking about getting a tutor to help your child, then this book will help you assess whether you need to spend your money or can save it by supporting their learning in different ways - that has to be money well spent and saved!

Although the book is written for the American market, it translates easily into 'UK speak' and the language of maths (in the crib sheet section of the second half) is universal.
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on 8 April 2011
Don't be fooled by the title - this is not just for parents but I think this is a great resource for students, teachers and tutors too. The book cleverly splits the subject down into small sections each aimed at identifying and then solving key issues known to cause stress and problems for those who feel nervous and lack confidence around the subject of math. In this context one of the books major strengths is its frank and honest approach and use of plain language. It really does tell it like it is and doesn't pull any punches when discussing any topic from why we need to learn Math through to avoiding distractions when working.
Early chapters allow readers to appreciate the fundamental mechanics of learning mathematics and how to maximise the understanding of basic principles. This section even includes a guide to finding and assessing possible tutors, before moving on to exam preparation techniques for all levels. The book then provides an extremely useful `dictionary' of math terms and increasingly challenging practice `drills' which build to reinforce previous learning.
Overall Dr Yaqoob gives a real insight into how best to overcome some of the major problems that parents, students and even experienced teachers experience whilst trying to teach Math. Used in conjunction with targeted examples and past exam papers this book has helped both me and my two sons overcome our fears of the subjects and the dreaded `class test'.
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on 19 May 2011
Given the title of this book, one wouldn't perhaps expect an enjoyable read. However, Dr Yaqoob manages to write in a humourous and down-to-earth style whilst still imparting highly useful advice and mathematical know-how. The book is written for an American audience and requires a little translation ("middle" and "high" school for example) but this isn't difficult. There is a great deal of advice about study skills, overcoming mental blocks, advice about obtaining extra Tutoring support where necessary and exam revision, as well as chapters on different aspects of mathematics, a glossary of mathematical terms and lists of key skills (drills) that children need to have at different levels.

The book should be useful for parents of children from the ages of seven upwards - it has certainly informed and helped me to support my children (years 3-5). I would recommend any parent struggling to help their child with their matehmatics to obtain a copy.
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on 28 April 2011
This book is full of brilliant ideas which take the fear out of maths for both parent and child. The author's emphasis on helping your child to develop his or her mathematical intuition is wonderfully empowering. Many people think you can either do maths or not, but Dr Yaqoob explains that anyone can develop their mathematical ability and gives a whole range of techniques for doing that. It's obvious that he's a brilliant teacher, and this book is a gift for all those worried parents out there.
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on 28 March 2011
A lot of this book is about more general study skills than specific Math skills, but I found lots of useful tips in it.

For instance I enjoyed the section about the difference between passive and active memory.

There is also a crib sheet for adults about all the Math concepts your child will cover if you need to brush up yourself.
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on 2 December 2011
This book has some really interesting and helpful suggestions BUT for some of them you do have to have an understanding of maths.

Although this book is written for the American market there are references to the UK educational system and the author was educated in England, so it is relevant.

Some of the crib sheets (essentially an extensive glossary) in the second half of the book - which the author indicates are useful as 'reminders' of maths which one learnt at school - are really quite complex - and I do know some maths!

There is a very interesting section about dealing with multiple choice examinations and examinations in general, although some of the time indication which the author suggests that some questions should take (2 or 3 seconds for instance) are absurd, since you'd have to be a maths genius to do them in that time!

So, in summary, a useful book which contains some valuable suggestions BUT some of the suggestions need an understanding of maths to use.
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on 4 August 2011
Unlike many similar books on the market, this one doesn't try to re-teach parents the maths they covered at school but have long-since forgotten. Rather, the book illustrates ways in which parents can approach helping their children through supporting and structuring home study. Drawing on his own personal experiences as a tutor of maths, Dr Yaqoob sets out some of the key issues both parents and students need to consider. In particular, he describes the beneficial effects of conducting "oral drills", something I have found particularly helpful with my own son.

This is a book I will keep on referring to, as it will help provide me with the skills I need to help my kids with maths as they progress through school. A very useful resource!
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