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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 29 October 2004
A charming film. A simple story, well-crafted with strong performances from Colin Firth and Amanda Bynes. It's nothing deep but it doesn't pretend to be. It's definitely one for the ladies what with not one but two attractive guys. Of course the picture it presents of this country and the British is completely stereotypical but it doesn't spoil the film. It's so nice to see a film which doesn't rely on bad language or crude comedy to attract the teenage market. For me it ticks all the boxes.
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on 19 August 2006
This films is sooooo nice.

Daphne Reynolds (Amanda Bynes) lives in Chinatown New York with her mum Libby (Kelly Preston). She has never seen her father.

One day she leaves her mum to go find her father. He is a british politican who is running for office.

She finds him, Henry (Colin Firth) is shocked to know he has a daughter.

Daphne has to try and fit in and be ladylike so that her father doesnt lose his votes.

But she stills has to be herself.

A very good film, girly film. At the end, it's a very touching scene with daphne and her father.

A good watch
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on 2 January 2004
If you saw the title of this film and a picture of the film you would think that this was going to be another sweet film full of sugar and for most of it it is. A teenage american girl comes to Britain in search of her father(Colin Firth)who is high in the social ladder and the last thing he needs is to find a long lost daughter, who by the way is accepted straight away without question.
One main message that came across in this film was that the British are up tight and Americans are cool and know how to get the party started. This is however not true and probably just giving the american public what they expect of us Brits! The posh, rich and living in the 18th centuary.Balls and dancing ,boat races and a rather odd bike chase happen in this fim.
Colin Firth was not meant for this role but the film had to get a big name for it to attract some interest. In a way colin should stick to what he knows best trying to win the lady instead of trying to play dad!
Overall this is in a way a bit of a girl's far off dream but if it wasn't for sugar sweet films like this and the fact that one day our mothers could come to us and say "your father is rich and lives in a massive house in the middle London" Wouldn't we do the same run away and find him and get a romance going at the same time. Ahhh.. well we can only dream!
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on 29 March 2004
A movie that runs along the lines of so many others we have seen lately. A teen movie I would even dare say. Yet 'What a girl wants' is, underneath its rather common exterior a movie that has enough depth the please even the more mature. The basic plot is nothing refreshing but entertaining none the less and when you're willing to look just a tiny bit deeper you'll be able to appreciate the subtle mockery of aristocracy and high society. Nothing much to say about the performances although I believe Colin Firth has been able to give some more depth to his character than I had originally expected.
'What a girl wants' is not exactly a must see but certainly not a waste of time.
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VINE VOICEon 5 July 2004
My friend recently visited from the states and bought this movie with her. Her and her 3 daughters, my daughter and I, all sat watching this movie together. I loved it and so did the girls. Plenty of humour and for the ladies among us, the delightable Colin Firth (Darcy in Bridget Jones) graces the screen (what more could a girl want indeed!). A real feel good movie and one for a girls night in!
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on 16 March 2004
I did find the sterotypes histreically inaccurate of us english -you can just see that an American made this one, and am also a little disapointed that Colin Firth allowed himself to be casted a such an amercian invented character! but is a light airy reasonably funny film that would suit teenage girls, although i guess this film was aimed at the American market due to the puns against English poeple with money and big house that work in goverment, plot line is typlical, girl goes to find estaranged father in another country who happens to be mega rich and posh, so she has to fit into his society - and does it badly, then deciedes thats shes has her own ways and tells him to like it or lump and then he of course follows her back to the USA and falls back in love with her mother and everyone lives happily ever after!. I found myself watching this with a blanket when i had flu, it's that kind of film. And of course it has Colin Firth in it!
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on 16 March 2005
I actually quite enjoyed this!! I didn't think I would.
I would compare it to something like Princess Dairies, with the exception of the dashing Colin Firth (quite nice in this film).
It is entertaining to watch, but i wouldn't reccommend it for the boys, I'm sure they'd find it very stupid!!
Well worth a lookin, and going for a bargin price!!
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on 7 October 2009
This is entertaining fun but slightly misses the mark. I found Amanda Bynes a bit irritating at times. Would have liked to see a bit more of her mother who seemed an interesting character. Colin Firth is good, but doesn't get his portrayal of his feelings for his daughter quite right - there are a couple of occasions when it feels more like a romantic relationship, which was a bit uncomfortable for me.
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on 23 March 2011
This DVD was absoulutly Brilliant!

Colin Firth = Amazing

Amanda Bynes= Wonderful

Kelly Preston= Excellent

Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth star in this irresistible funny comedy.
Amanda stars as Daphne, a irrepressible American teen who impulsively jets over from the US
to meet heraristocratic father for the first time.
Determined to fit into her dad's world, Daphne stifles her vibrant personality to be the
perfect daughter, plunging into a whirl of garden parties, fashion shows and more.
Can goodintentions and proper etiquette conquer all? Not if it means Daphne must also abandon who she really is.
She's going to remain true to herself and she's going to do it with courage and style every
girl wants to see.........

This is the blurb at the back of the DVD box i got from amazon.

I would recommend this to a girl its also a good film to watch with your mum.
So mothers & daughter film (well i think so :) )

I saw this movie on the t.v on channel five and i loved it to bits
i only buy the movies i really really like of amazon.
i have bought Parent Trap (Linsay Lohan)
I have brought what a girl wants.

Hope you enjoy watching it :)
I will be suprised if u dont :)))))
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on 9 November 2016
What A Girl Wants [DVD] [2003]
First off, the DVD itself is great. Picture and sound are excellent, and included in the extras are feature length commentaries by the director and writers, and by lead actress Amanda Bynes.

The film wants to appeal to the younger audiences, and is very clearly a vehicle for Amanda Bynes and it's primarily marketed as a teen film. Which is a pity, because the great supporting cast (Colin Firth, Eileen Atkins, Anna Chancellor, Jonathan Pryce and the lovely Kelly Preston) and the jibes at British society and the upper class make this little gem almost a gentle satire and great fun to watch even for a more mature audience. Ultimately this is a feel good film for the entire family with a few laugh out loud moments, light entertainment and thoroughly enjoyable.
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