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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Nowadays if you ask someone to name a film that has a robot shaped as a man that kills, people will say Terminator. Long before then though this fantastic movie had been made. In a special complex people can live out their dreams in Medieval World, Roman World, or West World. You can kill the robots and live out your fantasies (including sexual) with these androids. But what happens when they start to go wrong?

In an ideal holiday complex things are just about to go drastically wrong. With the androids going out of control the holidaymakers find that they are playing for their lives. Yul Brynner is excellent as the resolute killing android cowboy.

Although most people must have seen this film at some stage, it is always good to watch again and again. I have heard ruomours for a few years now that this is going to be re-made, but whether that will happen or not, we'll just have to wait and see.
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on 18 October 2015
Westworld remains wonderful as it always has been, and seeing it now takes it out of the science fiction realm and brings it pretty close to science fact. That Michael Crichton was onto something.

But, this review is not about the film, it's about the bluray.
The PQ of this film is nearly the worst I've ever purchased on bluray. That is the sole reason why I am posting this review, as a warning to others. I have no idea what some of the other reviewers who are positive about the picture are referring to, but in my experience, the overall transfer quality if appalling. (I viewed it on a 46" screen; perhaps on a small 20" screen it looks good.)
There are a small handful of close ups which have been cleaned up and look good. Some of the more scenic vistas of Westworld look reasonable, but compare them to the vistas of Medieval World and Roman World and you're in for a shock.
For the most part, the image is soft and pasty. Yes, it is better than the VHS copy I had, but not worth a bluray purchase. I'm selling mine.

The disc comes with the aborted TV pilot of Beyond Westworld for those wondering.
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on 29 July 2015
‘Westworld’ (1973) My friends and I really enjoyed this very seventies film projected on an eight foot screen. Its really a precursor to Terminator /Jurassic Park; Yul Byrnner brilliantly plays the robot that goes amok and is a very exciting film that we all thought was vastly superior to the latest Terminator. All right the scientific equipment is positively archaic and some of the dialogue and acting a bit hammy; but this helped to make it so amusing and very entertaining. The blu-ray is a widescreen picture and of excellent, but not outstanding quality. There was a 3 X 400ft Super 8 of this film that though I have seen it many years ago, I cant remember how good it was, but bearing in mind the original only lasts for 89mins it should have been possible to produce an excellent digest?
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on 29 November 2015
Fantastic futuristic movie from 1973 and director and writer Michael Crichton,Yul Bryner as the robot gun slinger is superb. Great HD Scope transfer from Warner Bros,colour and sound spot on!! Please note for UK buyers i can confirm to you as this is not even mentioned on the back of the case,this version does you will be pleased to know have the following special features as on the US edition -
Featurette (480i; 1.33:1; 9:07): This vintage EPK offers brief but informative interviews with Crichton, Brynner and Benjamin, as well as production footage and background on the film.

Beyond Westworld: 1980 TV Pilot (480i; 1.33:1; 47:52): This is the pilot for the quickly abandoned series that CBS attempted to develop from the film. The series jettisoned the notion of technology run amuck and substituted a human villain named Quaid (James Wainwright), who had designed the robots but didn't like seeing them wasted on leisure activities. Quaid seized control of the entire robot population and had them destroy the theme parks. Now it's up to corporate troubleshooter John Moore (Jim McMullan) to stop whatever Quaid has planned, which seems to involve national security.

Trailer (480i; 1.78:1, enhanced; 3:07): The trailer is memorable and was widely remarked on at the time because of the voiceover. Super film great imagination from the late great Michael Crichton who went onto write the superb Jurassic Park enjoy. Mark Lees, Wallasey,Merseyside.Nov 2015.
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Westworld still stands up pretty well as a lean, mean sci-fi(ish) thriller. For a futuristic sci-fi it all looks very 70's but that's to be expected and adds to the charm rather than effecting the enjoyment on offer.

The set up (for those that don't know) is pretty simple - we're at a theme park populated by incredibly realistic androids. At this park you can visit Medieval World, Roman World or indeed Westworld and indulge in the pleasures of the era. Then things go wrong. Think Jurassic Park meets The Terminator with a western twist.

The film takes its time setting up its mainly Wild West setting, taking in bar fights, gun fights, jail breaks and brothels before the sci-fi elements start to come to the fore during the thrilling endgame. Yul Brynner is the iconic image for the film, in a role it seems he was born to play. There's sturdy support from James Brolin and Richard Benjamin, the latter sporting a pretty ridiculous tache (I know it's the 70's but come on pal).

Michael Crichton is on writing and directing duties and does a tidy job, keeping things nice and streamlined. Overall, this ones still got it and is a quality, fun slice of action. I was thinking it would be ripe for a remake (which admittedly probably wouldn't be as good) and have just read that there is indeed an HBO series planned with some serious talent involved. Could be interesting......
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on 9 July 2015
First time I have ever seen this film and I've got to say I loved it! The idea of the film is superb and I cant believe this has never been remade. Watch this space.....

A theme park where you can spend $1000 a day to live in another time. ie the Roman Empire. James Brolin ( who looks just like Christian Bale ) and his friend decide to live in the wild west. Brolin's been there before but this holiday is new to his friend and he is very reluctant until the robotic Yul Brynner drops in. His job is to "nudge" one of them and start a bar brawl, so then begins a shootout. Needless to say the shootout result seems to stay in the mind of Yul Brynner and when the machines start to malfunction, he starts to make his revenge.

At only 1 hr 20 mins you can't afford to miss this film - go on give it a go.
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on 21 December 2015
One of my all time favourite science fiction movies from the early 1970's that has stood the passage of time - 40 years - surprisingly well.
You can see the seeds of Jurassic Park and a whole host of other derivative movies in this original classic.
Taught, tense, well written with great performances and stunning ideas this is an undisputed all time classic.
A highly recommended five star purchase.
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on 29 March 2016
Westworld came out in the early 70's so quality of the movie when shown on todays large tv screens isn't brilliant but it is acceptable. It is an exciting and original movie. Although there have been many robot movies, Westworld takes it a step further. This is a world where adults can act out their fantasies ( become a sheriff for a week or a gunslinger or even a bank robber). People take a vacation and for a hefty price have altercations with robots without the fear of being hurt...........that is until the robots begin to get intelligence.
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on 17 June 2015
BLU RAY VERSION: Good picture quality. Hadn't seen this film for 20 years and it still had the ability to make me creep when the malfunctioning robot was stalking the leading man. This could become reality in the not too distant future with the leaps in recent robot technology. Quite spooky to imagine walking down the street with robots walking along too, perhaps even Robocop one day?
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on 26 May 2012
I saw this film many years ago,and have always been a fan of science fiction!This is a classic-a must-have for science-fiction fans!I have seen tis again and again,and am glad to have this in my personal library of D,V.D's!Thank You Amazon for helping me get what I really wanted-a true classic!!
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