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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 March 2017
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on 11 November 2005
Yes people,
If you dont like music that talks about poverty, religion, rising above the class system, politics and dance hall music then you shouldnt buy this. This music is real in every sense and tells you about the things happening in Jamaica that is not seen in the brochures and magazines.
This is a master piece and should be given all the credit it deserves, this album pulls no punches and really listen to what the breda is saying.
Not only does he incorporate the music styles of the middle east, jungle music, reggae and dance hall, but he does it in a way that is actually easy to digest.
This is not your average album, it is one that is definatey a keeper and a damn good buy.
A true child of the music and worthy of the name Marley.
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on 20 April 2017
Need more of his music on here amazon there's one missing a Damien Marley album
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on 8 February 2006
When I heard the title track, I couldn't get it out of my head, so bought the album of the basis of that alone! I have not been disappointed - I can honestly say it hasn't been off my CD player since I got it! It's a brilliant mix of contemporary reggae, dub and rap and Jnr Gong's vocals and rousing, soulful and meaningful. It's hard to pick favourite tracks, but 'There for you', 'We're gonna make it' and 'Move!' stand out for me. Love it so much, I've just ordered previous album 'Halfway Tree' and don't expect to be disappointed with that either.
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on 24 June 2007
I had this album for some time now and "Welcome to Jamrock" is a tremendous achievement for Damian. Stephen has done an outstanding job helping his brother putting this album together. It's full of social commentary, tribal drums, and intense introspection into the state of society. It's hard to imagine that anyone can't feel the voyage to this album and putting this on last night still obtains me.

You wont found no typical reggae here, Damian has truly raised the bar here. It's an exceedingly well produced effort; it is reflective, exciting and uplifting from so many perspectives. For me the standout cut is "We're gonna make it" which in many ways is the flip side of "Welcome to Jamrock." where WTJ paints a grim and realistic picture of life in Kingston;s inner cities, the Jimmy Riley inspired track, presents a way out. A belief that despite it all there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. If WTJ speaks of lost youth led to criminal behavior by political negligence and abuse, "We're gonna make it" shows that Junior Gong believes these youth can be saved with the key line being "It's not to Late."

The other tracks on the album display a coherence not found on his masterpiece, "Halfway Tree" even if his lyrics are sometimes not as deeply personal as on "Still Searchin," "Stand a Chance"... etc. Nas lends his masterfully aggressive flows on the politically charged and incredible "Road to Zion." Both "Confrontation" and "Pimpa's Paradise," illustrate why Junior Gong cannot be placed in a box. "Beautiful"- with Bobby Brown is incredible and fittingly name. "In 2 Deep" is just as contagious as well as "For the babies". Damian brings it old school with "Khaki Suit" this track has a little bit more dance hall due to the presence of Elephant Man along with Bounty Killer and Eek-A-Mouse whom all closes this album exceptional well.

This album proves that old and new school roots reggae is not as different as it seems. If you have love for Bob Marley there's a strong chance you'll enjoy his son's as well, it's absolutely fantastic.
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on 1 March 2007
The name "Marley" immediately filled me with anticipation of what this CD was to bring with it. Either it was going to be a CD that his father would be proud of, or it would be a compilation of poor wannabe imitations trading on the Marley name. Thankfully, it was the former - this is an album that will not disappoint. From the hard-hitting Confrontation at the beginning to Carnal Mind at the end, each track is memorable. It's difficult to pick favourites, although at a push I would definitely say that All Night and Beautiful were highlights, along with Move which can only be described as a genius cover of Exodus. Keeping it in the family, Damian Marley is clearly a credit to his father...C21st reggae has never sounded so good!
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on 29 August 2006
This album demands to be judged on the music's merits alone-ignore the name Marley and accept this as the best reggae album of the decade so far.

Older roots fans like me stick to our music from the early eighties finding most modern electronic reggae bland and lacking in spirituality.Maybe thats why the old dub rhythms still get used to this day!Thanks heavens for Luciano, Bushman and a few others that still fly the pure reggae flag.

This one breaks the mould-modern dancehall rhythmns and lyrics intertwined with a rootsier sound-this is impressive stuff.

Guest appearances from some fine reggae artists just add a spice of variety that complements the rasta embracing lyrics.

Listening to a recent online BBC Mark Lamar? show this album and the previous one dominate the entire show-I think this says something about the quality of this music!

'Out in the streets they call it M-U-R-D-E-R'

Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo!!!!!A landmark in 21st. century reggae.
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on 15 March 2006
This album has rarely come out of my cd player or stereo since I bought it - it's Junior Gong's best album to date and a testament of the talent his father has handed down. Love it love it, love it!! My favourite tracks, of course Welcome to Jamrock, For the Babies and Beautiful. His remix of Exodus is the wickedest eva and needs to be played very loud - Highly recommended and if you think the album is gr8 go see him live - I did and it's even better - one of the the highlights of my holiday in Jamaica!!
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on 2 November 2006
I always read the reviews before buying a CD and Amazon has proved invaluable in the past, including when buying Damian Marleys - Welcome to Jamrock as I had been in 2 minds. After reading the reviews, all good, I decided to go ahead with the sale and WOW was I not disappointed! I love every track on the album, which is something that hasnt happened for a long time for me with a CD. Extraspecially good (in my opnion) are Welcome to Jamrock, All night & Beautiful - tracks I had heard/seen on TV music channels and had pointed me in the direction of Damian Marley. My husband, heathen that he is lol, has never been a fan of Bob Marleys music but he loves this album too - so dont let the thought that Damian is too like his Dad put you off if u didnt like Bobs Stuff - its completely different! Having said that, the copy he does of Exodus is fabulous!

I have never written a review before - always thought about it, never did it, except for this one - this CD was worthy of me putting words together to tell others to buy this CD - its Superb!!
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on 10 August 2012
On first hearing this I enjoyed its cross-over reggae/roots/rap. But after a number of listenings', it did not maintain that sense of being unique or standing in its own right. Hard legacy to live under and from that point Damian Marley deserves credit for trying something other. No, I find Ziggy's offerings a tad bland, coasting reggae for Sunday afternoon vicarage tea parties in Little England. This is at least an attempt to kick start something other than extend Bob Marley. It has urban grit in its veins. He has promise and I hope it blooms into the monster this seemed to be moving towards.
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