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on 8 August 2016
Was rather concerned when I saw the Korean writing on the DVD that it would all be dubbed in Korean, or might not be compatible with DVD player, or worse, might even be pirated, but as I bought it with Prime, I thought that it would be OK. All was OK. It was compatible. Film quality was very good. It was in English, although it did have Korean subtitles, but I found in the menu, if you go into 'Subtitles', there was an option to turn them off, which I was able to do.
Happy with film.

They obviously like, 'Waterloo Bridge' in Korea!
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on 11 May 2017
I love this movie and wish it would come in better quality but OK. Its only the poor quality that keeps me from giving it 5 stars. Viven Leigh never let's you down
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on 21 March 2017
They don't make films like this anymore top notch actors and teargerking story brilliant!
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on 12 November 2017
fast delivery of a really good movie
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on 22 June 2016
was agift for a friend, who was very happy
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on 19 October 2012
My docked star from the perfect five that this wonderful weepie must surely get, is purely down to the Korean release's transfer. It's got good contrast with nice deep blacks and that lovely luminosity of the 'silver screen', but it's soft, I can see the individual horizontal lines that make up the TV picture and it judders during the smallest amount of action.

Speaking of action, there is little, but there's lots of Swan Lake as Vivien Leigh, our gorgeous brunette is a young ballerina. She meets the suave and handsome British officer Robert Taylor, on the titular bridge in London at the onset of an air raid warning during WW1. After a whirl-wind romance and engagement, done as only Hollywood can (fairytale), her fiance is suddenly sent back out to the Front. She later hears that he has been killed in action and the film follows her as her pining and financial situation drags her to the depths of desperation. The movie often laments to the haunting strains of Auld Lang Syne, with the moonlit mists of London at night, or the rain. Shooting also includes the lovely period location of Bath.

Despite being single bloke in his twenties when I first saw this on TV, whose love of romantic films usually extendrd to hating them with a vengeance, this unashamedly sentimental old movie had me moved so much that its memory lingered on for another 20 years, until recently, when I looked online to get myself a copy to keep - and play whenever I wanted.

The very lack of a 'proper' release is frankly unjust and stupid! OK, it's not Gone With the Wind, but that gets re-released in ever more expensive formats, milking it to death, we have to settle (or not) for this frankly rubbish affair. I think at the price it is on Amazon, at the time of writing (ie more than an 'official' release might be) makes it very poor value.

I'd so dearly love to say find a different copy somewhere else, but when there is no choice, it becomes impossible. Shop around, as always, is all I can say.
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on 1 January 2008
Well you may not have heard of this film, but you will certainly know of Vivien Leigh, from (Gone with the wind).Set during the 2nd world war in London, a brief chance meeting with Robert Taylor son of very wealthy parents who have a home and land not similar to the Queen Anyway its Love at first sight, a proposal of marrage....Vivien L is a Dancer (Ballet that is)..........She is Sacked due to meetings with the love of her life, she falls on some very hard times with her best girlfriend also a Ballet dancer...They get into something unacceptable in those days. Vivien reads the paper while Robert Taylor is away she thinks he is dead killed in action. Her entire world falls apart she's in a complete daze. much Later he returns from the wars. he then explains it was an error. Do you think its plain sailing from here on...No Way. Vivien meets R.T parents Riddled with guilt and concience that drives her crazy, that only a person with honour and integrity would relate to...Not many people these days have real respect for each other, times have changed....But the ending WOW....BUY THIS....DVD...its brilliant...Also buy her other film ANNA KARENNINA...SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL...AND THE SWEETEST SMILE..David Grant
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VINE VOICEon 11 November 2006
Waterloo Bridge (Made 1940) is set during World War I, it stars Vivien Leigh as Myra, who's profession at that time was a young ballerina in London, while looking for cover from another air raid she meets a soldier Roy Cronin (Robert Taylor) who's very carefree but also a romantic and is simply swept away by Myra's beauty. He sets about sweeping Myra off her feet gradually she realizes she in love for the first time ever. Myra is thrown out of her ballet company after it was discovered she was out after curfew, Roy then hears news he is soon to be called to the front line, wishing to be together Roy wastes no time in asking his uncle the Duke (C. Aubrey Smith) for her hand in marriage, unfortunately because of red tape during that time they are unable to wed. Roy goes to war but at a later date news reports back of his death, Myra is left in despair.

Myra attempts to ask for her old job back as a ballet dancer but is point blank refused to add to problems her friend Kitty (Virginia Field) is also fired for her outburst in support. Together they are left to make ends meet, Kitty finds work and helps Myra out at first but then Myra discovers Kitty is selling herself to pay the bills. Out of work, Myra eventually turns to the oldest profession to help out. By a haunted twist of fate the reports of Roy death were false he returns to Myra who sharply sets about to hide her past, but for how long can her secret remain hidden.

Directed by Mervyn LeRoy based on a play by Robert E. Sherwood screen play callaboration by S.N.Behrman, Hans Rameau and George Froeschel. The photography work on this film is beautifully done by Joseph Ruttenberg. It's also equalled with an incredible musical score created by Herbert Stothart (The Wizard of OZ is amongst his more famous film scores). This Film was nominated for its Black and White Cinematography and Original Musical Score. The cast line up is exceptional, Vivien Leigh, Robert Taylor, Lucile Watson, Virginia Field, Maria Ouspenskaya, C.Aubrey Smith and Janet Shaw. Outstanding performances by Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor for their realism in this Melodrama, laced with love, suspense, deception and prostitution, back dropped against WWI & II, and a hanky is needed at the ready for the ending. This is reported to be both Taylor's and Leigh's favourite film, and from Leigh's wonderful collection this is certainly mine. It's defiantly not to be missed.

A quick note to the studio, please, please, please can you release this wonderful old film to DVD on a grand scale, please could you clean it up so the photography simply shines through for a sharper picture. Discs for this film are hard to come by and currently at an expensive cost for poor quality. Please realize this film should not be overlooked, let's bring it up to date for many waiting fans to enjoy, make it possible for all.

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on 8 December 2014
Gutted. This is a lovely tearjerker, unfortunately the last final critical moments of the film are missing. Vivien Leigh is standing on the bridge in the fog and the next minute the credits are rolling and the film re-starts. Will be contacting the seller asap.
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on 20 May 2017
Had to return this item as it would not play,disappointing.
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