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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 February 2016
So my review of the Waterfi Waterproof iPod Shuffle.
Bit of a back story ...
I am constantly seeing runners/joggers/walkers/gym goers passing me by all listening to music whilst they exercise. I am I swimmer (ex-competitive) that now just enjoys training for fitness 2-3 times a week. I would love to listen to music but I have been let down by endless sub par alleged waterproof devices.
I stumbled across waterfi again hoping there was somthing out there to meet my needs.
I like my research and was intrigued by the following claims about the iPod shuffle and how it is waterproofed by a two step process:
"The first step of the process involves filling a stock Shuffle with “a rubbery, waterproof/shockproof insulator.” That goop forms a protective inner layer around all the internal electronic components, keeping the player watertight to a depth of up to 100 feet (30.5 meters). The remaining empty space inside the device is then filled with a second layer (of something), that protects against the corrosive effects of substances such as chlorine and sea salt."
It all seemed to good to be true so I here I am now with the item and here are my thoughts.
Firstly, the items arrive well packaged immediately fill you confidence that you are in possession of a quality product.
The waterfi earphones are well built and the short cord/lead is perfect for swimmers. I was also pleased with the additional ear pieces which shows waterfi really are thinking of the end user.
The earphones come with a 1 year warrenty.
The iPod is as you would expect from an Apple product so I don't feel I need mention anymore apart from you get a 2 year waterfi warrenty.
Once set up with my favorite tunes I was pleased with the sound quality of the waterfi earphones, they were crisp with surprisingly good base.
I thought I would test the waterproof claims of waterfi by submerging the iPod and phones in my sink. I couldn't bear going swimming and it failing on me there. I kept them underwater for 60 seconds problems. I then decided to leave them for longer. I returned 40 minutes later and to my amazement I could hear the music playing away beneath the surface.
I have now been swimming in them 3 times and there haven't skipped a beat.
As far as I am concerned waterfi seem to have solved the problem of electronics and water. I am now a happy swimmer with music in my ears. I definitely recommend this product!

**Please see photos taken upon receiving item**
review image review image review image
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on 16 April 2016
I bought my Waterfi waterproof iPod about two years ago now and figured I should finally review it. The short review is that the iPod itself is fantastic, but the headphones could be improved a bit. I have a few tips below on getting the most of it though.

The first time you swim underwater with these on is a remarkable and really fun experience and I take them with me on holiday to enjoy hanging out in the pool or in the sea, it's not just a good device to alleviate boredom during laps! I also use them (with different, normal headphones) when snowboarding as there's no worry about the iPod getting wet there either. Carving through fresh powder snow on the slopes with some of your favourite songs on high volume is an experience that really has to be experienced to be believed. It feels absolutely incredible!

I do have to knock off half a star or the headphones though (at least I would if Amazon allowed me to and awarding only four stars seems harsh for a product that has revolutionised some of my sporting activities). The headphones DO work, but could be improved. You have to jam them into your ears a bit, but you get used to how to do it with a bit of practice and if you use the following tips you'll be just fine:

1) The headphone cord on one ear bud is a bit long so wrap it around your goggles strap otherwise there is a tendency for you to accidentally brush it with your arm and pull it out - particularly if doing front crawl

2) If you wear a cap that also helps keep them in your ears consistently.

3) If you like swimming underwater as I do, equalise your ears by holding your nose close with thumb and finger and blowing on it once you are a metre down. I've found that if you don't do that then as soon as you dive more than around 3 feet under the surface the sound will become muffled as there is some air trapped in your ear by the buds. No matter whether you're underwater or just on the surface, I've found frequently equalising my ears results in a much improved quality of sound.

I suspect the above applies to most underwater ear buds, but I haven't tried any others - I think I might do so soon!

All in all it's a great product that I highly recommend for swimmers, skiiers/snowboarders, runners or just for messing around with in the pool or at the beach. You could possibly even use them for Scuba diving which would probably be absolutely amazing, but I would caution anyone to do so carefully at first due to needing to equalise your ears properly for safety reasons.

I should also note mine seems to be in perfect working order after two years of fairly regular use in freezing snow and blazing beach conditions. It's not the cheapest option, but it is very high quality.

My advice if you're on the fence is just buy one and try it out (using my tips above) and if you really don't like it then Amazon's returns policy will sort you out.
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on 12 July 2013
This is high on the list of my favourite gadgets of all time. It arrived last week and I've been swimming with it twice so far - I've been enjoying the audiobook of "Game of Thrones" whilst I swim. It does wonders for breaking up the monotony of swimming lengths, the first time I swam with it I was able to swim for twice as long as I normally do, partly because - effectively - I couldn't bear to put the book down!

The player itself is absolutely tiny and very light, I can clip it to one strap of my swimsuit and tuck the spare cable down the front and it doesn't get in the way at all. I've found that I get the best results if I put the headphones in while my ears are still dry, they form a better seal and are more likely to stay put.

There's not a lot else I can say about it. So far, so awesome! I can't recommend it highly enough!
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on 8 June 2016
Have had this for more than a month now - and have used it very often. I swim at least one hour on each session - almost every day. Great quality and easy to use. I had other types of aqua players before (from Speedo, mainly) and they all died eventually. Will see what happens with this one. I am personally a bit uncomfortable with the length of the earphones but it is just a personal preference. I eventually found my way around it - but sometimes the earphones cables is restrictive, especially when I swim front crawl. It is, I guess, just a matter of how I clip them on my goggles. Excellent product and I highly recommend it.
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on 6 February 2016
I've gone through x3 H2O Audio cases, headphones kept failing. Thought i'd give this a shot!
I swim five times a week, so it gets plenty of use.
Earbuds...I have small ears and usually struggle to get earbuds to fit. After a couple of frustrating swims, water leaking into ears or buds falling out, i finally nailed it. Go bigger than you think, then they fit a treat. One of the buds volume is wonky, in that it's quieter than the other bud. Have contacted the seller, will update when i get a result.
iPod...seems to be properly waterproofed. Buttons are very stiff but everything works fine.
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on 10 September 2014
Excellent piece of equipment. I train 4 times a week and the unit keeps up with all my twists and turns. My only complaint is the fact that the headphones broke after a month. I replaced them with the Generic 3.5mm Waterproof Earphone Headphone for iPod MP3 and the whole system works brilliantly in the pool.
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on 14 February 2016
I have used this product nearly every day over the past five months during swimming training as a competitive swimmer at a fast pace (with tumble turns). Swimming with music completely reignited my motivation for long swimming sessions every day.


- Good sound quality, be careful to put the earphones in properly (you need to pull the top of your ear with one hand and gently guide it in with the other)
- Earphones generally stay in (90% of the time) when put in properly
- Good battery life and very easy to use as it's just a normal ipod
- Great customer service with defects and guarantee, I had mine replaced from a fault and it was very quick to be done
- Really good and compact to clip to the back of your swimming hat, beats bluetooth sources as you can do long-distance open water swimming with this


- If the earphone comes out, either through accidentally pulling it out or through not putting it in properly in the first place, it will fill with water and not return to the proper volume or quality until your next training session
- Can be quite stiff to operate, it's fine for me but for anyone who wouldn't have the strength to push quite hard to use the buttons would find it a bit difficult

In conclusion it is a great product which I cannot recommend enough to anyone reading this, although you need to make sure you put the earphones in properly and you may have to press quite hard to use the buttons.
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on 28 December 2015
Loved this product to start with - easy to use and with a bit of experimenting, I found the earplpugs design and size included in this pack that stayed in my ears most of the time. But the whole product completely stopped working on swim number ten. Sent back for refund.
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on 16 September 2013
So, lets start by saying that the product itself it great. It does everything it says it will.

There have been now concerns with this.

However, be prepared.

about two weeks after we got the item, we received another bill. Upon further reading we find that we also have to pay import duty on this. Now I have no issue with paying it, but there was no mention of it when ordering. Bear this in mind as it is already an expensive item when you put on the £20 postage and then another £26 on import duty!
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on 10 August 2016
It is, quite honestly the best way to listen to music while you swim & I must have tried them all in the past 8 years, I have only used it for 10 days so far but it's been great. I really hope it lasts too but in my personal experience, things tend not to lastin water...we'll see
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