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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Watchmen (2-Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [2009]
Format: DVD|Change
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 December 2013
Reviewing Watchmen seems to be a bit of a minefield. Not only is there the question of "Did you read the graphic novel", there's also "Which version do you have?", alongside "Which version of Watchmen might Amazon attach your review to?" (they can be a bit random at times with some products). I will nail my colours to the mast at the start. I recently bought a 2 DVD version & I've just watched a 155 minute version of the film. I hope that sorts out a couple of possible questions.

As for the graphic novel, I'm not a comic book sort of person as a rule, but a couple of graphic novels that I read about 20 years ago (cos someone left them lying around the office, if I'm honest) stuck in my mind. One was a Dark Knight one, the other was Watchmen. I can't remember what triggered me into putting it on my Wish List, but I ordered it for something new to watch over the holidays. Not without a little trepidation, I admit. I am dubious no longer.

This is a really, REALLY good film (please remember, I can't comment on the differences between versions!). My memory of the original novel is slight. But the bits that I do remember are all here. Other scenes had me going "Oh, yeah, that seems familiar". So I'm thinking it stays pretty close to where it should be. The opening of the film, the credits more than The Comedian scene, is a little disjointed. My assumption is that it's making reference to things that I would be familiar with if only I could remember the novel; it doesn't make for an annoyance - if you assume it will be made clear later, actually it is. The direction is terrific. It's a dark, equivocal, unsettling tale in the novel, as far as I recall; the film is just the same. Even with shreds of memory to aid me, the tale holds me; it's not that difficult to muck a story up on film, but I couldn't tell where this was going, and yet always knew why it was were it had got to (if you see what I mean). The production is equally as good. The dark, gritty feel of the world is perfect. Casting? Can't complain about that either; the pick to my mind is Rorschach, particularly when unmasked.

Long review short, what I really want from a film is a good story. Not an all-star cast (none of names here mean anything to me), not SFX (they're good), not a huge budget or a famous director (no idea whether either were presumed to be significant). This film had an excellent foundation in the graphic novel. The scriptwriter, the director, the cast have built on that as the story deserved!
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on 20 April 2014
Now watched Watchman a few times. Read the Comics when it came out monthly years ago.Movie is 90% based on graphic novel. Even most of scenes use the angles direct from book. The story is a simple who dunnit but with the historical twist,based on a different history than ours, this movie can be difficult to explain..Visually with the music its stunning. If you want to compare with the book try the DVD of the graphic novel where they animated direct from book.It works very well. .

Its a movie where money was no object so they were able to film any scene no matter how small.The opening credits are over scenes that must have cost millions just to film but it all works in setting the context/history where film is set.

No idea how much it cost to make but who cares ,its out there for ever . Loads of money of course does not equal a good movie.The list of big budget Superhero or Fantasy movies that are just ....... is long .This is not one of them.

If you compare to ,a Comic movie made with few $$$, Dredd 3D then you can see both extremes. Dredd of course is fantastic 90 mins of total glory. ( gory as well )Most fans of Dredd and Watchman will enjoy these movies no problem. I envy anyone who now sees Watchman for the first time. Just sit back and wallow in its stunning gigantic scenes,story and Yep CGI splendor.

But don't forget Dredd, its a blast ( Make another one for cliffs sake ) Like all fans of Dredd I will be in the queue at Cinema when the sequel is out .
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on 14 February 2016
Wow. This movie is just superb. I knew of Watchmen before this movie came out but had never read the Graphic Novel. I was expecting a 15 or even (god-forbid) a 12 rating, with a movie that pandered to a younger audience. But that being said, an 18 rating does not necessarily make a good movie.

However as I said, this movie is superb. It is perhaps (in my opinion after reading the GN) the perfect homage to a superb Graphic Novel.

I cannot say enough good about this movie without spoiling it so my advice is to simply watch it.
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on 28 September 2017
I think a lot of people missed this on their radar. A dark take on superheroes and what a real adult script can do with the genre. I used to love the early 1970-s Batman comics and this on film fortunately has that dark view of a disintegrating world. When you see the box office receipts for this film its not that great but like Bladerunner it easily has the potential to go to cult status and be very influential .
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on 1 June 2015
Always underrated by critics, this is a superb super(anti)hero movie, with great characterization and brilliant special FX. The more adult themes will suit those who preferred the Netflix Daredevil over the Flash. Those who have read the comics will not be disappointed. Yes, the ending is changed, but in my opinion for the better, The ending here makes much more sense. Blu-ray really looks fantastic, too, especially if you have a large screen, and sound system to taker advantage.
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on 18 June 2014
This is the original theatrical movie uncut and on blu-ray. This film is very entertaining. Very mature, very stylish.
If you're a fan of the graphic novel (as i am) it could go either way for you. The graphic novel is incredibly intricate with a heck of a lot of story and detail. The film being about 2hrs 40mins can never hope to cover everything and it works in the films favour that it doesn't try to.
Because of this you might be disappointed not to see some of these like the black freighter comic book (which has been added to the ultimate cut btw) or some of the details about the characters history and one big one that featured heavily and throughout in the novel that i wont spoil for you here.
An awful lot of the novel is in here though. In fact its almost a word for word adaptation and has most of the best bits of Rorschachs journal.
I think that one of the best things about the movie is the casting choices. Each of the characters looks like they were drawn by Dave Gibbons and they act like how the characters were written. The comedian in particular but all of the main characters do this excellently.
One last thing that i love about the film is the soundtrack. Each song fits perfectly to the scene, my favourite being the Blake funeral scene.
All in all i would give this 8.5/10. I really enjoyed it and its definitely worth a watch.
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on 5 August 2014
I know some fans of the comic really don't like this movie but I think it fantastic. Zac Snyder did a brilliant job of adapting a very complicated series of comics to the silver screen. It doesn't have absolutely everything contained within the graphic novel but it's a wonderful three-hour movie that I think zips along pretty quickly and at no point do I get bored when I re-watch it. Although I like the end of the comic book series I actually prefer the movie's ending. Fantastic casting too; brilliant performances and no big stars that break the "reality" the film creates.
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on 6 September 2013
Having only recently entered the world of Blu Ray I have finally been able to see this cut ofthe movie. The greatest compliment I can pay this film is that despite being approximately half an hour longer than the theatrical cut,there islittle that does not seem that it should not always have been there. The flow of the film stuttered slightly in the previous cut, but once I twigged it is a film to watch when you are in a Blade Runner state of mind (also see Se7en in that mood) it is a film youdon't watch, but one you let happen in front of you and marvel at. Critics of the changes from the Watchmen book en route from page to screen are insane, this truly is as good as it gets in 'graphic novel' filming. Brilliant stuff
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on 25 August 2013
I really like the story, action and character development in this. Its shot very well with great effects (maybe Mr Manhattens mouth animation could have been better though!). I have read the comic and much prefer the films ending, makes much more sense. The image and sound quality are top notch. Crank your speakers up for this!
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on 21 August 2013
The storyline of this movie is genius,and the picture and audio is stunning. Despite the strong presence of violence throughout the film, I'd definitely recommend this blu ray to the older age group, specifically action movie fans. For the price this blu ray is at, it's an absolute bargain as I rate this film as one of the greatest action movies of all time!
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