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A new breed of watches. Ventura develop and manufacture the only 'Swiss Manufacture Electronique' movements. They have set the pace with innovations in their unique ranges such as the first 'automatic digital watch', SPARC.

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MGS®: The Transformation of Centrifugal Forces Into Electrical Energy

The Commemorative Edition Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph watch

1. MGS®-11 The owner’s wrist movements cause an oscillating mass to turn approximately 4000 times per day on average.

2. Gear Train The oscillating force is transferred to a precision gear with an attached Barillet.

3. Barillet The Gear Train tensions the spring of a Barillet about 17’000 times per day; each time the spring is fully tensioned, it realeases its force to a micro-generator.

4. Micro-Generator The Micro-Generator transforms mechanical momentum into electric energy and sends a spark (SPARC®) to an accumulator.

5. Accumulator The accumulator stores the electric energy and powers the Cal. VEN_10 movement.

6. Cal. VEN_10 Ventura’s exclusive caliber with its EasySkroll® operating and scrolling system is entirely operated by the wrist-movements of its owner.