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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Change
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on 3 December 2012
This latest addition to Lego gaming probably has the best audio and music of the franchise to date as it's taken straight from the films. The game covers all three films.

Story mode covers about 30% of the game and on a quick play through (because w/end telly was rubbish) Fellowship of the Ring took 7 hr, Two Towers and Return of the King 5 hr each. I've read that they are each broken into 6 chapters but the game is captivating and played the whole thing in 3 sittings. Although 17hrs for the story seems short there are lots of challenges, collectables and side quests still to do and I guess these will make up the rest of game. Because of the high production values I don't feel short changed - it's just something to be aware of prior to purchase.

The story mode chapters are linear and typical of the previous games but are seamlessly linked with the unlocking open world of Middle-earth which has it's own puzzles and challenges.

Each character has a different skill set i.e. Sam (grows plants, digs, lights fires), Merry (fishing), Legolas (archery) and Gimli (smashes stone) - so most of the puzzles involve choosing the right character for each task.

The prologue with Isildur and Sauran feels a bit dark and plunges the player straight into combat but once the game starts "proper" with Frodo at Hobbiton it immediately recover's the lightness and fun that typify these games. As you play through the story the levels of Middle-earth open up but you can back track at any stage. There isn't a mission hub (other than the Map's "Fast Travel") and when the main story is completed you can literally walk from Hobbiton to the Black Gate of Mordor.

Open world Middle-earth areas such as Hobbiton, Bree, Weathertop, Rivendell, etc are free roaming and require a little exploration to find challenges (horse riding time trial, archery, whack a mole), items (ie keys and cranks by fishing or digging, Mithrial Blocks by 3D platforms/jumps), quests (find an item in a particular place), etc.

Middle-earth is perfectly miniaturised and although no sooner do you leave Helm's Deep than turn a corner and reach Isengard, because all the levels are connected, the world feels bigger and you'll use the Map's "Fast Travel" to get from one end of the world to the other or to get to Bree to forge that new item.

IMHO some of the video game (fighting/shooting) elements of the story chapters might be challenging for younger players so would be best played with an adult/older sibling on hand for the first play through. Then they can then enjoy exploring the open world.

Once unlocked a chapter can be replayed in
1. Story mode with a limited character and equipment set to get missed items or a high score
2. Freeplay with any unlocked character and/or equipment to get to those impossible to reach places.

or the open world explored for challenges and quests.

The usual Lego features are present (but not via a hub shop). New unlocked characters are purchased when met in the open world. Custom characters (Max 10) are created at Bag End in Hobbiton. Red blocks (Bonuses and Cheats) are purchased after completing quests. If you have found the design and have enough Mithrial blocks new items are forged at the Smithy in Bree adding new skills to the Treasure Trove i.e. so anyone can fish.

It is these open world Middle-earth challenges, quests, etc that extend the longevity of the game.

Drop in and play 2p multiplayer is available throughout and players are not limited to particular areas ie. In open world Middle-earth one player can be solving puzzles at Hobbiton and the other at the Black Gate.

All in all if you enjoy the lego series and/or LOTR you'll enjoy this so it's recommended.
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on 2 December 2015
not impressed! We have loads of other Lego Wii games and this has caused the most frustration than any - we have now given up with it.

It is more 'fighting' than puzzles but the biggest problem are endless glitches and crashes - underpinned by a poor game save process. We have had to play mutliple ares over and over because we havent been able to save and then the game will crash / freeze (fwiw our Wii runs fine with other games and the disc is unmarked). We average 1 crash per 30 to 45 mins of play and cant get to the end of the Fellowship story, which is utterly unacceptable and hopelessly frustrating
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on 13 February 2014
Firstly I have to say that I hated LOTR at the cinema, it was a waste of my life.

However I love this game it is excellent, entertaining and at times challenging, my 6 year old loves it too and makes him think a bit.

So far have not found any anoying bits that you can, t do because of the 3d gameplay as I have on some other games.

We got this for £12.99 and at the same time got TMNT which is rubbish compared to LOTR.

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on 11 January 2013
The children absolutely love this game and the eldest boy has declared it to be the best Lego game ever. It was bought as a shared family game for the christmas holiday and proved very popular. The wandering format being a favourite attribute. The youngest loves to just go collect a horse and ride around Middlearth. The challenges to find useful help are much harder and it has been more difficult to get true Adventurer, but that has been something the older ones liked. Something to appeal to all of their differing tastes.
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on 2 April 2013
I love the LOTR lego, I bought it to uni, which was a massive distraction as played it with a friend. The one good thing I have to say about this game compared to other lego games, is you can fix camera angle, so if playing multiplayer. one person is at the left of the screen and the other at the right of the screen. I bought this LOTR edition cos I am a big fan of Tolkien and wanted the epicness of the films to come out in Lego and wanted the lego comedy with it too!
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on 8 December 2012
Another good Lego game. Draws features from the other games in the Lego series to make a good game. Taking audio from the films really makes the game much more interesting and enjoyable.
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on 27 May 2013
What can I say. Love the Lego game franchise have bought every one so far. Great fun for a laugh and a bit of light hearted game playing. Love the sense of humour of the games creators. Follows the stories of all three films very well, lots of running around middle earth, and it actually looks like middle earth!
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VINE VOICEon 18 January 2013

I have spent hours and hours playing this excellent game BUT have run into glitches and have to quit to "Middle Earth" and start the level again. I have also had several "freezes" and I have to turn the power off at the mains and reboot the Wii unit and game.
I am not alone on this as I found out when searching for advice on line. It is commonly accepted that problems occur after about 2 hours constant play or with the game switched on for 2 hours. I wonder if it was rushed to coincide with the release of Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" and not enough time spent by the quality control dept on it?

Now THE PROS and cheats:

As with all the Lego games this is great fun. I am 45 years old, work full-time on shifts and still have hours of fun on the wii. Tolkien made the distances in Middle Earth sound like miles. I ran, using Legolas, from Hobbiton to beyond Mt Doom in about 8 minutes. God knows how Peter Jackson made those movies last 9.30 hours. Those movies are almost made in their entirety in Lego mode. (see them on YouTube. Walk throughs are also on YouTube which is helpful for "cheats" on where to find stuff.

SPOILER - one character to get asap is Beserker, (code: UE5Z7H )he has bombs more powerful than wands and staffs.

If this should be your first Lego Wii game then good luck as it is difficult and time consuming. I love the way Wii put an age of 7 on the packaging - like to see the little sods take on some of the tasks. The game set is fun also, you chose whether to play a level or just run around Middle Earth doing tasks and completing adventures and finding rewards.
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on 23 April 2013
I have got nearly all of the LEGO games and play them with my teenage lads, Zac and TJ. The Story Mode is great, with film dialogue in the cut scenes.

Freeplay is a bit tough to find all of the minikits, but that makes it more interesting. The best bit is having to run around looking for Mithril Pieces and doing quests. This is so much better than just having a small area to run around in to find characters and red bricks.

1 word of warning, though. It is very glitchy and sometimes you may have to start a level a few times to be able to play it to the end. Still the best, though.
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on 3 March 2013
As with all the Lego games it is great fun to play. The only thing I would say with this one is there seems to be a lot more "film" bits between game sections so it takes ages to play. Also some bits of it are quite dark and you can't see what you're meant to be doing
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