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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 January 2015
I've been wanting a graphic tablet for years, but never got around to it.
I thought I'd start with one on the cheaper side, that can still satisfy a designer's needs.
Wacom exceeded my expectations by far, proving to be a very handy tool in my drawing arsenal.
Initially I found it a bit weird in getting used to the stylus, but after about an hour I couldn't even see the difference between drawing with a real pen and the tablet.
I use it with a wide range of softwares, from Photoshop to AutoCad and Vectorworks. As Photishop has brush pressure adjustments, the tablet behaved beautufully and saves me a lot of tine in doing computer renderings.
I couldn't be happier with my purchase - worth every penny!
The drawing (in progress) attached is made using the Intuos tablet.
review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 February 2014
There's no denying this is a beautifully designed little tablet. The pen feels comfortable in the hand and moves over the downward-angled surface with just the right level of friction. There are two buttons on the side of the pen, an eraser at the top, and four buttons on the tablet itself, all of which can be configured in the driver software.

The touch feature also works well, giving you access to many of the same pinch-and-swipe gestures as Apple's trackpads. Using touch gestures and the pen at the same time can be a little confusing, however, particularly if you have a habit of resting your hand against the tablet when drawing. Since I also have a Magic Trackpad, I keep the Wacom touch feature switched off (using the switch on the right of the rear panel). I use the trackpad with my left hand and the tablet and pen with my right.

One of my main reasons for buying this was to use it with Photoshop on a Mac, and here's where my problems arise. Although most of the functions in Photoshop work well with the tablet, some cause the Wacom driver software to hang for a few seconds. It seems to happen most when using or switching brushes. A click on another input device such as a mouse button releases the hang and executes all the buffered input to the tablet.

This problem may be something related to my specific setup, so may not affect all Mac users. However, Googling "Photoshop Wacom brush hangs" (without the quotes) reveals a lot of similar complaints and no solution in sight. I haven't experienced any problems using Photoshop with mouse input, nor when using the Wacom tablet with other software besides Photoshop.

UPDATE (25 November 2014) --

It appears that Adobe have released a "workaround" plug-in for various Wacom issues and incorporated the fix into the latest version of Photoshop.

The Adobe plug-in is here for those who need to install it manually:

The Wacom drivers should also be updated to the latest version:
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on 17 November 2015
I purchased this tablet because it has good compatibility with Linux. Linux hardware support is mainly determined by the kernel version and other components of the "hardware stack". This tablet seems to be fully supported back to kernel version 3.13. I have tested the following versions of 64-bit Ubuntu on a combination of real hardware and Virtualbox:

"Trusty" and "Utopic" hardware stacks (kernel versions 3.13 and 3.16) found in 12.04.5, 14.04.1 and 14.04.2 - All pen and touch functions work although the buttons on the tablet are not programmable from the GUI (there may be a way to configure them with a script but I didn't try that)

"Wily" hardware stack (kernel version 4.2) found in 15.10 - as above, but the buttons on the tablet can be programmed with the GUI

"Vivid" hardware stack (kernel version 3.19) found in 14.04.3 - unfortunately there seems to be a bug that is preventing the tablet from being recognised.

My understanding is that the "Medium" sized version of this tablet should behave in the same way. The pen only version should also be basically compatible - the CTL-480(S) series.

I also believe that, currently - November 2015 - the replacement Wacom tablets - the 490 series - are not supported by Linux without applying "development grade" kernel patches etc.(not something most people will want to do).

I would expect that Linux versions derived from these "base" Ubuntu versions will have the same compatibility. It is also highly probable that non-Ubuntu Linux versions with post 3.13 kernels could be made to work if the appropriate additional packages are installed.

Oh, it also works fine on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit!
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on 9 March 2014
My last tablet was a Wacom Bamboo Pen, which I loved for about five years (almost 24/7) until the cable in started to get temperamental (though still worked once taped up). I decided I needed a new graphics tablet in case it fully died on me. I knew Wacom made good quality products, so I chose this one as the 'next generation' and the 'step up' from my old one.

The postage was very quick, I was expecting it in 2-3 days and it arrived the next day! Well done Amazon. The packaging was good, plenty of padding and not too difficult to open. I did have an issue with my first tablet pen being a little faulty, occasionally not 'letting go' after dragging, but after speaking to Amazon I was sent a replacement, which also arrived promptly. I was very impressed.

This tablet is perfect. Easy to use, lightweight, responsive... I always use my tablet rather than a trackpad, or a mouse, so it gets a lot of useage and has stood up to the test well. I draw with it, as well as use it for general 'computering', which is a pleasure. The pressure sensitivity is brilliant, the pen is responsive, the tablet surface is very nice.

What more can I say? If you are looking for a graphics tablet that you can use whenever for whatever this is for you. It is a good price and nice to use. Perfect as a present, or to treat yourself.
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on 27 April 2014
This is my first graphics tablet and I have to say I am very impressed. The box and actual product are very smart and the device itself is easy to use. I use Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6 and photoshop with this tablet and the tablet works very well. It responds very well with the software and well it works brilliantly. What more can I say? A great tablet for people starting out or even for people just looking for a new graphics tablet.
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on 13 November 2013
I have a Wacon Intuos 4 medium which I use with my desktop and I wanted something more portable to use with my laptop. The Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Graphics Tablet looked like it would fit the bill. I was slightly concerned about the size of the active area on this tablet as I'm used to it's bigger, higher spec'd cousin, however I needn't have worried. This tablet it very useable and works very well. I use it with Photoshop plus various pieces of 3D software including 3D coat and Cinema 4D. This tablet is great for 3D sculpting and it doesn't take long to feel comfortable using it.

Highly recommended.
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on 24 June 2015
It's amazing to think that back in 1998 I bought a WACOM Tablet and it cost me £800, it was so good I bought 2 of them. I am a graphic artist, so needed the BEST tablet you could buy at the time for PhotoShop work.
In the end, due to lack of "other" software supporting the Wacom tablet, I reverted back to the Mouse.

NOW 15 years on, and now at £50-80 I thought I would try out WACOMS latest art pad.
All LOOKS GREAT, works with nearly all Apps as I can make out

Even works across my 4 screen setup without any problems, you can even specify which monitor you want to work on. Basically this £50-80 device has all the features that my original £800 WACOM tablet had. AMAZING.

But you know what, after years of using the MOUSE, old habits die hard.
Yes I have used the PEN, but for not much more than signing a online application.

Is this a GAME CHANGER - well no
is this GOOD - you bet its GOOD, WACOM makes the BEST TABLETS you can buy (£800 So I know)

Is it good for me... ???
Having just bought a 2-1 Ultrabook with a PEN device, perhaps this WACOM has had its day.

BUT, just being able to use a pen again with Windows, and not costing £800 was part of the FUN
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on 27 April 2014
I am very satisfied, very good responsive tablet, ideal for sketching, drawing and things like that. I use it mainly for image editing and it makes my life a whole lot easier compared to a mouse. Recommended.
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on 8 November 2013
Bought this after my last tablet (An 3 year old model of the bamboo fun pen and touch) developed a lose connection and wouldn't work. It was also nice to get a change. The tablet is sleek and well laid out. The wire at the top is good as it doesn't get in the way like the tablet that come in from the side, and can also be removed for easier storage. As for how the tablet runs, it took a day to get used to after my last tablet, but I'm finding it easy enough to use now. The pressure sensitivity is good and the nib runs smoothly across the surface like a pencil to paper. I wasn't as impressed with the eraser however (The main reason I opted for the pen and touch rather than the cheaper version minus the eraser)- It works just fine, but it feels very scratchy running across the surface. Maybe this is supposed to replicate what it really feels like using a rubber, but I personally don't like the feel nor sound of it.. Which is the main reason for 4/5. Otherwise it would be 5/5.
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on 7 March 2014
Bought this to replace an aged Intuos 2 that was starting to play up with uneven mouse movements in pen mode. This new Intuos is a little smaller and squarer.

The main differences are the four physical finger-push buttons, and the multi-touch-sensitive surface. The new Intuos doesn't come with the upright pen holder, but the pen fits the old Intuos 2 holder so I've just kept that.

So far the new surface (which looks like aluminium but is presumably plastic) seems robust to lots of pen usage, unlike the old Intuos which quickly gained scrached areas, especially on the right side where scroll bars are. The new one's multi-touch allows two-finger touch for scrolling, which should reduce the wear considerably and also saves having to keep reaching for the right hand edge of the tablet with the pen.

I've found that switching from pen to touch is easy: holding pen between thumb and first finger I can switch to having the pen horizontal sitting on top of thumb and third finger, with second finger on top, and then use third and fourth fingers to double-touch to scroll. Sounds complicated, but seems to come naturally to me and the pen is far enough away to activate touch.

For people with more than one monitor, the new Intuos driver has a "toggle display" option, which can be assigned to one of the buttons on the tablet: a bit enhancement over the old Intuos 2 driver which couldn't do this.

Just need to get used to the fact that brushing dust off the tablet surface also activates the touch sense, unless you hover with the pen at the same time!
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