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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 January 2014
The Wacom Intuous Pro was a purchase that I did not enter into easily. Whenever I buy anything over a certain price bracket I will always research it. I started by looking at peoples feedback on here. The star rating threw me and peoples negative/constructive feedback cast some doubt in my mind. I have used a friends Wacom Bamboo and Graphite over the years, I'm a Graphic designer so not everything requires me to use a Digital Tablet exclusively. However I thought it time to buy one for myself and invest some time into using it.

One thing that struck me about the reviews whether positive or negative. People never really stipulated what platform they had issues with the product on, operating system or what driver versions etc. So going to Wacoms forum gave me litle to go off in terms of resolving the issue (If I would have experienced any). Nobody wants to buy a product and have endless issues with it. However I took the plunge and I am so glad I did. I have had the Intuous Pro for little over a week now, not long enough to form a real opinion but wanted to log my positive experiences thus far. As I have used it every day for 5 hours + on a Branding Project.

So currently I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, with all the latest updates. Below is a list of my system specs all running
the latest updates as of 26/12/14. I run AVAST Anti Virus in gaming/Silent Mode. The Wacom Drivers version is 6.3.7-6, this appears very stable and I have not had any issues to cause concern. One thing that I did notice was when I had the wireless kit running from a USB port around the back of my PC. The cursor stopped in CS4 illustrator, I was required to restart the tablet to get it functioning again. To remedy this I just used it on a front panel USB, not had the issue since. I have discussed this with a friend who has also had a similar problem. Had no problems of any sort just running on the USB cable. EDIT: I experienced the disconnection with the wireless kit issue on a number of occasions so posted on the Wacom forums. The problem has never occurred since. Basically I moved my PC case a little closer to my desk as the signal may have been getting blocked as I have all manner of electronics on there. Speakers, mobile phone etc.

System Spec:

Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z Intel Z68
Intel Core i7 2600K 3.8 GHZ
Crucial RealSSD M4 128GB SATA 6Gb
WD 300 GB Velociraptor
WD 150 GB Raptor
WD 150 GB Raptor X
MSI GTX580 Lightning 1536MB
Corsair 1200W CMPSU
8GB (2x4GB) Corsair Dominator DDR3
Samsung 12X BDROM SH-B123L

The Tablet
The lovely build quality and the superb feel of its surface is stunning. As mentioned I have used a Graphite and a Bamboo previously but these were A5 versions. Functional and appropriate for the work I was doing but using a larger drawing area and a slightly textured surface is a huge improvement. Drawing feels much more natural as I can really activate the use of my elbow now and not rely on my wrist for drawing. Everybodies technique is different but I found a medium perfect for me. I use it on a Dell ultrasharp 24" monitor and they work well together.

Function Keys and Pen
Function keys have been left to run as default at the moment, I still find myself reaching for the keyboard as I'm a bit of a shortcut junky. However certain keystrokes can be added to the function buttons if required. I find that I have no real use for the touch feature (yet), possibly because I'm racing through a project at the moment and using the tablet purely for drawing out logos. Once I have more time to explore the other features maybe it will be a useful function. The zoom dial works well and I find it more accurate and much quicker to use keyboard shortcuts. After using keyboards shortcuts for 15+ years it is a hard habit to break.

The pen is a good weight and is textured beautifully. It is a little broad at the tip, something I'm not used to but it works well and I have adapted to it. It still allows you to apply a broad range of pressure though with ease. From delicate to a heavy handed sweep it delivers it accurately and with nil lag. I have large hands and think it would accomodate small hands just as well.

If you have considered buying one of these and have been deterred due to other peoples bad experiences, then definately take the plunge. Amazon are a great retailer and if you come across issues you can always return the product. There are so many different configurations and OS systems out there it is likely some will run into problems. It is an amazing bit of kit and has aided my production of logos and drawings within illustrator. I have yet to be let loose in photoshop. I do hope you find this somewhat long winded review of some use.
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on 20 May 2015
This tablet rocks. It's typical Wacom build quality, feels lovely to work with and is as accurate as your hand can be with a pen! I wouldn't buy anything else as nothing else comes close.

I've used a Wacom tablet since I bought my first Intuos 2 (A6 size) way back in 2003. That tablet is still going strong in the hands of a friend who uses it on a lower resolution than my current two screen setup (2560x1440 and 1920x1080). The Intuos Pro seems as rock solid in performance as all of the Intuos tablets that came before it. I own a large Intous 4 (bought in 2010) and I've used the 3 & 5 at work. I bought the medium as I find the smaller size more manageable for photo work (although the large is superb for drawing and painting). So, I haven't had to replace my Intuos 4, I just bought this as it's better for different purposes.

I love the fact that the Intuos Pro is wireless, especially as it means I can use it from the sofa as easily as I can from my desk. Yes the long USB cable was never a problem really, but the wireless is a nice option. It also makes it handy to put the tablet by the side of your desk if space is an issue when doing other things.

If you can afford it, the Intuos Pro is the only option you should consider. If money is tight, or you are not sure about whether a tablet is for you, go for the cheaper Wacom alternatives (Bamboo/Intuos (renamed). Or, even better, see if you can get an older Intuos 4 or 5. The Wacom "budget" range are still good, but anyone who has used the Pro range won't ever want to "downgrade". I can't say I'm a fan of any of the other makes I've tried, the pen just never feels as good and the accuracy certainly isn't as flawless.

So, why 4 stars and not 5? As ever, it's Wacom's driver that lets it down (as always). At home I have both a Mac and a Windows setup, each with Photoshop installed and other vector software such as Affinity Designer (Mac) and Serif DrawPlus X8 (Win). The tablet works beautifully with these programs. However, getting the Intuos Pro to work at all on the Mac took about 3 hours. At one point, I'd even concluded that it was faulty. The issue is that I'm running on Mavericks (10.9.n). Once I'd completely uninstalled the driver, "breaking" my Intuos 4 in the process (which was bizarrely a relief), I eventually found a much older driver on Wacom's site that worked with my OS. That is was good thing, they do allow you to roll back to very early drivers. So, the tip here is that if you have problems with the tablet, I'm 99.9% certain that it'll be the driver at fault - try the forums before you send the hardware back!

For size comparison, check out the photo. My Intuos 4 (large) is on the left, the Intuos Pro (Medium SE) is in the middle, and A4 Bristol board on the right as everyone can identify with A4 paper (when, unless you are from across the pond, but it's not far off Legal size really ;) )

Hope this helps.
review image
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on 26 March 2014
This is the second Intuos I have bought, the first was in use since 2002 and needed updating and so decided to get this. From the use I have given it so far it's a lot smoother and more responsive than the older one and it works like a dream. Set up was quick an easy an the wireless addition makes a lot more user friendly. I highly recommend this.
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on 20 June 2014
I was a reluctant convert initially, but was persuaded to put my mouse away and use a tablet for a few days, and soon enough I was hooked. The level of control, pressure sensitivity and convenience of the programmable buttons and zoom wheel opened up new dimensions of working with Lightroom and Photoshop - for photo editing and compositing. It is certainly worth spending a little time programming the buttons and pen switches to your most commonly used keyboard strokes. For example, programming the lower pen button to the 'Alt' or 'Option' button means you can switch between adding to and subtracting from a selection in Photoshop without moving your pen away from the work area. The buttons can also be programmed for PS shortcuts that need multiple keys - such as Ctrl+Shift+S for 'Save as'
The 'touch' capability of the tablet I probably don't use as much as I could or should - it doesn't seem as sensitive as a Mac trackpad, and although the wireless capability works well enough, but unless you really want to work well back from your monitor seems a little superfluous to me - the supplied cable is of adequate length, and when attached to the cable the pad doesn't go to sleep when not used for a few minutes as it does when running on its battery.
One niggle - despite trying a wider range of settings, I can't get the the zoom wheel to zoom on an image smoothly enough - the wheel on a mouse works far better, but it works well enough for changing the brush or cursor size.
Future improvements? As Photoshop has innumerable keyboard shortcuts, it would be great to be able to programme even more of them into the Wacom - eg by having an extended radial menu.
Verdict - I wouldn't even think of doing photo-editing without one - my mouse seems clunky and imprecise in comparison.
Try one - you won't go back to editing with a mouse.
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on 25 November 2015
I bought this several months ago, to replace an ageing Intuos 2 tablet (which means that I was already an experienced tablet user). The new version is a big improvement with the rotary dial and programmable buttons, although I do not think that I use them to the full. The touch function seems to work well with few false positives from palm contact, but I did not personally find this particularly useful and I have turned touch off.

It is a nice-to-have upgrade and the drivers are automatically updated (Windows 7 x64). But if you already have an older tablet, it is not life changing: I would not break the bank to upgrade, but if I were buying my first tablet and could afford it, this is the one I would buy.

For those agonising over the size tablet to purchase, I would say that the medium size is ideal. I edit high resolution photographs. The medium size tablet does not take up too much desk space, and for me a larger tablet would require too much wrist/arm movement. I replaced medium with medium, and this is perfectly adequate for detailed Photoshop and Lightroom editing. Digital artists might appreciate a larger canvas size, but as a photographer/retoucher, I find the medium size perfect for my needs.
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on 9 October 2013
I have had a number of tablets, this is by far the best. Oozing quality as soon as you have it out of the box, functionality and ease of use excellent! The pen and wifi kit are included, all in a very neat package. Note the tablet active area is slightly larger than A4 - making the whole tablet very big!
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VINE VOICEon 19 December 2013
I decided to buy this tablet because I wanted to get into digital art and to find a quicker way to process portrait images in Photoshop without using the mouse. I was advised that the large size might be a little too big but frankly I love it. Photoshop image processing is a doddle with it - very quick and easy. It is also very precise even via the Wi-Fi connector that comes with it. The Wi-Fi was very easy to set up and using the tablet is very smooth and free feeling. I have started to attempt digital painting with it and I am having the same overall experience. The pen is very responsive and I have yet to find any faults with it. It is a very big tablet and with that seems to come a lot of resolution. I can see how some people might find it a little too big for them to handle comfortably but for me (5ft 7-inches tall) I find it ideal. There is just a feeling of space when you use the tablet and I like that. I suppose it's the difference between working in a small room and then moving to a big one. I think this product is terrific and I would recommend it to anyone, hence the 5-star rating. It is well made and a really top quality product. Wacom should be proud of this item.
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on 22 April 2016
The Wacom Pro Medium tablet arrived yesterday on time from Amazon.

The system that I am using is a Apple iMac with the latest OS system software installed.

I spent approximately over five hours trying to install the software and failed, for the purpose the tablet was purchased for. Today I returned the tablet to Amazon.

The tablet comes with a Wacom system disc, which is out of date and not compatible with the latest Apple OS system. You have to download the latest drivers from Wacom. ( WacomTablet_6.3.15.dmg). There was no problem in doing that

Having installed the software and connected to the computer, the pen and touch work but when you try to set the settings you obtain an error message - Program Error - Could not load Wacom Tablet Preference pane . So I was unable to program the settings on the device. Making the tablets propose useless.

After several reinstalls, I contacted Wacom support by telephone and they were very helpful. They talked me through the install and sent me a PDF explaining what should be done.
This consisted of removing all references / preferences to Wacom and a Tablet on my computer. Then re-install the Wacom drivers. This I did and again I was unable to install the Wacom preferences.

I was then advised again to remove all reference / preferences to Wacom and a Tablet and create a new user on my computer. Install the Wacom drivers on the new user ID. This I did and the install was successful. I was able to program the settings and use the tablet as normal.
I then then tried to use the tablet on my original ID but again the tablet did not work. The only way of me using the tablet was by using the newly created user. This I did not wish to do.

I was then advised to contact Apple as there seems a problem with their system preferences
I then explained that I did not think the problem lays with Apple, the problem is with Wacom. One should not have to create another user on your computer so that the Wacom tablet would work correctly.

This is only my opinion (I could be wrong ) but I think that the latest Mac OS system in not compatible with the latest Wacom drivers. Wacom know about this error, that is why they have produced a pdf document which explains the problem and how to get around it and the operators on the help deck know of this.
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on 20 January 2014
Very prompt delivery, works perfectly. I would recommend a smaller one if you have a 15 inch screen or lower, as the medium is really big. It's a bit big (but still very good) with my 15.6 inch screen home laptop, but I know even going up to 17 inch and it's perfect. but I wouldn't recommend going larger than this, as even on a 26 inch mac the large is too big.
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on 18 August 2015
Really good product - I disagree that the pen wears out quickly, or that the tablet itself looks and feels cheap.
My mistake was to get the medium size - I only use about a 10% of the surface of the tablet with the pen. Also, I have had to persist with using the pen, as it felt really alien at first. But now that I'm used to it, its what I use for Photoshop and some other Apps.
The pen can be individually programmed for different Apps, that it recognises at once (e.g.. Right and Left Click etc., but particularly the undo in Photoshop, which has always been a real pain if you want to go back more than one step).
Persist, and it's very rewarding, but it does feel that your'e having to learn how to write again - but the learning curve is steep.
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