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on 25 January 2014
These are a great little set of lights. Great being battery powered so you don't need to find a socket to plug them into. If you have them on all day - you'll need to replace the batteries every few days - but I use rechargable ones - so just charge up and you're away again. Easy to change the batteries aswell.
The lights aren't very long - but probably just right for small uses - eg. we had a couple of sets wound around our stair bannisters - which looked great - and we wouldn't have been able to do with mains-powered ones.

But - I wouldn't try using these outdoors. They say they are waterproof - but the battery holder certainly isn't. It's just a standard holder - and wouldn't take much to get water inside. Certainly doesn't pass any of the 'IP' standards for outdoor equipment. You could probably stick the battery holder in a plastic bag or something and the lights would most likely be fine but I'd just use these indoors.

So - 5 stars if they just said they were indoor lights - but only 4 as I think they are not suitable for outdoors - which is not what they are advertised as.
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on 22 December 2013
These are good value and very safe if you have inquisitive grandchildren wanting to touch the fairy lights or cats fascinated by the lights! They take 3 AA batteries each and have two settings, static and intermittent. Initially they're extremely bright, but dull down within about an hour. We've put them in our porch which is open to the elements and so far they're working well, although they've only been switched on for a few hours each evening so far and haven't yet put them on intermittent setting, which I assume will drain the batteries more quickly. Seeing some comments here about the plastic box that houses the batteries, we haven't had any problems with it at all. It clicks back into place and fits snugly, in fact it was quite difficult to open.
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on 5 January 2014
These were outside in the latest round of rain and gales. I took the suggestion from another reviewer to put the battery packs in bags and this worked. I used freezer bags and just tied a knot in them and hung them from my railing. It was easy to see the button and the battery packs stayed dry.
I didn't have the lights on every day, but when I did they were on for between 8 and 9 hours. I mostly used the 'pulse' but twice they were on 'solid'. I think I had them on 7 or 8 days altogether and the batteries were still going strong. They take 3 AAs.
There was some discolouration but given the weather, it's not surprising. The discolouration didn't affect how the lights looked when on - they were as bright as ever.
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on 19 March 2015
In all, I bought a set of blue lights, a set of red lights and 2 sets of white, these being the subject of this review. Whilst they were OK, they were not very waterproof, having holes where water could gain access through the casing and into the electronics. I overcame the problem by enclosing the battery/electronic packs in a plastic bag, well secured with elastic bands. Whilst this did the job adequately, the design was certainly not as good as the coloured lights I bought at the same time.
The delivery etc was all up to standard, so no problems with the vendor, just the product.
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on 5 November 2014
Just what I was looking for to put behind voile curtains. Look really pretty and are robust even though they are quite small.
But......they eat batteries! Only used them for a couple of hours in the evenings for just under 2wks and already quite a few batteries are dead, which makes the lights go dull and start flickering.
Used panasonic batteries, will try duracell and see if they last any longer.
Edited to add: wouldn't buy again as found nicer lights that plug in for same money elsewhere.
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on 5 January 2014
After putting in fully charged batteries, the light starts to fade after a few hours. I use NiMH rechargable batteries. At first I thought that the problem is my batteries, so I bought new rechargeable batteries, but the problem persisted. They last a little bit longer with ordinary (unchargeable) batteries, but still only for a day or so. So if you want to use them for longer period (not just one party), these are not for you. Both sets had the same problem.
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on 4 February 2016
was dubious about these cheap lights even more so when they arrived as they were advertised as outside lights but looked too flimsy. however xmas rolled round and i put the lights in little trees outside my front door-i did wrap sellotape round to give added weather proofing- and they lasted all xmas and looked great and had great length too
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on 23 December 2013
Good little lights would have preferred one string of lights at 8m rather two at 4. sealed the lights with tape to ensure the weather kept out and hung them outside. It is much more convenient to have battery power than to get main outside.
Good for the price. John Lewis were doing an 8m length battery power, slightly better for £20, controller battery box, a bit better sealed, but would have been more difficult to tape.
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on 18 February 2014
I read the variety of comments before buying these. If I were thinking of putting them outside, I may have had more concerns, however I have put them indoors, around the stair bannisters, and they are lovely. I highly recommend them. If you were planning on using outside, covering the battery holder with a heavy duty sandwich bag, or taping it up with duck tape, would probably be fine.
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on 29 December 2013
Very disappointed after reading all the good reviews. We have these wrapped around our banister over Christmas, and with fresh Duracell batteries, the lights are super bright for only a few days (around 5 hours use per day) then go dull.
Quite shocked actually at how fast the batteries seem to run out.

Waste of money.
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