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on 6 November 2009
Ignore the comments about being difficult to install, this is far from that. Once the wall bracket is secured, the TV simply sits on that and is then secured with 2 nuts. I managed to do my 32" TV on my own although bigger TV's may need assistance to be lifted into place.

There are 2 niggles that stopped me from giving this 5 stars.
1, there wasn't enough spacers in the packet to allow for the stand off my TV required which meant I had to modify the brackets slightly to make it fit to my particular TV (although the instructions clearly show the additional spacers)
2. It needs to be pulled quite away from the wall to swivel at the required angle to fit my room, again others may not have this problem.

But as far as TV brackets go I can say that it's really well built, strong and secure. A breeze to fit and looks good to boot.

I would certainly reccomend others to look at the Vogel's EFW6345 bracket if they require an adjustable mount.
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on 3 February 2011
I was not aware from the description that the 6354 is only pulls away from the wall perpendicularly - so called "Forward Motion" which was on the box but not on the web description. The (sturdy) double wish bone design means you cannot move the screen 'centre line' to either side of the mounting centre line. It will tilt and turn, although turning depends on how far you pull the bracket from the wall. I will now look for a Vogel single arm articulating bracket that will give me the degrees of movement I require (for recessing the 40" screen inside a cupboard).

This is my first return to Amazon in dozens of purchases and I must say I was impressed by the process - so far! Lets see how the refund works!
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on 14 October 2013
I have a TV that has to be positioned in a corner of my room. It meant that the TV screen was only able to be seen by two thirds of the room, so anyone wanting to see the TV who happened to be seated in the 'blind' area ,had to move to be able to see the screen. My son had heard that the Vogel adjustable arm that enables a TV screen to be moved out and up and down was a good piece of equipment that should solve my problem. I ordered one and it arrived within a few days. I had a friend assemble it...which took a little time, but it was his first attempt at erecting a Vogel, and he said it would be easier next time! The instructions ( he said) were quite clear and easy to follow, but he needed help to lift it into place whilst he drilled holes. When the TV was attached , we all sat down to see if we could view it from the blind spot....we could...it pulls out so easily and you can move the tv to the left , right and up and down , so , so easily. I am thrilled with it. When you are not needing the TV out you simply push it back against the wall, and it looks very neat. I thoroughly recommend having a Vogel if you need to adjust the viewing position of your Tv.
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on 23 June 2008
Read a couple of the early reviews for this before I installed it, and was very cautious when installing, particularly when sticking the bolt template to the wall. I drilled into plastered brickwork and the four bolts - unbelievably - worked great. 2 months on and it is still there. The other tips listed by others are very helpful (thanks!), but an additional one, and to some may sound obvious, but get a good drill & drill bit that's the perfect size.
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on 14 December 2014
Excellent thank you.
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on 23 October 2012
Bought this on recommendation of other reviews on here and have not been disappointed.

All the wall fixings are plenty man enough for the job, instructions clear and easy to follow. Holds the weight of the TV (47" Panasonic) easily.

No complaints and would look at these again if need be.
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on 29 October 2014
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on 9 January 2009
Still working perfectly after 5+ years - smooth, solid action
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on 13 November 2006
This is a fantastic piece of kit, looks and works like a dream, feels really solid. This is now holding up a heavy 42inch plasma screen on a slightly dodgy wall. Some thoughts on fitting below but the process is extremely easy.

I was at first concerned that the screws mounting the rear frame to the screen would not be strong enough to hold the screen but so far so good.

You might want to consider a different type of screw to mount to the wall unless you are absolutely sure that the wall you are drilling into is rock solid. We switched to expanding metal bolts rather than the provided plastic plugs to give better grip. There are four mounting holes in the top of the bracket, of which you only drill two. You only have two holes at the base of the bracket so make sure these are into solid wall. One of the top holes went into poor brickwork, so the bracket is held up by three of the metal plugs (top left, and the two bottom ones) plus a smaller plug in one of the spare top holes. Feels extremely solid.


1. Fitting the metal frame to the rear of the TV is simple, just make sure the horizontal pieces are properly engaged.

2. Think carefully about the position of the TV. You do not want it sitting high on the wall else you'll get neck ache watching it.

3. Check the wall thoroughly before drilling!

4. You need two people to hold a large TV to the wall bracket for final mounting. Even better three people but not really necessary.

5. The template for drilling the holes is ok but you may need to fine tune the bracket holes with a file, if like me your drilling is a touch off line.
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on 21 January 2012
This bracket allows a flat-screen t.v. to come into the room by around 600mm (2 feet) which enables a vast range of movement in the way you live within the area.

Being an early adopter of LCD & Plasma TV's we found t(back then) there weren't that many makes to choose from where quality wall brackets were concerned, let alone ones that allowed more than a modicum of movement, & having worked in the audio industry was always impressed with the quality, weight & design of Vogels products, including the 10 year warranty & the substantial wall bolts supplied.

The wall bolts inspire confidence as to overall support & movement in a controlled, non jerky manner, so impressed with our 1st bracket we've subsequently purchased 3 more for varying sized TV's

Set up is effortless as the guide is substantial & typically includes a paper stencil as to where to drill in order that you are not having to support the hefty metal bracket itself when trying to align & install as a diy'er.

I approached the first (& smallest with some trepidation) ..I needn't have worried it was simple, 4 bolts in the solid brick wall, check for alignment, tighten equally & fit the plastic covers...

The second bracket for a big tv was up in 15 minutes with assistance from my other half.

Don't think you can get away with using a battery drill, you'll be needing a decent corded electric drill to fit the suitably named "wall anchors"

Worth the extra money spent on the assurity that it's not monkey metal like so many generic brands, & therefore it won't shear & drop on the head ((kill)) a loved one.
Remember the more you wish to move a tv outward the more pressure it has to take stretched, not to mention being man-handled by us in order to get the right viewing angle, so invest in quality where it counts!

wholeheartedly recommended brand, complete with excellent UK support!
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