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on 18 October 2015
This is another one of those reviews which is frustrating to write. Out of all of the projector mounts out there, this is one of the best looking, and particularly for a living room environment, the wall mounting option makes things much neater. There are plenty of projectors which this will fit (but definitely check as I can see some of the deeper ones being a bit tight to the wall), and the overall quality looks great.


Firstly, the Vogels instructions are a joke. They should frankly fire the person who drew them. That said, there's not a great deal to this so you should be able to work it out.

This is a minor quibble ultimately, because the real killer here is that the horizontal bar does not fit at all onto the vertical upright. The tooling was terrible on this, as there's simply no way the two parts fit without strong use of a mallet, which a. you shouldn't need to do and b. is a nightmare if the bracket is fixed to the wall close to the ceiling (like it is in my room).

I complained to Vogels directly and to be fair their service was second to none - I had a new bracket sent out within 24 hours. Except that the new bracket has exactly the same problem as the first. The good news is that there IS a workaround. If you remove the black plastic cap on the horizontal bar where it meets the vertical bar, then the two parts slot together perfectly and securely (see photos). It doesn't look as good but it does work.
review imagereview image
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on 23 July 2017
I have used this to wall mount an Epson TW6700. The projector fits fine, and feels secure, although there were some challenges getting the projector arm mounted onto the wall bracket. If you have the arm mounted near the top of the wall bracket, the black top cap will prevent you from clipping the arm in to place. Even when positioning lower down (as in the product picture), the black trip at the wall bracket end of the arm makes it difficult to clip the arm into the bracket - although it goes on quite easily without it in place. I eventually managed to get the arm attached with the black trip in place, although it took about 20 minutes and a bit of lost skin from my hands. I also broke one of the clips on the top cap in the process so that is not as firmly attached as it should be.

The bracket certainly looks neat now it is in place, and I could not find a cheaper wall bracket that was stylish enough to put in the living room - the cheaper brackets had a lot of nuts and bolts on show and had an industrial look about them.

I have read in other reviews some complaints about the instructions - they seemed well drawn to me and quite easy to follow - a copy of the installation leaflet is available on the Vogels website if you want to review it first.
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on 12 December 2014
I bought the Vogels after undertaking a lot of research; I was mounting an Optoma HD50 projector in my study/snug room which has very high ceilings, thus a normal ceiling mount wouldn't work for me, and almost all of the wall brackets really looked flimsy and poorly engineered.
I have to say that the Vogels is very well constructed, it feels a quality bracket and is very solid indeed. The instructions are a little cryptic as they are a series of illustrations, but as an engineer and keen DIY'er I soon worked this out. I would recommend taking your time and not rushing the install.

First mount the projector to the main circular bracket - you may need to use the extension arms depending upon your projector, but this should fit just about any projector that I have seen on the market.
Make sure everything is aligned (especially if your screen is already in-situ) and only then drill the wall - again measure twice and drill once has to be the motto here. I used specific Fisher rawplug fixings (size 10) and hefty screws (from Screwfix) - more substantial than those in the box, and I used four instead of the supplied three (this is all dependent upon your wall of course).

One the bracket is up the arm can be fitted - this is where you need to be really careful, as one reviewer commented, the arm 'slots' in to two grooves and just simply pushing it on by hand isn't sufficient. You need a rubber mallet or similar and it needs to be tapped into place. I made an almost fatal error in mounting the projector to the arm, offering it up to the wall bracket and just trying to push it into place - the projector was not secure and came away from the wall bracket, but fortunately I was holding it!!

Once the bracket is securely mounted to the wall bracket only then offer up and lock in place (which is very easy with the quick fit rotary locking disc) the projector.

There is a friction lock that you can release that allows for fine adjustment, and if you have a projector with lens shift then it is very easy to get everything aligned.

I hope this helps anyone looking and wondering about this product - I haven't seen a better wall bracket, it just needs a bit of care in the installation. Everyone who sees my cinema room thinks it looks like a really professional install (and of course the picture is amazing!!).
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on 13 January 2018
I’ve struggled like others to install this and I’m a decent DIYer. The instructions are poorly written and I found the whole mechanism a bit difficult to handle. In the end I managed to get my head around it but it took a good 2-3 hours to sort. I’ve wanted a wall mount projector and unfortunately there seems to be very little models that are of decent make out there. So if you’re looking for wall mount this can do the job and is also much more presentable than other models. However it’s still not great.
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on 3 December 2015
Bought this item to mount my Optoma HD26 to the wall rather than the ceiling. After reading some reviews about the connection to the wall piece being problematic i was a little worried but continued anyway. After getting the item and having a look i realised the problematic connection was to do with the plasic trim internal ribs being about 1mm too long. This wouldnt allow the clip to engage properly without force (more than could safely be applied once mounted) i trimmed the ribs back a small amount which allows the plastic trim to sit better and i have a perfect connection with the cosmetic trim in place. Overall a solid mount that works great, instruction could be a little clearer but not that hard to work out.
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on 20 April 2015
Really good projectoer mount - quite easily put together - though insturcitons could be clearer.
Works pefectely for my quite large and heavy (9kg) Panasonic PTAE6000 home cinema projector.
We have low ceiling in our loft cinema room and this does the job of keeping the projector close to the ceiling perfectly.
It aloows of 4 mouting holes - though my projector has 5 holes - I had to leave 1 free but this does not affect the stability of the mount or the projector performace at all.
All in all a good quality item and a good buy.
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on 15 April 2013
I bought this for a BenQ W1070 projector, and I am very satisfied with it.
The instructions are only visual (meaning I had to scratch my head a couple of times to get it), but not that complicated, similar to your average Ikea mounting instructions.
The mounting components seem to allow for a very flexible configuration: if you are not sure about the compatibility of your projector, I'd say that if it has 3 or 4 screw threads on the same horizontal plan, with no other bit from the projector crossing that plan, I hardly see how it could not fit.

I would not buy this if not for mounting it to a solid piece of wall. The depth of the holes is 80mm and I would definitely not trust anything not solid to hold this in place.

Once fixed to the wall the whole thing does not move, and once fixed the support allows for a 20 degree fine-tuning in all horizontal axis, plus 360 degrees on the vertical axis. Releasing/thigtening up the mechanism is easy.

Tried mounting the projector both ways (with the projector in the normal position and upside down), works equally.

And it looks great (I think). No screw is visible once it's mounted.
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on 3 July 2017
Really don't know what the fuss is about installing this. I was very sceptical about buying due to mixed reviews, however, was a doddle, no modifying needed, looks fantastic, couldn't be happier. Great mount for my Optima DH401. Even the instructions were fool proof, in my opinion!
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on 3 September 2015
A very nice wall mount and very unique designed, Fits my Benq W1400 projector well. I needed to purchase some extra long screws to fit the curvature of the projector only reason for 4 stars and not 5. Fitting is extremely easy. I made sure I calculated the correct height for the projector prior to fitting as the height adjustment is limited on this mount.

Overall very please with my purchase
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on 12 November 2016
Excellent ceiling mount. It's not cheap but looks great and being well made suggests that there is no danger of the projector falling down.
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