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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 April 2012
Viva Las Vegas is probably one of Elvis' best known songs, covered by many artists, and features in some well known other movies. And this film is one of the reasons.

Your ninety minutes of fun are guaranteed in this 1964 movie. Elvis and luscious co-star Ann Margaret give one of the most believable on screen performances. It is well documented that the pair had a thing going between them during the making of this movie and their relationship translates well onto celluloid!

Though Elvis Presley is probably one of the best looking men ever, this does not come across too well in this movie. Aside from the fact that he is overly and unnecessarily coiffed and made up throughout the film, Ann stunningly glows all over with natural beauty. You cannot help but concentrate on her every move. And even with Elvis trying his best, her dance moves are very natural and sexy whilst Elvis' seem mechanical and at times awkward. But by his own admission, Elvis was not a dancer. Music simply made him shake and move to the music in very natural ways rather than in choreographic styles. Comparing his more natural Viva Las Vegas screen performance and the choreographed C'mon Everybody dance routine with Ann Margaret verifies that.

Oh the plot, I almost forgot. Ummm, Elvis is race car driver Lucky Jackson and falls for Rusty (Ann Margaret) at first sight when her sports car develops 'whistling motor' trouble. So who can blame him when he painstakingly tracks her down and tries his best to charm her into his arms? Now he also has to win the Grand Prix race - racing other cars and another guy for the ultimate trophy, Rusty!

Apart from the movie title song, there are some great rocking songs including C'MON EVERYBODY and a criminally-shortened IF YOU DON'T THINK I NEED YOU. Ann also adds her own tantalising solo singing and dancing. And boy can she tantalise.

A thought just came to my head! No, not that. Really, if Ann could tantalise like that back then, why can't they tantalise like that today?

Anyway, get this highly enjoyable film on dvd or blu-ray. Bear in mind, this is not necessarily Elvis at his movie best, but considering what Hollywood and his clueless manager were shoving at him at the time, this is a fantastic effort. It's funny too.

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on 13 January 2003
This one is more fun than it's legal to have at the movies thanks to Elvis, Las Vegas, and the sweet and delectable Ann-Margret. It's a pretty good story about Lucky Jackson (Elvis) trying to enter and win the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which doesn't get in the way of all the entertainment. This was Elvis at his best and Ann-Margret as Rusty matches him scene for scene, making this one something special.
Cesare Danova is the Count Elvis will have to compete with on the race track and off, his rival for Ann-Margret from the moment she shows up at the garage, leggy and gorgeous, and asks, "Can someone look at my engine, it whistles?" She is sweet dynamite in this film and is the only one of his leading ladies to match him. They are magic together, and only years later would she reveal their love for each other, but not revealing any details. She was all class then and she's all class now.
This Elvis film is in a class by itself. There are teriffic songs with no 'throw aways' here. "What'd I Say," "I Love My Baby, and My Baby Loves Me," "You'll Always be My Love," and of course, "Viva Las Vegas," capturing perfectly the excitment of the Las Vegas Strip are all here to enjoy. The most fun though is the back and forth of Elvis and Ann on "The Lady Loves Me, But She Doesn't Know It Yet" that culminates in her pushing him into the pool!
Their first date captures all the fun of this movie as they go skeet shooting (she beats him), water skiing, get to ride mopeds around an airfield, dress up and play gunfight (she beats him again), and get to take a helicopter ride over hoover dam and the marina where her dad (William Demarest in a nice role) lives on a boat. He likes Elvis and knows his daughter does to, in spite of Rusty's fear that he'll get hurt racing.
Shorty Fansworth offers nice support as Elvis's mechanic pal and the race is actually pretty good to. This is just a fun time at the movies with Elvis and Ann-Margret, some fine musical numbers, nice support from the cast, and the bright lights and hot desert of Las Vegas. If your going to pick up an Elvis movie, this is the one to get!
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on 27 June 2015
Singing and dancing with beautiful women is the usual thing with most Elvis movies, some are more story and some are mostly singing, either way you just can't go wrong. A race car driver and looking forward to race in the Gran Prix, his car needs a new engine and must raise money to pay for it. He has got it and then loses it when he is taken by surprise by Ann-Margret, a stunning good looking chick who has a problem with her car. One of his most popular titles and with songs like Viva Las Vegas you can't go wrong. This has plenty of action, even some of it on the track that I rated this an A grade for the storyline and acting worth your time for a look see and making your own point of view. Entertainment at it's best from a classic that will have you singing along with the songs. Enjoy!
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on 3 October 2010
Probably Elvis' best film, with Ann-Margret, directed by long-time MGM musicals master, George Sidney (Anchors Aweigh. Now with the added bonus of anamorphic Cinemascope and blu ray, and more importantly at last, stereo. Sounds and looks better than it did in mono in the cinemas. A must buy Elvis movie.
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on 9 February 2002
Viva Las Vegas is a cracking film, very easy to watch and with Elvis and Anne Margaret sizzling on screan, this film is a joy.
Releases in 1964, Viva Las Vegas outgrossed Elvis massive 1961 smash Blue Hawaii for box office takings in America. It also outgrossed the Beatles Hard Days night; the King was still more popular than the fab four.
The music is very very good as is the race scenes, but it's the interaction between Ms Margaret and Mr Presley that makes this so good; especially the What'd I Say sequence and the C'mon Everybody sequence; also the scene where Elvis is a waiter, this is so very funny,
Critics and many fans have called this Elvis best film of the sixties and the only film of that decade that should be looked at; this aint true, as this is good fun, it does not in any way come close to his best work: Flaming Star, Wild In The Country, Trouble With Girls, Change of Habit, Blue Hawaii, Follow That Dream etc.....but check it out, it is a fun, feelgood film!
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on 2 January 2016
Great packaging on the anniversary edition great transfer
Deducted a star because the extras were not good the documentary on there cud have been so much better and why no interviews with Ann Margaret and if they would look I bet there must be some outakes from Viva but because it's Elvis obviously they don't want to spend money looking for possible outakes etc
If it's a money thing I will do it for them for very little or for free if I'm in right mood
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on 19 June 2009
This is one of Elvis's best movies. The songs are great and he looks great. It's a decent storyline about boy meets girl interspersed with some of the king's best songs, "Viva Las Vegas," "The Lady Loves Me," "Come On Everybody" and others.
The first view we get of Ann Margaret in this movie is something I will never forget. When she appears in the garage Elvis is working at she is simply mind blowing. She is wearing an orange top and little white shorts which show off fabulous, fabulous...I really mean FABULOUS legs. Her engine whistles, she says. I picked my eyes up off the floor and focused them again. Elvis and Ann look at her engine and he tells her he is a very caring mechanic. She looks at him, her blue, blue eyes twinkling, her pearly white teeth flashing. With an almost imperceptible incline of her head as a slight breeze lifts her long, lustrous red hair, she breathes, "I'm sure you are." I pitch forward in my seat, a blithering wreck! Are there really women this beautiful? For me the scene is still electric all these years later. Ann leaves and Elvis just goes back to his work. If I was him I'd have to have the rest of the day off, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything!
Elvis, of course gets the fabulous girl, (I'm not really giving anything away there,) and has a great time as well. I wonder if MY life could be like that? As I remember it was belting with rain when I left the cinema.
In this movie Elvis's character is called Lucky - now THERE'S an understatement. He makes you sick really, doesn't he?
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VINE VOICEon 17 December 2006
I purchased this film as a stocking filler for my wife.It has to be said she'd dropped enough hints! My wife is an avid Elvis fan and watches every film,listens to every song and reads every book over and over again.This is her favourite Elvis film and she enjoys the chemistry between Elvis and Ann-Margret.They were lovers,allegedly.The film is full of fun and a must for fans of the King and all for little money.Recommended.
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I bought this for our UK Playstation 3 simply because it gets good write-ups for the hi-def transfer and I like the theme song, although I'd never seen it before. It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable films I've seen in a long time. The colours are bright and cheerful, most of the songs are catchy and Ann-Margret is just great to watch. What I like most is that she really seems to be enjoying herself throughout the film, particularly in the dance scenes. My favourite scene was the What'd I Say routine, where Ann-Margret just seems to be having a whale of a time. We watched the film in 1080i and were very impressed, especially in the close-ups. Even the neon scenes of the Strip looked very clear, with no noticeable bleeding of the colours. I played it in True HD sound, but to be honest didn't hear anything from the surrounds, although there was plenty of direction from the fronts. As a film, it's definitely one for cheering you up on a wet Sunday afternoon, and as a Hi-Def purchase it's well worth the money for the extra clarity of the bright colours. Hard to believe it's now 45 years old.
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on 1 January 2001
3 stars cos the film is not hot on plot, but Elvis and Ann-Margret are. There is,of course,the classic title song .... twice!
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