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on 27 April 2017
Wendy's Visions from Heaven shows you GOD's heart as you have probably never understood it. Wendy has brought me into a more intimate relationship with the LORD JESUS CHRIST and has heightened my love & compassion for HIS wounded soldiers. We must uphold fallen soldiers in prayers and not give them up as irredeemable. The One who loves them so much waits for our fervent intercession on their behalf. I recommend this book for all who desire to know GOD more, walk with the brethren in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and want to advance His heavenly kingdom here on earth. Blessed be the GOD of our salvation
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on 6 September 2016
Fast delivery. Happy with purchase.
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on 21 March 2014
Wendy Alec’s latest prophetic revelation is deeply touching, a worthy follow up to Journal of the Unknown Prophet. If only we, and so many others, had a deeper understanding of how God really felt about us, and why we live in a world of such devastation. Now we can know. Wendy's visions of Heaven provide readers with much-needed answers. Her visions offer personal glimpses into God's eternal perspective and how much our devotion to Him counts even though we stumble and fall repeatedly or are at the point of giving up.

This book is spot on for this time and season, in numerous ways. Wendy's transparency is refreshing as is her heart of compassion for the suffering. It is incredibly insightful how she has captured so many different scenarios of people, some famous and some unknown, but equally important, who have struggled so vociferously.

‘Visions of Heaven’ vividly exposes the true extent of the spiritual battle that rages against us and the enemy's tailor-made snares to entrap God's sons and daughters and how we can find freedom and peace in the Father's Arms.

Wendy's visions and heart-felt words from Heaven reveal that even when we feel abandoned and that we have no faith, it is faith enough just to keep believing in Him and He will come through for us.

You will be inspired to realise how vital our prayers are to seeing souls saved and hopeless situations turned around. This book gives hope to people of every background, challenging them to stand to the end; to overcome the Veil of Shame, or whatever holds them back and to never give up. It also empowers us to play our unique role in the coming move of God that will be greater than anything we've ever seen.
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on 20 March 2014
It is difficult to find a way to adequately convey the brilliance of this remarkable and truly unique book by Wendy Alec. I could use Christian cliché adjectives like anointed but they seem pathetically inadequate and over-used. I could use hyperbolic phrases like profound, staggering, mind-blowing or life-changing, but even they feel strangely redundant.

Where to begin?

Visions from Heaven recounts an astonishing series of visitations and visions that Wendy Alec received following a period of chronic illness and intense trauma. In these visions Wendy is permitted to ask God some life’s most difficult questions about suffering and why our Heavenly Father allows it. The answers she receives are surprising, sometimes challenging, but also immensely, immensely comforting.

One section – entitled the Veil of Shame – contains an absolutely critical message for the Church today. The time has come for Christians to be honest with themselves, honest with God, and honest with one another. The religious masks have to come off. Once they do, the End Times Church will arise, and this book also contains prophetic visions of what is to come in this respect.

Another section later in the book, entitled Satan’s Trophy Rooms, will have Christians punching the air in triumph at the hope it brings to those who have been undergone depression, serious sickness, financial catastrophe, divorce, or perhaps lost family, friends or loved ones.

There is a power God has placed in this book that I have never encountered in all my years of reading Christian literature. Saying I was moved to tears implies expert manipulation on the part of the author, but I believe in this case the author was the Holy Spirit via Wendy Alec. Furthermore, the tears I shed were not just shed for the sake of a cathartic “up-cry”, they were shed because God himself has demonstrably changed my life through this book.

In conclusion, I urge every Christian in the strongest possible terms to get this book. It will profoundly change the life of all who read it.
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on 9 April 2014
I read this book in one sitting. As someone experiencing pressures and difficulties of health and circumstances I personally found this book encouraging and comforting. I also found fresh vision and inspiration to cope with my on-going situations from the insight I found in Wendy Alec's book. I shall reread it.
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on 11 May 2014
This book has literally changed my life. After experiencing what can only be described as years of attacks from the enemy resulting in a loss of child, home, marriage, family breakdown, son going completely off the rails.....amongst other trials - this book has spoken to my heart and explained WHY it has all happened and WHY I struggled so much feeling lonely and abandoned.

PLEASE, PLEASE read this book. It is written from the fathers heart straight to ours. Thank you wendy soooo much for writing this book. And to my heavenly daddy....I am so sorry I ever, ever doubted that you were with me.
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on 4 April 2014
This book has not only confirmed what I had been sensing over a number of years but restored hope. Through her amazing writing ability, she captures the very heart of God and manages to clarify mysteries so they are easily accessible.

I read the book in a day, underlining the whole way through. My copy is now full of annotations such as YES, AMEN, **** and so on. Why? Because so much hit home as truth. Within seconds of starting to read the very first page, I was sobbing because hope began to speak into the tragedies that I've walked through. Answers for years of heartache, loss and sickness now had a framework of understanding within the ways of God.

For me, this is probably one of the most important books I have or will ever read (and I read a lot). Wendy has humbled herself in a brave and vulnerable way. For this I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Let the Dread Champions arise!
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on 22 June 2014
I did not find this book helpful in any way shape or form. I would not recommend it to anyone sorry.
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on 24 April 2014
This book has take me through a journey, and I am embraced and soaked in the Love of God, This book is a must repeat read, so much to share. So tenderly expressed, though I have been on this journey with my Father for many many years, The revelation shared so beautifully has filled me with wonder and love, I too am recovering from a long illness , I too have been so presumptuous in my faith walk, forgive me Father God. Thank you Wendy for sharing the heart of God through your visitations may you continue to experience favour and anointing as your continue to surrender to His purpose and grace.
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on 25 April 2014
This is such a powerful tool to show others the love of God as it is personal to us all,deeply humbling and beautifully written. It is the true story of Wendy Alec suffering a time of intense suffering and sifting and tells how God The Father healed and ministered to her,both spiritually and physically. She had deep wounds of heart, feeling abandoned by God at her time of greatest need. She found that not only had she not been abandoned but that God was there all along,having wonderful plans to restore,refresh and return to her everything, and much more than she thought the enemy had stolen from her.She also found out so much more about his great love,mercy and forgiveness towards us all when she was visited by him at regular intervals and taken into the realms of glory to receive revelation, impartation and be reminded of the promises he had given her.Nothing can prevent them coming to pass.Get your biggest box of tissues out,read it,let it minister a deep work in you and then pass it on to others.They'll be so glad you did.
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