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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Victory Songs
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£25.40+ Free shipping

on 3 April 2009
The other reviews focus around the changing of singers - I hadn't heard of Ensiferum until 4 weeks ago when my nephew introduced me to Victory Songs, an album he really liked.

This album is absolutely outstanding and exactly what I want from my music. It is well arranged and the production quality and balance is incredible for an unknown band (To me and quite a high proportion of metal fans in the UK I suspect).

Most importantly it is fun, exciting and makes me feel great when I listen to it. There are parts you can sing/scream/bellow along to while you're driving.

I can't compare new singers to old but I do know that the singing on this album is excellent with mostly Children of Bodom esque screeching/snarling during the verses and a combination of melodic vocals and grunts/screams (EPIC) choruses.
The musicians are all clearly very talented and I can find no fault from the melodies which are technically excellent- there certainly are no 'filler tracks' and each song deserves its place on the album.

The record starts with a traditional instrumental to build the tension and excitement with drum rolls which culminates into a scream of fury and the start of one the best songs on the album 'Blood is the Price of Glory'. A full throttle opener with heavy riffs, a raging chorus and a fast beat. I hope to one day see a gig opened with this song as I'm sure the crowd would go mad for it.
The pace continues with 'Deathbringers from the Sky' and 'Ahti'. Both have catchy choruses - you can tell these guys have probably been influenced by Judas Priest with the Rob Halford esque screams which are pulled off with aplomb.
Track 5 - 'One More Magic Potion' is my favourite song from the album. A really great catchy song with excellent lyrics and you get a real feel-good factor while you listen to it.
The next 3 songs ebb and flow with the slower 'Wanderer' and evocative 'Raised by the Sword' followed by the fast paced rocker 'The New Dawn'.
The undisputed shining jewel of the album is the closer 'Victory Song'. The melody is catchy while intricate with beautifully played solos. The tempo is filled with changes and is paced magnificently. The chorus is a fantastic sing-a-long and the song is just breathtaking. Epic is the only appropriate word I can think of.

I listen to a lot of metal and this is my favourite album for a long time (Since I discovered Nightfall in Middle Earth by Blind Guardian a few years ago).

If you are a fan of any of the bands below I would recommend you pick this up - you won't regret it (All these bands are ones I really like and have similar themes in one aspect or another).

Iron Maiden Nightwish Sonata Arctica DragonForce Iced Earth Lordi Stratovarius Turisas Trivium Blind Guardian Children of Bodom
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on 25 January 2012
Unlike other reviewers I'm not going to go on about the change of vocalist and which one I think is better- the bottom line is that this is a great album, not a single filler track on it! There doesn't seem to be a huge fanbase of viking/epic/folk metal, if you do know about it already, chances are you already know how great this band are, but if you are new to the genre, this would be a decent place to start learning
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on 14 June 2012
This is the underrated third full album from Finnish viking metallers Ensiferum. But then you probably know that already. A lot of people were very suspicious of Victory Songs when it first appeared but it has grown to be my favourite from Ensiferum (which isn't to say their other three albums aren't also fantastic). All four albums are distinct from each other, from the stripped down Ensiferum to the symphonic excesses of From Afar, but in my view Victory Songs has the most consistent and coherent sound. Individual tracks may not be as distinctive as some in the other offerings (e.g. Token of Time, Iron etc) but as a body-of-work this is an album with ebbs and flows which takes you on a journey through ancient battlefields.
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on 3 June 2013
very loved songs very good quality made!!! fast delivery.an original ENSIFERUM SOUND and cover in box.you will be happy to bay this product also other Ensiferum cd-s.boxed good fitted to the keep in door.very nice bought.i need another to order from AMAZON store or AMAZON partnership.
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on 30 October 2007
I wasn't sure whether to give the 4 or 3, lets say its 3.5

I really didn't expect Ensiferum to come up with the goods on this one after suberb vocalist and guitar-god Jari left, only to be replaced by the guy from kings of mundane melodeath Norther. But i was really surprised that, musically, this is top-notch, full on epic folk metal from the Ensiferum we all know and love... its just that vocally this is a dissapointment
So lets get it over with first, Petri does his best to scream and gnarl his way through the album, but he has a much weaker voice then Jari. But the music and guitars are powerful enough to carry the songs through. the real problem is the absence of Jari's soaring clean vocals and 'one man choirs'. While the others do their best, the clean vocals sound flat and uninspired. Jari was also the main solo player in the band, and his sweep picking and masterful tapping are sorely missed (the few solo's on here are pretty bad)

But on the other hand this is a fantastically written and performed cd. Ensiferum have gone hell for leather with the folk influences (bag pipes anyone?) while keeping the metal intact. 'Blood is the price of Glory' thunders out after a breif intro and kicks off with a bang proving that, muically and instrumentally speaking, the band are still on high form. Very much in the vein of previous works, it has that wonderful combination of thrashing rythm and soaring leads over the top that Ensiferum do so well and when combined with the anthemic shout along chorus its a real winner. 'Death bringer from the Sky' is another fave with a bit more of an 80s power metal feel and some full on cheesy melodic choruses. I just love it when it all breaks down for some Viking 'whoa whoa' chants; very atmospheric. But while the first two tracks don't really break any new ground for the band 'Ahti' and 'one more magic potion' show a bit more of a cheerful folkish (very similiar to Fintroll) vibe. 'Ahti' is a great song which playfully switches between Petri's screams and some deathy growls (points for them!) and, believe it or not, full on banjo playing while 'one more magic potion' is simply amazing and sees them taking their folk influences to the limit. Token ballad 'wanderer' is also pretty good; it has a great vintage maiden feel as it trucks along, although to be honest it would sound alot better with a different vocalist with more of a range and passioned delivery. I dunno what version of the song the guy in the review below has been listening to, but there's no screaming in this song . Finally, 'victory songs' ends the album fantastically. Starting with some choirs and the sounds of hoaves galloping and then slowly builds up into a lenghty epic that could easily be a soundtrack to a fantasy film. I really wasn't expecting anything as grandiose as this from the band. Killer track.

You're probably thinking why only three stars for such a long review? well, I hate to say it but the lack of Jari has seriously effected the impact of the band for me, kinda like when Blaze Baily sang for Maiden. Musically they really stepped up their game and pushed their boundaries a little, but the lack of some serious black metal screams, competant clean vocals and good solo's make this a 3 rather then a 4. But thats not to say i didn't really enjoy listening to this album, i did! Musically this is awesome! i admit i am very picky with vocalists

I do recommmend this, but not over 'Ensfierum'. It may be better then Iron though. if you can cope with Petri and co on vocals you'll find that this is a great CD.

Ensiferum fans might also want to check out Suidakra, Thyrfing, Arkona, Finntroll, Manegarm, Wolf Chant, Heol Telwen, Forefather, Falchion, Equilibrium, Nomans Land, Hammer Horde, Moonsorrow, Svartsot or Waylander.
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on 26 April 2015
A gift for a big fan, they loved it! (of course)
Thank you ~
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on 8 January 2016
all fine
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on 27 January 2011
This is an amazing album. Petri's vocals are perfect, I prefer them much more to Jari's. I can't find any faults in it what so ever!
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on 7 January 2008
Dammit! We need half stars! When listened to successively, Victory Songs does seriously stand out as a weaker album. As so rightly pointed out by Mr Epitaphred, the change in vocals and the glaring lack of one-man-choirs makes Victory Songs less distinctive than the previous three LPs, although taken as a first step into the crazy world of Ensiferum, it aint half bad.

The rubbish track listings above fail to mention track 6, Wanderer; I hate to call it a ballad as most soppy ballads don't have a screaming riff-fest half way through. Stand out songs are Ahti and Deathbringer From the Sky, and Victory Songs itself is marvellous when you've got used to the general sound; a little grating if new. In all, a fine folk metal album, but I'd recommend Iron or my personal favourite, the debut Ensiferum. 3 and a half stars.
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