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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 3 June 2014

Make sure you select the correct version the X5 is without camera and the X5C has it. I had to cancel my order so I could reorder the correct one, which the seller did almost immediately. It took less than a week to arrive from China. Good email communications from the seller as well whose English is very good.

After watching hours of YouTube movies of the Phantom series of quadcopters, I knew I had to get into this camera-toting, multi rotor thing. There are now a lot of reviews of the Syma X5 on the web as well and I am glad I chose it over the other low-cost alternatives.

It arrived complete with spare blades, screwdriver and a 2GB memory card and reader (useful on their own). Order spare batteries and charging cable/s at the same time or you will soon be frustrated waiting for the stock 500MAH Lipo cell to recharge. This takes about and hour and gives roughly 7 minutes of crash time. Expect to use the first few full charges to fine tune the controls.

Flying it is... extremely hard. It's worth watching some instruction movies on YouTube because unless you have experience, flying the Syma X5 is a real mind bender. At times you have to think backwards and upside down, which I can't yet. It's lucky the Syma is fairly robust, fitting the blade guards is an absolute must for beginners. I envy the skill of the pilots who make it all look so simple, making banked turns around their tiny living rooms. It is going to take me weeks or even months to become proficient enough to make it go roughly where I want it to.

As for the camera, I have disconnected it for the time being unless someone wants a movie showing different ways to crash every 10 seconds.
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on 2 January 2015
If you're thinking about getting an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and taking up this sort of thing as a hobby, the X5C is a fantastic place to start.

The craft is delivered fully assembled, apart from blade protectors, and comes complete with 2mp camera, 2gb memory card and a USB converter to allow you to transfer pictures and videos from the craft to your computer.

Once charged, the drone will fly for approximately seven minutes and so far I haven't reached the limit of its range - although I think that's more down to nerves on my part than ability from the aircraft! The drone can easily be made to hover, swivel and rotate through the six-axis controller, and there is an option to switch from low speed to high speed on the radio control; low speed has so far been fast enough for me!

The camera is operated from a switch near the throttle; it takes a little practice to be able to do this confidently while letting the craft fly, but once you've mastered it you can take a photograph whilst airborne or simply switch the camera to video mode and film your aerial activities.

The drone can also be made to do stunts, but not while the camera is connected.

The aircraft is incredibly sturdy; I have lost control and ditched in to the ground a couple of times with almost no damage; the only damage that has occurred is the loss of a light cover on the base, caused by a purely fluke awkward landing on the edge of a table. But spare parts are readily available, and not at all expensive, should you actually crash badly!

Things to note: the instructions have been badly translated in to English so don't always make sense. It would be worth buying a second battery as seven minutes is not long enough and the battery can take over an hour to recharge to full use.

Negatives: the battery charger plug is quite flimsy and fiddly and strikes me that it might be prone to breaking quite easily. The instructions show that the battery should be charged from a USB port on a PC; I'm not sure if you would damage the battery by using a USB mains charger instead.
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on 16 September 2014
Must have big boys toy. This is far too much fun for kids. Takes a bit of time to sort out the trim but once up and running it is stable and responsive. The camera is the good bit. We travel around in our motorhome quite a bit and this gives us a video record of our camp site and the immediate area.You can take it to pretty much any outdoor event and take a video of the proceedings. I would recommend buying a spare upgraded 600ma li-po battery as flight time is only about 6 minutes on the standard battery.
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on 18 January 2015
This camera is great for the price, much better than the other cameras that are around for the same price. Stable to fly, unlike something like the x4, which is very skittish. To get the best, you need a fair bit of space. The camera angles downwards, perhaps a bit too much, so if the drone is low, you'll get a lot of video of the ground.

A couple of big tips with video - slight, smooth movements make a video easy to watch. Lots of heavy thumb action and its too jerky and not much joy. Sometimes the drone will gently drift while its in the air and this can make for pleasant watching. One BIG tip : its a left thumb down on the controller to start and stop video recording. If you switch off the drone or the battery runs flat without you stopping recording, you end up with nothing. Battery death can come on quite quickly, so shoot lots of small videos rather than one long one. Left thumb up will take a picture, but it'll also stop the video, so you need to keep your wits about you whether you're recording or not.

DJI phantom it is not. It doesn't have a gimbal so your videos are going to be a bit jerky, but its cheap and fairly easy to fly and a great place to start
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on 25 September 2014
Had been looking to buy a quadcopter for a few months but wanted to check out a few reviews first . The Syma x5c was reviewed on amazon with a lot of positives ,this was enough for me to go ahead and order one . Didn't take to long between order and delivery which was good . Ordered a spare battery as one reviewer said it was a good idea as they only last for about 8 minutes flying time (total agreement on that one and thanks for the good advice). Takes a bit of practice to get the hang of flying, im still not fully skilled but enjoying the fun involved anyway. Word of warning ,this might sound obvious but best to learn in a wide open grass area as this cushions the blows when You crash . Also saves You bashing into obstacles as I did in small garden which in turn burned out one rotor motor . The good people at tiny were very sympathetic to my problem and are sending me four new motors so I can get airborne again. All in all delighted with my purchase and would recommend this quadcopter to anybody who likes a bit of fun with gadgets .
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on 30 June 2014
Absolutely fantastic for the money. Images and video are clear.
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on 14 January 2015
Bought for 11 year old son - very stable flight, perfected even indoors. Colour coded lights very good for helping with control. Only current issue is getting the camera to operate - appears to be a little hit and miss. However, it exceeds expectations in all other respects, including withstanding 2.5 metre dead drops onto solid wood floors. Remarkably flexible plastic ! Bought with 2 spare 680mah batteries, which are definitely recommended (flight times near the stated 7 mins; 75 min recharge)
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on 3 December 2014
Great fun, not recommended for indoor flying the first few times - learning to hover while crashing into the furniture is no fun after a while.
The quadcopter flies well, although it also shoots away from you in anything more than a mild breeze. Range is seemingly very limited, I've lost control a couple of times and had to leg it to get it back in.
Teeny tiny movements on the sticks result in massive increase in speed and direction, be gentle.
Removing the landing gear, prop guards and camera makes for longer and more lively flights and the supplied battery lasts a good five minutes, no problem.
The camera is OK, nothing to get excited about, but good fun to see the countryside lurching around in swoops and bounds.
A fantastic machine to learn on, not for the too young and one that's best kept low down too.
There's plenty of advice online with regard to improving the signal strength and adding a better camera but I'm using this to learn on before moving up to bigger (more expensive) things.
Plenty of crashes and one dip in the shallows of the shoreline yet the thing keeps on going. Worth every penny.
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on 29 June 2016
I think this is a smart drone, however it seems to be let down by general build quality. It doesn't really scream any sort of quality to you when you hold it or use the controller.
It just feels really cheap.
Once you start to use it though you get a sense that this the build quality doesn't really matter as you have a rather enjoyable toy.
Having to wait for a windless day I went to set it up and trim it off. The trim buttons on the controller are flimsy and weak, as is the controller on the whole. Once its hovering nicely you can be let loose and play around.
I have yet to really try and do the whole inversion 360 thing, but did get to filming and taking pictures. Its not going to win any competition in terms of quality there and to say its a HD camera at 2.0MP but when I look back at the film and pictures, its not amazing and makes me think of old school digital images that I used to take on on an old Nokia 10 years ago.

With the limited flight time it is always worth investing in a new lot of batteries, preferably 700mAh ones. There is also an abundance of extra bit kits, which worried me at first thinking that means things will fall apart, but I suppose its more the case if it keeps crash landing something will break and being cheap build, its cheap to fix/repair etc.

A great little toy and there is fun to be had and maybe this is the right price point for it but I think there is room for improvement in the camera area.
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on 17 August 2014
Received this as a gift yesterday. Great fun to begin with but I have two big issues.
1. The 'fine tuning' doesn't seem to work. I have tried all settings in both directions of the button to stop it going backwards and it makes no difference at all. I have also reset it several times (both levers to the bottom right corner) with no effect.
2. The camera doesn't seem to work. Both red and green LEDs work because when the X5C starts up they flash along with the rest of them, but when I press the camera button for three seconds I just get a long bleep and the LED stays green. I checked the SD card to see if it was recording anyway but there was nothing there except some interesting pictures of the factory where it was made, obviously from when it was being tested.
Judging from the other reviews my experience seems to be unusual and I'm assuming it's down to me being new to this and there's a perfectly simple explanation, but as this is billed as a good machine to get if you are new to quadcopters I am a little disappointed.
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