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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 February 2013
I got sick of having to untangle my old headphones, I found that 8 times out of 10 I would have to spend a few seconds or a few minutes untangling the cord when I got them out of my pocket.
I saw this item on Amazon and decided to buy it. It really does work! It seems with this item that 8 times out of 10 it comes out untangled. Ahh bliss.
The sound quality seems fine to me and the noise isolating does work a bit too.
On each bud there are 2 places where it tells you which is left and right. One of these is moulded with the bud and the other is very small (unreadable to me in all but the brightest of light) and next to the Veho name.
You receive 2 pairs of different sized rubber buds (just loose in the cylinder shaped plastic case) so you can get the perfect fit. The medium sized ones that were already connected were perfect for me.
The ear buds themselves fit me really well, they don't seem to slip out very often.
The total length of the item is 130cm
I like this item, recommended!
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on 10 June 2012
I had been looking to purchase some Earbuds for a while but had never got round to actually doing anything about it until spotting these on a Groupon deal. Earbuds were suggested to me a while back by a friend when I was telling her about my earphones not staying in my ears and falling out all the time, as well as feeling uncomfortable.

These particular Earbuds are manufactured by Veho, a brand I had no experience of prior to buying these.
The Earbuds are noise isolating and compatible with all common mobile/MP3 Player devices including iPod/iPhone/iPad.
Veho state that using these earbuds ensure you'll "only hear the music you want to enjoy" and they also have a anti-tangle flex cord system.

They come with three different sized 'buds' to attach. I have no idea if this is common place with all earbuds but I do think this is a good idea and ensures you should be able to achieve a decent fit for your ears. The medium sized buds from the three sizes supplied were already attached, so I decided to try the earbuds with this size first and found they seemed to fit perfectly and snugly into my ears.
They felt a little strange at first and I was hesitant about using them as they fit deeper into your ear than the usual earphones, but they certainly felt more comfortable and the good news was they stayed put and didn't fall out as soon as I moved my head!

I had connected the earbuds to my iPod Nano with no problems and I am very pleased with the sound, which is clear and the bass sounds solid. The noise isolating feature does exactly that and the flex doesn't tangle, Overall the quality appears to be very good. They are lightweight as you would expect, but do not seem flimsy or 'cheap'.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 February 2015
Sound – The sound quality of these headphones is not bad but not great either. Like the title says these are definitely “middle of the road” not over performing in any area. Lacking in bass for my tastes but not bad for the price. Volume is good you don’t need to have it particularly high to hear the music. If you like acoustic (lumineers, mumford and sons etc) then I can see you would be fine with these headphones. If you are more into Dubstep or bass heavy music then these are unlikely to provide the depth required.

The build quality is nice. Aesthetically they look nice and current. The flat cord gives the feeling that these may not suffer with tangling and the inevitable “yank and die” of the earbuds. The headphones themselves are light and fit in the ear well creating the noise cancelling effect.

Overall I would say these are great as either back up or gym headphones. But for primary headphones then these just don’t have the range.

Headphones are one bit of technology which is highly personal. It appears that one persons “awesome” is another’s “total £$%£”. I feel this is partly due to music taste as I can see some headphones are suited for a particular music type rather than all round performance.

I personally, have a wide music taste ranging from Dubstep, Classical, Punk, rock, Ska, Pop to Acoustic so my requirements for headphones are that they are all round performers. My headphones have experienced death by kitten after 2+ years of use. Unfortunately, they were very good headphones which are now obsolete. So it has a been a trial by “Nails on a chalk board” finding alternatives on a tight budget. So I have decided to review all my recent headphone purchases to hopefully help other avoid my audio pain.

To ensure fairness I used the same track to test all the headphones which is Versus official music vol. 1 because it covers Bass, Mid range and Treble.
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on 8 April 2013
I have rated this product a 3 because:
Even though they boast great sound quality, they don't fit in the ear canal very well.
The lead is easily untangled but does break very easily - the lead ripped near the audio jack meaning they'd broke.

Overall they're great quality earphones, but the durability of them isn't up to a great standard. I'd recommend to someone for PC use, not to be wrapped around an iPod/MP3 player (caused wire to rip).
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on 6 October 2014
bought them for my girlfriend, who is very talented at destroying earphones. General practice for her is to just throw them in her handbag, and when required, "detangle" them in a manner you might associate with a toddler or chimpanzee.

Previous earphones have been no match for her.

On the other hand, these have lasted 4 months so far, and are as good as new.

The sturdy, flat rubberised cables do not tangle very much in the first place, which reduces need for the aforementioned detangling, or the resulting damage.

The orange colour also helps her find them in the handbag of doom.
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on 22 March 2014
Good sound quality from these earphones considering the price. The anti tangle is ok but not as good as some. The plastic è wires seem to stick to each other so tangles do not merely drop out as they do on other anti tangle cord earphones.
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on 14 November 2013
I love these earphones, they fit nicely into my ear and produce a great quality of sound.

The cord really is tangle free and the noise isolating feature is a must have if you use public transport.
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on 15 April 2016
Really nice pair of earphones, especially for the price! What are all the negative reviews about?
SOUND--The bass is nice and punchy yet not boomy. It's actually nicely detailed and is definitely not lacking, to me anyway! The mids are clear and crisp which provides for an enjoyable listening experience. They seem very natural sounding and realistic which is brilliant for earphones costing this much, I wouldn't usually expect this. Highs are also very clear and are not at all harsh or 'ear piercing'. These earphones scream clarity, accuracy and realism. The soundstage is actually very nice and large and some sounds come from outside of the earphones.

Build is also decent even though they're a fully plastic construction. The cable is nice quality and is also flat to prevent it from tangling. The earphones are very stylish and overall I think that they serve their purpose very well. For £5 I think it's a brilliant deal, get them! SOUND- 9/10- nearly perfect, 5 stars though! If you found this review helpful, please vote so below, thank you.
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360 Stereo Noise isolating Earphones with flex 'anti' tangle cord system.

The stylish Z-1 has 360 Qube Stereo Noise isolating Earphones with flex 'anti' tangle cord system so you'll only hear the music you want to enjoy.
Not only do they look great but they fit great too with optional super soft noise isolating bud sizes to choose from. The most important thing is that they sound great using a 10mm speaker with base enhancement.
The Veho 360 Z1's are compatible with all iPods/iPhones/Smartphones/MP3 players and all other devices using a standard 3.5mm output jack.
Key Features
3.5mm plug with Ni plate
10mm Speaker with Bass Enhancement
Qube Noise Isolating Technology
Flex Anti Tangle Cord System
Sound Sensitivity: 105db +/- 3bd
Channel Balance: 3bd (at 1000hz)
Rated input 3mW
Max input 10mW
Impedance: 18 ohms +/- 15%
CE and ROHS approved
Weight 2.0g
Compatible with all common mobile/MP3 Player Devices including iPod/iPhone/iPad
Box Contains:
360 Z-1 Earbuds
Different Sized Earbuds
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on 6 February 2013
Good quality sound for this price and tidy design. Good balance of bass and treble. They don't extend as far into the ears as some, but this doesn't seem to be a problem in terms of sound or practicality... and they are certainly very neat. Good value.
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