Find the parts that fit your car

Are you a DIYer, do you need to replace a part, or are you planning on revamping your car? Not sure which part to buy? Let Amazon help you find the parts that fit your car.
Enter your vehicle information in Part Finder, click on GO and discover the parts compatible with your car.

How does it work?

Choose between the two options below and follow these simple steps to enter your vehicle information in Part Finder:

  • Enter your number plate in the dedicated field in Part Finder.
  • Click on GO.
  • Find the parts that fit your car.

If this option is not displayed, click on "enter number plate" in Part Finder.

  • Enter your vehicle information: Make, Model, Vehicle type, Engine type
  • Click on GO
  • Find the parts that fit your car

If this option is not displayed, click on "choose by make and model" in Part Finder.
Not sure where to find your vehicle information? Please check the "Where can I find my vehicle information?" section below.

Where can I find my vehicle information?

All the information needed to use Part Finder can be found on your registration card. Please, see the steps below to find the make, model, vehicle and engine type of your car.

  • Make [Section D.1: Make]

Select your vehicle make in the first drop-down filter.

  • Model [Section D.3: Model]

Select your vehicle model in the second drop-down filter.

  • Vehicle Type [Section B: Date of first registration]

From this date, you can work out the year of construction of your vehicle. Choose your ["Vehicle type"] from the third drop-down menu, making sure that the year of construction lies within the given time range.

  • Engine Type [Section P.1: Cylinder capacity]

In our example, the cylinder capacity is 1984 cc (cubic centimetres), which equals 1.98 (roughly 2.0) litres. To get this number, divide the cylinder capacity (1984) by 1,000. This number, "2.0", is the first part of the information you need to select from the ["Engine type"] drop-down. You will find the rest of the information needed for this field under "Maximum net power".

  • Engine Type [Section P.2: Maximum net power (kW)]

Based on the cylinder capacity and maximum net power, you can now select the correct option under.

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