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on 5 September 2015
Well, actually really disappointed, almost scored this 2 stars but have gone with 3 on the assumption that re-reading may put me in a more positive mood. It started out good, with Buffy humour reminiscent of the series. The previous 3 volumes were up and down but good with some great individual stories, whereas after the first couple of stories this volume just seems to lose all its Buffy-ness in the writing and humour and seemed to be borrowed from sub par generic super hero comics with references to the Buffy-verse. Some characters are included and then just forgotten, others have tacked on bits to explain why nothing was said previously. I am not reading the other characters publications, but from where volume 3 was going I was expecting other quite different threads that are not delivered on here.
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on 8 April 2013
I finished reading Buffy Season 8 today. I've read both positive and negative comments on it but personally I have really enjoyed it. The whole of Season 8 is collected in four of these books - this is the end of the season and after the comic part, there is a message from Joss Whedon where he explains the Season, how it happened, how the tv to comic book journey was a learning curve etc... and what the future direction will be.

For me, the main issue that I've heard others talk about with Season 8 is the fact that it is more cosmic than the tv seasons and isn't as personal. It is more cosmic and it does go a bit off course (I wouldn't have known but the producers have admitted it). At times it does get pretty out there even for Buffy but the characters still have heart and it really does come around and end very well and personally with a clear view on where the stories will head in Season 9. I think the season was not originally meant to be as long as it is (it ended up being 40 issues plus a couple of one-offs) and again, the producers have recognised this (Season 9 is going to be more focused with 25 issues plus mini series). I know the producers wanted to make Buffy bigger with the freedom of comic books and without the effects budgets but take it with a pinch of salt and it is still very enjoyable and great to see loved characters carrying on. What they do makes sense. You can hear the actors voices when you read the words. The characters are still the ones we loved before on the tv. They do change but they always have in the Buffy-verse and at the end of it, they are still the characters we love, struggling and making decisions, experimenting and getting by as best they can. We don't always love what they do but controversy was always part of the show.

Something I have always loved about Buffy is that it isn't afraid to be bold and change. Season 4 and The Initiative was a struggle for some fans at the time but when I re-watch it I really appreciate it as a season. It has some truly classic moments and for me Buffy Season 8 is similar in that it was a new beginning based on the huge events of Season 7 and what they set off. Season 9 won't change that Season 8 has happened but Season 7 has been dealt with without being forgotten and the future looks to be a positive direction. Season 9 has already received great reviews for being more personalised again and less cosmic. It's approaching the last story-arc and still doing well - Don't let anything you've heard about Season 8 put you off!

You can tell by now I've loved Season 8. It has serious and comedic moments (the same as the show). I've always considered that Seasons 1, 4 and 7 (especially) of Buffy were kind of new starts and this is no different. Every season brought something new. I wouldn't recommend anyone to start and stop Season 8 without finishing it - It is a journey. However, it does end well and makes me want to read more.

The books themselves are absolutely lovely. Oversized, hardbacks on very high quality paper with great colour throughout. I will read them again and again. There are scenes from the stories over places like the contents section which show how much thought has been put into the books. There is a ribbon bookmark which matches the colour scheme (as with Volumes 1-3). The books are especially well presented - when you remove the jackets, each book has a main character on the front and other art on the back. The covers for each issue are shown as you read through the books and at the end of each book there are alternate covers and notes on sketches/artwork.

I totally recommend these. There are very worthwhile and seem made to last. I hope you enjoy.
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on 1 August 2015
Amazing!!! I love it :)
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on 6 May 2014
Lovely high quality bound versions of the comics; these are definitely show-pieces for your bookcase, and a pleasure to read; I can definitely recommend these versions over the individual comics or other bindings.

I'm not really sold on the story; it's not grabbed me the same way that the TV show did, and at times it feels like they're just doing things for the sake of it, given that there's no SFX budget constraints, rather than for any valid story reason (Dawn's arc, in particular, feels completely unnecessary and silly). I understand that season 9 settles down a bit, given which I'm happy to own and read these first.
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on 30 June 2013
when i first heard buffy was being made into graphic novels i was sceptical, but this serise has the same clever writing and heart of the tv show. its great that buffycan live on and kick a little demon booty.
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on 14 July 2014
Fantastic series. Not quite TV standard but an excellent continuation of the BTVS story.
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on 1 January 2015
Sooo good! Everyone should buy two. :)
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on 3 April 2013
This volume is great value for money and concludes this first season of the official Buffy comics!

If you loved Buffy you will love this

Also recommend season 9
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on 1 April 2013
I got this for my son as he is really into Buffy, and was very surprised at the size of the book when it arrived. It is big with a head cover and very good value for money.
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on 19 April 2016
Its Buffy whats not to love?!
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