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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 30 December 2014
Funnily enough I actually watched this film before reading the books themselves, and for this I am glad.

Upon watching the film the first time, I just saw it as an average film, easy going etc. I hadn't really heard of it being a book series and the only clue I had to this was a clip produced after the credits which implies a sequel.
After a bit of research I found the books and literally could NOT put them down. I even became a fan of the spin off series "Bloodlines". After reading them all I watched the film again and saw it in a new light completely. I found I actually understood the relationships between characters better and I have to say I actually really liked how some of the actors fit their character. (Zoey as rose in particular).
Because of my new found love of the books though I really believe the film does not do the books justice. The film is played off as a chick flick with a bit of action thrown in, when really the books are far more intense and yes there are obvious romantic relationships throughout but that is also balanced.
I feel the film has let down this franchise as it is definitely better than a lot of the vampire related stories out there and everyone seems to have placed this in the same chatergories as films such as "twilight" but really it's a whole other league.

It's a shame they will not be continuing the making of the rest of the books into film due to the poor reviews, but I hope another director will scoop this opportunity up and drive forward the other films in a new vision. It seems like such a waste!

In conclusion this film is easy going if you're sat with a pizza to share amongst a catch up with friends, but if you're really into the vampire stories, definitely stick to the books!
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on 30 August 2014
Vampire Academy is based upon a young adult series that I happen to be a fan of, I re-read the series before the film was suppose to come to UK cinemas earlier this year, which sadly never did as it performed poorly at the US box office. Despite bad reviews, I was eager to form my own opinion, now the DVD is out I can safely say that...this really should have been a TV series.

Let's start from the beginning; Lissa is a Moroi (mortal vampire) who also happens to be the last member of her royal family bloodline. Her best friend is Rose, a dhampir (half human half vampire) who is trained alongside her kind to protect the Moroi from Strigoi (evil undead vampires). Before the film begins, Rose and Lissa ran away from their boarding school for fear of Lissa's life in danger, but when the Academy catches up with them they're dragged back to school, where their enemy secretly awaits them.

One of the things I liked was the handle of Rose; upon re-reading the books I realised that Rose's claim of being a skilled fighter is too tell and not much show, at least until the end of book 2. However the film makes her a lot more active, she takes down a few opponents in the opening fight with a motorcycle diversion which works nicely to set up her capabilities. There are other examples which I won't spoil but I feel that the movie showed her character very well and made her a more balanced partner to Dimitri.

The actors are all proficient too; it's great they actually got a Russian actor (Danila Kozlovsky) to play Dimitri, who sells the character fantastically - graceful, deadly, and wears the duster perfectly. Zoey Deutch is Rose, there's no doubt about that, it looks like she had fun in her role too. She shares great chemistry with Lucy Fry who I was afraid to see in the role as the several clips I saw beforehand, I struggled to hear what she said, but actually she was fine as Lissa. Some of the side actors (such as Sami Gayle) were a little wooden but nothing too cringe worthy.

Cosmic things such as the look of the school and the costumes are nicely done, the Academy looks so big and full of life, with a few titbits here and there to set it apart from other boarding school settings. The music score is decent as well.

The original book had a few pacing issues; mostly that constant flashbacks broke up scenes unnaturally. Those scenes did help with character development and such but it did have a problem of taking you in and out of moments abruptly. This issue doesn't affect the film, however it has its own pacing issues; it's horribly fast. The scenes are edited so sharply that they have no time to breath and the tone jumps from one second to the next. One moment the characters fear for their life, the next they're laughing like they have not a care in the world.

This bleeds into the plot developments; in the original book a lot of mystery and plot twists were built up slowly, it was a struggle for Rose to find answers due to her need to not get into further trouble, whilst Lissa's continuous effort to fight against her own madness was gripping and I know a lot of teens identity with her as a result. But in the film the answers come to Rose very easily with little effort needed to progress, and Lissa's struggle with her power is so quickly resolved and then accepted as the norm towards the end that a lot of her character depth is lost as a result. I know in film things have to be handled differently, but because it's moving so fast it loses the audience in the meantime.

And that is what ultimately damages the film; as someone who's read the book, I can add emotion and character building into the film as I know what's going on. But for a non-book reader they only have the constant jumping to go on, and it's so erratic that the movie struggles under its own weight of character developing, scene setting and trying to be witty, but in the end it comes across as soulless. The right ingredients are there but aren't given enough time to cook before being rushed into the next plot point.

Vampire Academy has great potential, the books are not perfection but it is a good story and would've worked much better as a TV series to allow for the world building and plot twists to get the audience engaged. The little things the film does right are lost in the awful pacing and editing. It's easy to see why general audiences didn't warm up to it, why book fans were disappointed, and why it's unlikely to get a sequel. I'd recommend the books; only watch the film if you already read the book and are curious to see how it turns out.
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on 18 July 2014
I love the books, I stumbled upon the first two on here actually and then gradually got the others as they came out. When I heard they where filming the movie up the road from me, I was pretty excited to see what it would be like. It WAS shown in my local cinema, unfortunately I wasn't speedy enough in going to see it, so seeing as the DVD was pretty cheap at £8 I thought why not, seeing as I'll buy it anyway most likely.

A few things are different which is to be expected, missing character, the presence of a book 3 element and slightly different timelines.

It was fairly enjoyable but it wasn't the most amazing film ever, which I was quite disappointed about.

Alot of the humour and witty lines fell flat, they didn't make me laugh like they did in the book and it was a bit awkward, this was partly due to the acting, not all of it was fantastic.

To me especially, a lot of the film felt rushed. There'd be a little scene and then BHAM next scene and it just felt incredibly rushed from scene to scene and a lot of pointless lines where we're told what's going on like we can't work it out for ourselves.

I'm not sure how to best review this, I mean I liked it, it was okay, it made me laugh, but a lot of the time it fell flat and the lines where a bit cringe and "really" like.
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The story is of two friends, 'Rose Hathaway' (Zoey Deuch) who is a 'Dhapir' half human-
half vampire, she is guardian to 'Lisa Dragomir' (Lucy Fry) a 'Morei' last of her line.
'Rose' has telepathic senses of 'Lisa's feelings she can sense her friends pain, her dreams,
and any threat.
The two have been on the run from 'St Vladimir's Academy' for the past year but have now
been caught up with and taken back.
'Rose' along with the majority of pupils and staff are 'Morie' she herself still has much to learn
about her role as a guardian.
'Lisa' who is a 'Princess' also has much to learn, the powers she possesses have to be harnessed
and used for the greater good.
Outside the walls of the Academy the blood-sucking Immortals the 'Strgoi' await the chance to
impose there will upon the 'Morie'
Inside the walls 'Evil' also lurks, it doesn't immediately surface, it needs the use of 'Lisa's powers,
can 'Rose' protect 'Lisa' from the threat from within ?
The film has lined itself up for at least one sequel...
The film not unlike an earlier Vampire series is a bit on the 'teeny' side, I struggled early to stick
with it, improved as it went along with one or two decent fight sequences with martial art undertones.
There is moderate use of 'Special-Effects' throughout the film......good picture and sound quality.
The currently available 'Blu-ray is Region 'A' however the U.K release date is 14th July 2014.
(Like many series that get started such as this, it appears that a follow up will not be made, however
there is talk of making it a TV's wait and see i guess)
Features -
* Alternative Opening.
* Deleted Scenes.
* A Conversation with Author 'Richelle Mead'
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on 22 September 2015
Teenagery, rushed, and a mix of good and bad (more bad and over the top), acting, yet very entertaining. I am probobly not supposed to like this movie for all those reasons but what can I enjoyed it. The movie is shot like the actors needed to be somewhere else. It jumps from one thing to the next without giving the watcher a chance to even digest what just happened, but for some strange reason that seems to work for the movie.

Zoey Deutch plays arose Hathaway, a Dampire (half human half vampire). It is the Dampire's job to protect the full vampires race. In this case princess Lissa Dragomir, the next in line for throne. Who could possibly be one of the most powerful Vamps since Vlad (yes he is probobly who you think he is). All the have to do is survive their own teenage hormones, Vampire High school/academy, and turn off their "humanity" and become one of the evil Vamps all the stories are about.

For some reason, this is a movie that should never work but if you give it a chance you will ask "are you not entertained?" All in all an enjoyable movie to watch.
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on 18 July 2014
The film adaptation of the Vampire Academy! I was so thrilled when I heard this was being made into a movie, yet disappointed when it wasn't released at the cinema. Now, though, I can enjoy the film on DVD!

I have no idea why previous reviewers have insulted the adaptation. Considering the parameters the writers had to work from, I think they did a marvellous job. The essential story - the Damphir guardian and her Princess fighting an unknown enemy - is the same, with only a few bits changed and switched to make the tale more cinematic.

The important thing for me is that they've kept to the original as much as possible and upheld the spirit of the book.

Rose is hotheaded, Dimitri is actually Russian (and yummy), Lissa is level headed, Mason is cute and Christian is... Christian. The characters haven't been Altered to suit some Hollywood fantasy or twisted in any way and I find that refreshing.

I loved the film. It had all the great moments from the book, with a few added ones in there too. The blend of mystery and magic, good versus unknown evil and that lovely hint of forbidden romance is addictive. It has you on the edge if your seat.

Plus, the characters themselves are acted really well, and have a few killer comedic moments. Plastic surgery anyone?

A must buy!!!
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on 4 January 2016
Vampire Academy is a wonderful film. I had read the books prior to watching the film and I thought it was brilliant and did the books justice. Please note reading the books prior to this is not needed, you will fully understand the story the film is trying to portay from the film alone.

Great film filled with action, romance, friendship and mystery all rolled into one.
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on 3 October 2014
Oh Dear (a.k.a Lord 'elp Us)

What have they done to this book? Is it really that hard to take a young adult novel and make it into a reasonably good film that is faithful to the book source? apparently so because the only way this film could be enjoyable is to some one who has never read the original series. At least the people who made this have backed off from ruining Frostbite.
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on 4 December 2015
Truly loved this movie, since watching I have now purchased the follow up books, I must say I really can't wait until the FROSTBITE film comes out, the quicker the better I say!! Honestly you will not be disappointed.
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on 20 June 2015
I did not enjoy this film. It did not follow the books as I was hoping it would. I had different visions of nearly all the characters (in my own mind) and that left me somewhat disappointed. The diction was so bad I could not understand half of what was being said. Very disappointed - will stick to the books in future.
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