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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2011
I've been a fan of Simon Posford's work since hearing the amazing 'Herb Gardern' track on Mystery of the Yeti (pre Hallucinogen & Shpongle) many years back in Goa. I wasn't that much into the trance movement which is ironic really considering the time I spent in Goa, although I did like the tracks 'LSD' & 'Shamanix' he did with Hallucinogen. The work Simon did on the Celtic Cross 'Hicksville' album was though really cool!

However, it wasn't until his Shpongle project that I really started to hear what sheer talent Simon Posford (and Raja & the others in Shpongle) had! Shpongle albums were ALL amazing and 'Tales of the Inexpressible' is still now one of my fav albums of ALL time!!! One album on a desert island... for me it would be 'Tales of the inexpressible' without a doubt! Yip, that for me is even above Pink Floyd!!!

As much as I like the many Top-drawer psy tracks from Aphex Twin, FSOL, Eat Static, Tripswitch, Entheogenic, Phutureprimitive, OTT, Shulman, Ozrics etc. I feel Shpongle managed to really NAIL that psy ambient sound for the FULL length of a whole album. (Saying that, OTT's 'Skylon' is something else!) While my fav psy individual tracks are from Aphex Twin, OTT etc it was Shpongle that have made my fav albums.

So when I later heard Younger Brother (I didnt realise until later on that this was Mr. Posford) I really liked 'A flock of bleeps'. Although not quite Shpongle, there were some killer tracks on 'flock...'. When I then heard 'Last days of Gravity' I realised that this project in itself was gonna be BIG, perhaps even bigger than Shpongle. Time will tell on that I guess. On 'Last days of Gravity' the tracks 'Happy pills' & 'Your friends are scary' in particular would get on ANY best of cd of all time for me. That's how good I thought 'last days' was!!! While not as complete an album as say Shpongle albums, 'Last days of Gravity' was really superbly excellently produced :)

So, now with 'Vaccine', they again have changed direction. For me who appreciates MANY styles of music, I think thats great! Yes, there are lyrics, but I think the lyrics are pretty damn good for a 1st proper attempt at a lyric-based album. While more 'rock' and guitar based tracks, there is still LOTS of psy in the tracks also for those that have the ear to hear ;) 'Vaccine' is the perfect album for the morning/afternoon after the night before, if you know what I mean ;)

I feel sad when I read 1-dimensional reviews from people who demand that artists stick to a very similar formulae again & again and dare not deviate!!! That to me just becomes boring and after a while I get sick of the sound. Simon, Benji & the others I feel sure, are more mainstream with this album, but it still is great. Sure, it is not the album I'd listen to at 2am during a party, not like Shpongle albums, but it is still supremely well produced and like I say, the suttle psy sounds for me work just as well as the full on earlier Younger Brother stuff.

More mainstream... good, perhaps it might influence and raise the barrier of those who create mainstream music. The psy sounds do fit well in this and to me, it is a strong album. My fav tracks so far (I only got this last week)... 'Shine', 'Train' and 'System 700'. I look forward to the time when I eventually see Younger Brother live and I hope to hear a mix of all the stuff the created on their very different, but brilliantly crafted 3 albums so far. What next, who knows, but thats just it with Simon & Benji... whatever it is I'm CERTAIN it will be pure quality :)
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on 11 November 2011

If I had a lire for all of Simon Posfords good tracks I would bail out Italy and have change.

Main Text

Over the years in his various guises he has made my jump, whoop and cry with delight and sadness!! Surely there should be a Composer Laureate in the UK. Right, enough praise, having read some of the other reviews, I expected to be a little revilied by the pop sounds!! All I can say is, if this is pop then the charts would be a happier place, agreed the production format is what would be called POP GOOD, but POP it isn't. Proper lyrical content with ethreal backing, flockin great!! Not mindless teenage witterings set to a borrowed track AKA POP!!

Unlike Flock of Beeps, there is far more vocal, but the mood is the same, a progressive growth throughout the album, rather like a collection of stories honed into a great chapter. The sampling is, as ever, spot on and make sme glow inside.Night leads me Astray being the crescendo to the vocal popesque before decent into good honest (psy) trance. Maybe I am a SP-Spotter, but I love this album and I strongly encorage anyone with independant thought to buy it! So thats most of the UK out then!! :)


I use Younger Brother as a lure, my partner "doesn't like Dance/Trance" (Metal bin smashing and cat squeezing or something is her bag), however, through the gift of Younger Brother and OTT to some extent, I have nearly got her to Eat Static!!
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on 19 May 2011
I like Shpongle and Younger Brother's previous work. This is definately a change of direction for Younger Brother and while I don't object to that in pricniple, this is not a good change, The album is technically proficient with good production but its just not doing anytning worth doing. What we have here is mainstream melodic studio banality with better synth breaks . Heavily anglo-lyrical, but the lyrics are vapid. There is no political or shamanic content. This is essentially Shpongle Do Muzak. If that appeals, or you need some tolerable music that won't peturb your granny, get this. Otherwise avoid.
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on 5 June 2011
Younger Brother's third album is a superb exploration of vocal harmony and great walls of deep sound. It's a firm departure of what was set out in "Flock of bleeps" and is takes direction from "Ribbon on a Branch" on "The Last Days of Gravity." There's a greater focus on vocals on this album with the majority having emotive and harmonious singing.

Some may be put off by the change of direction, especially anyone who has a fairly narrow taste when it comes to genre preference. This is a shame as regardless of what they have produced before this is simply a superb album. It's somewhat reminiscent of the softer UNKLE tracks found on Never Never Land and if you like that album then this one is certainly worth checking out.

The electronics blips of Prometheus and the worldly sound of Shpongle cannot really be found here, except for perhaps Safety in Numbers where the Prometheus influence can be heard. It's certainly not what I was expecting of the album but then again I really wasn't sure what to expect, especially as "Last Days of Gravity" had so many styles throughout the album. This is not a bad thing however and does not detract in any way from an album of consistently high quality throughout all its beautiful tracks.
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on 17 August 2011
If you were to listen to this album without knowing that it was the latest work of Simon Posford and his band Younger Brother, you could reasonably label it pop-rock. That is the one and only reason certain fans have turned their nose up at this LP.
'Vaccine' is rarely, and only vaguely, reminiscent of the Younger Brother we already know. However, if you are a lover of music, you will be lucky enough to appreciate this frankly beautiful and infinitely moving new side of Posford's musical personality. This is songwriting and musical composition at its finest, and the production is as mind-blowing as it is has been with Posford's other projects (Shpongle, Hallucinogen, Celtic Cross, The Infinity Project). We can only wish that 'pop music' was remotely as polished and vibrant as the music on this album. 'Vaccine' proves that Posford's genius and appreciation of music knows no boundaries, unlike the tastes of some of his more unfortunate fans.
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on 28 April 2011
Right, I have had this album since it came out. I have purposefully left reviewing this album until I had given it a proper listening.
For me this was the most eagerly awaited album of the year and boy does it deliver. the band has evolved into something that is grown up and inventive. the band has matured into a band in its own right not as just a side project of Simon Posford and Benji Vaughan, with Ru Campbell on vocals intermittently.
Ru Campbell's voice is more prominent on this album and takes centre stage rather than being an occasional entity. His voice is both fragile and powerful, carrying the songs to greater heights. The highlights of the album are Shine, Night Lead me Astray, Pound a rhythm, Train and Sys 700. However, that is not to say that the other songs on the album are weaker than these tracks.
If you have not heard this band before, this is a highly recommended album. If you have heard them and haven't bought it yet - buy it.
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on 12 April 2011
Younger Brother's third album is much in the vein of the preview single "Night lead me astray", i.e. Psychedelic, "wall-of-sound", with vocals on most tracks, still heavily chilled and ambient, but quite a different sound to previous outings. If you're expecting another "last days of gravity" then you may feel dissapointed by the seeming change of direction by bringing vocals into a more important role, but if you love the cutting edge of mind-driven psychedelic music, and will follow the masters foosteps into and out of dark psychedelic pop then prepare for a deeply chilled, ambient, gently mind-bending excursion to the furthest reaches of the vocally led ance pop, reminiscent of the early 90's "Beloved". Thank you Younger Brother for not becoming fossilised or being afraid to evolve!
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on 19 May 2011
Always on in my car. Seems to build from the first track to the last and difficult to pick out a favourite track, maybe "Train" if I had to... I'll be buying the other YB albums asap. Thanks to my dentist - the Younger Brother fan - you should be on commission :-)
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on 22 May 2011
I had the pleasure of listening to the tracks from this album live in Bristol before on cd, and was blown away by it (thank you Younger Brother). I've been a fan of Simon Posford and his works for some time now, and have always respected his frequent but seemingly considered changes of direction, within one incarnation or with each different one. Having lyrics at the fore is perhaps a logical progression and opinions of moving into the mainstream to me suggests just one listen and/or rejection of change. My feeling is that this album may well inspire a new generation of 'commercially successful' bands in time to come, perhaps on the edge of the mainstream but with credible ingenuity, the Coldplays and U2s of the future. This commerciality is not YB's aim here though, as the live show indicated - the potent mix of genius intent and pure enjoyment was tangible in all the band members - fame and money didn't seem to be on the agenda. This genius is further amplified on the album, with more textures and layering and the usual very high production values.
If you're really turned off by lyrics generally maybe turn away, but otherwise buy what will be one of the best releases this year, regardless of genre (hell this covers a fair few!!) and after a handful of listens hopefully you'll truly get it. Yes it is different to the other 2, but number 2 was so different to number 1 remember? That took a few goes to 'get it'. Through time I think it's actually these albums that endure and inspire. Enjoy, it truly shines in more ways than one. Please check out Shpongle and related projects if you don't know them as well, and share with everyone you know....
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on 13 April 2011
Once in a while an album comes along that you love from the very first play. As has been said already, this is a departure from the earlier Younger Brother albums being much more analoguey in instrumentation (including real guitars, gasp...) but there are still plenty of beeps, and very, very strong songs.

It sounds unlike anything else I've ever heard. Well done, you chaps.
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