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on 28 July 2014
I had been saving for a month or so to upgrade my PC. Being new to gaming and PC's in general i ordered an alienware aurora at £1,100 it arrived late 8 days late. Then it had problems from the get go. me being clueless as to how the PC actually works i had no idea what was wrong. It came broken out of the box so they sent over someone to fix it. They said he would call in 1-2 business days took him 6 business days. Then it took him 3 hours the poor kid had no idea what he was doing either just kept looking at some manual. Once that was done i thought finally i can check this thing out then the hdmi port wasn't working... So i had to use the DVI port. Finally i was able to start using the machine after using it for a few days it didnt power up... I got extremely frustrated when i called into their customer services who just kept repeating the same nonsense as if i am a dimwit and don't know how to power up a computer. I hung up and had the PC refunded.

I was then looking for a new PC. I was really fed up at this point bad ordeal with Alienware put me off buying another PC. So i asked my son if he could just buy me a gaming computer with the money and he ordered this. It arrived in 4 days! 9 days earlier than the earliest estimated delivary date. Needless to say i was surprised by that, it was very carefully packaged and surprisingly big! I set it up all that was easy, it came with a box of stuff windows 8.1 disc, Msi utilities disc(got told its useful no idea what it does) something that goes into the PC with crossfire written on it(again no idea what it is, dont need it to use the PC) and the code to redeem 3 games of your choice from a list of maybe 10 games. The PC itself works like a charm, i can play all that i wanted and more, i mean no surprise it has high specs all round. There were no problems with the PC except from the VGA socket but i don't use VGA anyway. The PC was all that i needed and it was at a lower price than i was willing to pay. The only thing that bothers me is i have no idea what a few things do in the box but thats only because i know so little about computers. All in all if you have read this far this PC is most definitely worth buying if you are looking for a powerful gaming PC.

EDIT:So my son told me the other day if you were to try and build this pc with all its parts etc, you probably wont be saving any money. Especially if you include some of the delivery prices of all the parts where as you get free delivery on this pc. Basically you are getting the cheapest price for an already built computer.
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on 20 December 2015
Would stay clear of this company/brand, I've had the pc for a total of 13 months and (only 10 and a half months if included the time it was in my possession) the date now is 20/12/15 at time of writing this review as this review is not for the current spec's it is showing as this company seems to replace the spec's of their PC's and not create a new link for updated products, I wouldn't even know where to begin in saying what spec's you are looking at the time of reading this review. The spec's for this pc review when I bought it are: 4.4GHz, 2TB Toshiba HDD, AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor, AMD R9-200 Series GPU, 600w Vibox PSU, Corsair Watercooling & 16 GB Ram (2x8GB Corsair Vengance).

I would also like to mention at the time of buying this PC I was very clueless about PC spec's. Now that I've got all the boring details out the way ,here's my review into why I recommend staying away from this company/brand. The PC arrived 2 weeks late, when it did eventually arrive everything was working fine when running the PC on idle (surfing net etc) but when I started to try it for games which was the main purpose I bought it for, I kept getting BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) after a week of seeing if it would stop I contacted Vibox and had the issue sorted out within a few days (cause of it was bad overclocking had to reset BIOS back to factory settings, hint hint > bad sign already that I didn't pick up on) PC is working perfectly as it should. Note that resetting the PC back to Factory settings was only 3.8GHz when I should have been getting 4.4GHz as advertised they don't even tell you your buying a overclocked PC and it says its a Gaming PC < the most important part IMHO which doesn't run as advertised.

Skip to 6 months down the line I stopped playing games for 4 months due to being swamped in work from Uni, I start back up roughly after having the pc total 9 - 10 months everything is working fine, few weeks later games start becoming unplayable turns out the Motherboard was faulty, contacted Vibox they found out the issue and replaced my Motherboard, takes them over a month! to fix my PC and have it sent back to me ... (absolutely ridiculous) would like to say the first week they hadn't even gone near the PC as when I contacted them for a update they told me it hasn't even been looked at yet, 2 weeks go by and they finally find out the problem (Motherboard) 4th week they tell me its been sent back to me (5weeks PC has been out of my possession already).

I get the PC back and try it, all is good until 4 - 6 weeks passes can't remember the exact length and another problem started occurring, I contact Vibox again telling them I wanted a refund as the PC doesn't even perform near what was advertised, they tell me I can't as I've had it for more than 6 months so I was only allowed repairs up until my warranty ended which it had at the time of my 2nd problem, so I complain and manage to get a free repair outside of my warranty only because my pc had only just been fixed a month ago ... (at this point I couldn't even tell you how mad I was that I've gotten so many problems and the poor technical repairs I have gotten that is suppose to be professional as told by technical support services by Vibox). I send it off again having to pay another £20 something that's right I had to pay twice to have my PC sent off for repairs when they should've been the one to come and collect for free.

Few weeks go by and I'm told my GPU has gone faulty (no surprise to me anymore at this point) I tell them I give them permission to change the GPU and they say they've given me a "free upgrade" from R9 200 Series to R9 380 which to those who don't know it isn't a upgrade at all.I get my PC back week after they have put in the "new GPU" and tested it to the bare minimum ... Now that I have my PC back I try a game out again and something just didn't feel right about the PC, so out of the blue I buy a new GPU (MSI 980 Ti) & PSU (HX 1000i) to supply it, find out my Vibox case can't fit the GPU so I buy a different case, when it arrives I immediately go at it with my brother to change everything over & we find out that not only was the mother board not held in place properly but the clips holding the GPU & RAM in place are broken off to my disgust I ignore this and go to work at putting everything in my new case, I start it up all is fine untill I try to play a game and have found out my CPU is now faulty GREAT!! So here I am writing this review waiting for my completely new built computer parts to arrive.

Images added for proof of my review.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 6 December 2013
After at least 12 attempts to get this to boot up and get further than naming the PC in Windows 8, before the screen scrambles and video outputs dies. Reset does nothing had to unplug power and wait 5 minutes then retry to get either the same again or worse, sometimes only got to BIOS info screen before the video output scrambled then died.

Was an Xmas present for my son, so glad I tested it beforehand !!!!

Please note had great customer support from Vibox and will be ordering direct with them instead.
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on 9 May 2013
I did a Windows Environment rating through Control Panel with this and it got a rating of 7.0 (highest is 7.9) so it is certainly good for next gen gaming.

This PC will easily handle Battlefield 3 in ULTRA. In fact it can handle all games provided in ULTRA with no lag what so ever...

I highly recommend buying this PC. A great purchase!

You get used to Windows 8 after some time too... You can always downgrade to Windows 7 Pro if you really want to by disabling fastboot and safebios in the BIOS menu before startup.
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on 14 May 2014
Very pleased with computer, very fast and came with extra games so got 4 in total instead of the 2 that i had purchased with computer, a bit disappointed Battlefield 4 wasnt one opf them but still great games i was able to download.
Steven at Vibox CX was very helpful and called back when problems arose after contacting them.
I had ordered from them before and was not overly impressed with the service I had recived previously so was in two minds about using them again, but on this occasion it seems they have improved.
No fault of the company but can not get the hang of Windows 8 but that being said at time of writing review that is only problem i have and sure i will find a work around to get back to windows 7 layout havent played any games on the machine yet so will review performance in a few days.

*Update 17th May*
So had a few days playing around, getting used to windows 8 once you get used to it the tiles function is quite useful, was a bit lost for things like control panel and my computer section but now i found those liking it a lot more, Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, Saints row 4 running all on ultra and tested fps using Fraps everything runs at a solid 60fps slight drop every now and again but very minimal and for a few seconds if that, did have to go into bios to boost ram speed as was pre-set quite low. PC is very quiet even after using for a good 7-8 hours testing games max temp i reached was 28C, loving the corsair water cooler. Played Dayz Mod and Arma 3 for a few hours each, with Dayz Mod depending on server quality was averaging between 30-60 fps on ultra settings, Arma 3 a steady 35 dropping to around 25-30 during games with a lot of people which is fine for me as dropping settings will improve fps was just seeing how much i could get out of it.
Would recommend pc to any gamer who wants good quality and a reliable PC and if your in the know can prob push the 290 a bit more than me as not really into all the o'clocking that is possible just needed something that can play gasmes a bit better than my lappy and also good for everyday use
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on 25 November 2016
A ripoff a similar spec'd computer can be built for significantly less money. Stay away. Its takes very little effort to build a computer and the price gain is insane. While this PC can run games on median settings for now it'll be struggling in a year or so. Do yourself a favour and build one. It's really no more comlicated than lego...
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on 31 July 2014
Amazing machine! Can run any current game on Ultra including Watch Dogs and Battlefiled 4. Boots up in seconds and stays cool even in the hot weather and after 10 hours of solid gaming! Vibox were very helpful and I got my PC 10 days after ordering it. I got them to change the lighting to green and it looks brilliant! Buy this PC, it really is future proof!!!

Update: Now playing Far Cry 4 and Assisins Creed Unity on Ultra! Works brilliantly!
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on 31 January 2015
In terms of specs its a good gaming PC however the customer server is a problem I have the computer now for 4-5 months and its been having issues with fan and stuff like that, ive spoken to the customer sales team and have been told all kinds of rubbish for why its not the fan when it clearly is, only to get that the PC could have been built wrong they end.

Avoid these if you can or if you do get it have a PC place look over it to make sure its built right cause it will be a huge pain if not
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on 30 January 2015
First thing's first, this is a great PC. It is cool and efficient! It looks amazing and can handle long gaming sessions. It worked perfectly and ran straight away. Totally stress free download of Windows 8.1 as it was already done for me! Graphics card inside was a Royalking Club 3D R9 280, which it didnt say on the description, however, I am pleased at what a great surprise it was. It was well packaged and difficult to be smashed by the couriers. It survived 4 hours of journey and made it to me on the first day on estimated delivery.
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on 7 June 2017
Awesome pc, can't fault it in any shape or form.
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