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on 27 October 2012
The computer itself appears to be faultless. Well built and very very fast. The only down side was a mess up with the delivery, I orderd the PC on a Saturday, got an email from Amazon on the Monday to say that it had been despatched together with a tracking number for the carrier. Great! I thought, next day delivery.... sadly the PC didn't arrive on either the Tuesday or the Wednesday. When I got hold of ViBox on the Thursday they told me that it had never been despatched as they didn't have the correct processor in stock and that they would be receiving them later that day (maybe). The upside to the mis-information was that they did me a good deal on an upgrade i7 processor instead. All in all I'm really happy with the machine but a bit miffed at being lied to about the delivery.
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on 3 April 2013
Arrived exactly when they said it would and I have to say I'm very impressed with my new Vibox. The case looks absolutely fantastic and it runs like a dream, there isn't a game I've tried yet that it wasn't able to handle on max graphic settings. It doesn't come with Windows installed but that didn't bother me as I have my own copy. 100% recommended.
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on 19 September 2012
Came on time item is great, well worth the money payed. the two free games couldn't be used, they were past their use by date, but besides that i haven't had any problems. definitely recommend this product
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on 9 May 2013
I bought this PC with mixed thoughts about the past reviews, but I'm glad I did. It's about time I finally got my own high spec desktop PC instead of relying on my work/school laptop or console for games, now I can dedicate my laptop solely for work (fingers crossed ^_^)****

This machine is very slick, quiet, powerful and met all my expectations so far! ***

It comes very well packed, and it's quite well put together. ***

Let me get the gripes out of the way first: ***
The wires are all very well neatly grouped together and tucked away, save for the spare connections under the hard drive.
I understand these somewhat cluttered wires were left there to help you connect a second drive, but they could have been better isolated. Another concern I had was in opening the case, you have to be very careful with the wires from the side fan.

PC doesn't come included with an SSD, I would suggest you get one even if only to run the OS and your more used programs, as it makes everything run that much faster. I got myself a Kingston Technology HyperX 3K 2.5 inch 120GB SSD, and it works like a dream. I have been using a Samsung 840 Series Pro 256GB 2.5 inch SATA Solid State Drive on my laptop it has slightly more storage if you have the money (expensive solution). I'll add a review for those in the relevant sections.

PC doesn't come with an OS, but you already know that if you read the product info. Now, I got me a student discounted windows 8 PRO version. If you are at school or university and have a NUS card or ISIC It will cost you £49.99 directly from microsoft, product key and download version (maybe £8.99 more or so for physical copy), they just ask for the long number on the card. I already had discs from windows pro from another PC all I needed was the new key and voila all was working within 15 minutes!!

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", this is very true of this machine. My wife almost had a fit when the package came, this case is ridiculously huge. It actually bulges out of my desk, that I had to sit it on the floor for now! Having said this, the blue lights look great. At night it's got a really nice glow in the dark, the wife said it looks like something crafted out in space, enough said!!

The HD7770 is a particularly nice graphics card, it's not the best, and it won't win any awards as it's aged quite a bit. Having said that it will run almost all current games in ULTRA or very high settings. The graphics in this PC should be able to handle media creation, photo editing and video editing. Windows rates it at 7.4, it's not bad, but perhaps you can upgrade it to a HD 7990 with water cooling if you are a games fanatic.

The memory modules are pretty good. Windows rates the memory at 7.8, so I won't have to upgrade to corsairs (vengeance) as I had intended, as it is plenty for my needs.

As soon as PC arrived I immediately opened it and inspected it's interiors, having found LOADS OF SPACE for additional drives, and whatnot, I went ahead an installed the SSD. Hence my windows score for this is 7.8, which surprisingly is faster than my SAMSUNG PRO wich cost around 3X more when I got it, so I seriously recommend you to get a Kingston Technology HyperX SSD for your set up. The 7200rpm 1TB drive included is still fast, and it's good to back up all your precious data.

I core 5, it makes sense to go for this as opposed to an AMD, as it means you can probably upgrade it down the line to an i7 if you prefer. If you go the AMD route, you might have to get a new motherboard in order to upgrade. This here is an Ivy Bridge i5 which is very good for games and I would advise using this over using the i7 with 8 logical cores, at least for gaming it makes more sense, otherwise all those extra cores will just go to waste.

It's very good when using speakers, as it's on AMD high definition. My gripes comes from the front jack, as when I connect my beats to it, I can hear the machine noises (when fans activate / processor working), which is quite disconcerting. Need to find a solution for this... probably the biggest gripe I have found on this otherwise perfect PC.

Overall the windows index came up to 7.4 and only because of the graphics card, everything else is at 7.8, so all in all it's a very good system. For the price I would say it's not too bad, obviously some will say you could but the individual parts and put it all together for cheaper, you can go this route if you want, but it's risky. Vibox carried tests, so you do not get the blue screens some people get with their conflicting hardware drivers on their custom PC.

Got a 3dMark Vantage score of P15008 today!!***

Was very excited in writing this review from the product in question, and no I don't work for Vibox, nor do I know anyone there, but wouldn't mind getting to know one now...

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on 21 March 2014
Where to begin, firstly this isn't the product i brought and paid for.
The item i purchased has vanished from existence leaving a lower spec machine with the same comments as the one i purchased.
and the link just takes me to this vibox complete 3.
As someone who uses the comment system to a certain extent to know whether the purchase im making is a good idea then i feel this is very misleading. Vibox's explanation for this was 'this computer is the newer version' if so why do the comments date back to 2012???? My point exactly they are advertising comments for one computer then substituting the computers once they are sold.
I have no knowledge of how this computer performs as it isn't even close to the spec i paid for.
Mine was an 8 core 4ghz with 2tb hdd and 16gb of ram and was £949.99, very different to what you are seeing.
Some might ask why im complaining if my spec was higher, simple, because i can not give a fair review on the item i purchased and the comments from this computer are not applicable if they were the same for the one i purchased so people like yourselves are made to feel you are buying a good computer when in actual fact only maybe one of the reviews is relevant.

Now for the PC itself, it was packaged well and looked very nice, was fast and did all i needed it to do game-wise......Until 3 hours after setting up...oh no a blue screen.....hmmmmm now that shouldn't happen should it. reinstalled software via Vibox advice 2 hours after that a further 2 blue screens, maybe it was what i was doing, i think not first time i was playing a game so possibly, the further 2 times i was browsing the web.
now for the first day to get 3 blue screens signals trouble straight away. i again contacted Vibox and again was asked about reinstalling software in all honesty i couldn't be bothered if its a non-starter you get rid so said i just wanted to return and get a refund and possibly order a different model, to which they were happy to agree to.
During the conversation though i was asked to remove my original comment from this item about it not being the one i paid for and in a moment of me not thinking straight even though comments were valid i agreed(probably why it looks like they have amazing feedback) so 5 days later i requested to return the PC, and lo and behold whilst removing information from computer it suffered a further 3 blue screens in the space of an hour....oh joy.
So PC went the next day and was informed once received refund would be processed after PC was looked over, fine i was even going to order a different model to see if that would help but no the saga continues.
Only 2 customer service agents helped me and were polite, but one just wasn't having a good day and made the whole thing even worse, upon asking about information they had provided me as being incorrect i was told it wasn't incorrect they had just hoped to do things quicker than planned, im sorry i don't live on your hopes if you have a policy stick to it. i was expecting a refund to be done today and then show up in my account 3 days later, but now today im being told it would take 5 days to process and then another 3 days for amazon to then process it, no no no that isn't what i was told yesterday my dear the refund came through the same day so amazing how it would have taken 8 days, i was even told i had a go at the same person more than once and had the phone hung up on me, im sorry challenging information you wrongly informed me of isn't having a go, if you get it wrong don't try and blame me. they are quick to take your money then wash their hands if anything should go wrong i should have looked closer at the negative comments and not so much at the good ones as someone else had pretty much exactly the same experience i had and was told exactly the same thing about newer model being advertised, so the discontinued a product twice in the space of a few months, please.
i shall not be ordering from them again as they clearly don't teach the staff very well and the engineers that build the computers don't look like they know what they are doing, even technical support had me sit on the phone while they goggled another problem i had with an adapter for the computer, training is an integral part of technical support in case you hadn't realized.
I suggest you beware when purchasing as im sure some of these reviews for their computers are not always for the right products
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on 27 March 2013

Delivered in no time and my Windows 8 installation flew on. The computer runs like a dream, speeding through all my graphically intense games such as BioShock at high settings and so general day to day tasks take no effort at all from this beast.

Huge 2TB storage has managed all my music collection and pictures with tons of space still to spare.

Would definitely recommend this computer to anyone, especially gamers! The illuminated case looks really cool underneath my HD LCD TV that it's connected to.

Thanks Vibox.
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on 29 April 2013
I bought this PC as it was great value for money and I received my package very shortly after buying.
I really liked the sleek cool looks of the tower combined with impressive spec! The overall buying experience was fast, easy and friendly.
I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking for a powerful machine for a very reasonable price, speedy delivery and friendly customer service!
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on 13 November 2013
Yes. No idea what this computer performs like because I didn't buy this one despite my Amazon account saying I did. Vibox (the company selling this computer) have changed the spec on the computer and also the links to the computer on Amazon's pages. I bought a computer with this spec: VIBOX Complete 3 - 3.4GHz Intel i5, Nvidia GTX 660, 16GB RAM, 1TB Super Gaming PC - Latest High Performance, Gaming PC, Multimedia, Desktop PC, USB3.0

They have also used positive comments from genuine buyers for the above computer spec and have attributed their comments to this newly advertsied model. So it's blantant misadvertising, incredibly misleading and, in my opinion, nothing short of conning the public.

I have contacted Amazon about it and they are looking into whether or not Vibox have broken their selling rules. But it'll be a long concern of to-ing and fro-ing. I'm mentioning this simply because I don't think any company should be able to change the original items into another item and pose it as something they have sold successfully. As far as I know, they haven't actually sold any of this model so the comments on this item are completely wrong - because they are about another model.
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on 11 October 2012
It is so awesome :P it took 10 days to come, but was worth the wait, the computer case itself looks amazing, and vibox did a great job building it, the inside is very neat and tidy, so airflow definately wont be a problem :)

Thanks Vibox!
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on 30 December 2012
This computer is a rip off, Built the exact same system except with a different psu and case fot £370
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