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on 29 July 2008
Not allot of people know this but the V-Moda vibe was designed and created by a Chinese company called Ocvaco. They used to sell under the name OVC TC25. V-moda basically bought the excusive rights to this model. In the process they have more than doubled the price. You can still find sellers in china who stock the TC25 at less than half the price of the vibe. They are not copies, they are the original. If you want the same quality of sound but would like a lower price then you can also consider the Skull Candy Full Metal Jacket and the Soundwise G4 both of which are also made by Ocvaco. Given the product descriptions they look to have identical spec's. The casing is simpler but still in metal and the price is less than half.

They are not bad earphones but do we really need the price tag?

If you don't beleive me you could try asking them or better still google it (v-moda ocvaco import). You will see Ocvaco supply V-moda
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on 12 February 2009
....there are a couple of things to remember about these headphones.

A few reviews have obviously been written about the Vibes before the 'phones 'bed in'. They need about eight hours of continuous play before you get the true fidelity that these can offer, because, like the original Apple In-Ear set, the drivers are housed in metal enclosure (I know the Apple set look like plastic chambers, but take the silicones off and look again). Unfortunately for both these products, the sound is a bit naff before this happens, so I suspect a lot of units have been returned on that basis.

Secondly, these headphones are of sufficient quality that they really expose the poor quality of 'lossy' encoded music. Songs formerly downloaded from iTunes at 128kbps AAC can really sound ratty on these, particularly classical and rock music. Around 256kbps or higher AAC, or 320kbps MP3 should be the minimum (particularly as hard drive space is getting so cheap).

How good are they? I compared them first to my CX300 Sennys and they actually gave them a sound beating in all areas (some may miss the artificial bass of the CX300 at first, as I did), especially at full volume, where the CX300 distort rather badly at a lower overall volume than the Vibe. There is little the Vibes can't process in this respect, although there is a harshness at louder volumes, the bass never overloads.

Then I compared them to my Denon AH-C751. First off, lossy files sound actually marginally better on the Vibes, with slightly less artificial-sounding treble and a better low-end. Of course, plugging the Denon into a traditional CD player was a different story, and the more expensive AH-C751 gained a richness of delivery that easily eclipsed the Vibes.
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on 14 February 2008
*UPDATE* Whilst the sound quality is exceptional, I have now had two pairs which both broke after about 6 months use. Both failed in the same place, at the point where the lead enters the jack. I treated both pairs with great care, but they are mobile headphones, and I couldn't recommend them again, as 6 months makes poor value for money.
To get similar sound quality I now have full size studio headphones.

wonderful sound.
i can literally hear elements of my music i have not heard before.
these replace my old Sennheiser CX300's - and they are beyond comparison.
if you can afford the extra cost, you will be rewarded with clear bright sound, with a strong supporting bass.
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on 13 January 2008
These headphones are really the best i've had in a long time. I've tried others but these definitely come up trumps.

I have a few qualms with them though, one is that they don't block out external sound as well as I was lead to believe they did...and also, they're SO EXPENSIVE!! I went to an Apple store (God knows why) to buy these and they were £70. At the time, I had lost my credit card so couldn't get them on the net. The thing is, (although I know they are usually cheaper) I couldn't find any other shop which sold them for cheaper.

Anyway, overall, I think they're almost perfect, they do fit really well in one's ears and they're highly rated for good reasons :)
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on 19 June 2008
Umm... I'm not sure about these. They're tiny and look lovely but coming from a pair of Shure E2Cs they sound muffled and overly bass heavy. I had to set the EQ on the iPod (something which I never usually touch) just to reclaim some clarity. I guess if you listen to stuff like dance, techno etc. they might give you the ommph you're after but I prefer the clear, clean sound of the Shure over these.
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on 5 August 2008
Have to say that these are the best headphones i've used for running with my Ipod,they also sound better than the Shure E2C's i had before.The buds fit nicely into the ear and it takes quite a bit to dislodge them..........Overall a great product well worth the extra expense!
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on 10 February 2009
These were a gift for a friend, he loves music, is very knowledgeable and has a discerning ear. Here are his views...
The bass is amazing, they are very noise cancelling although not claiming that.
The quality of the sound is really good, so much so that it allows you to discern sounds you did not hear from other systems.
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on 6 May 2014
I have bought two of these headphones only for them to break after a few months, both from problems with the cables. The sound quality is ok at best but you can find way better for the price. The build quality of the ear pieces themselves are nice though.
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