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on 23 April 2017
A excellent piece of kit protect your phone to the max
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on 27 August 2013
I cannot recommend this case enough it fits like a glove but is very easy to take on and off.
The back of the phone is curved so if you put it on a table it tends to wobble with this case that problem is eliminated.
A case must provide protection but must also be practical this is the best I have found it has corner guards to absorb the initial impact if dropped but also has an inner weave that absorbs the after shock/vibrations.
Two cases in one if you prefer so you get a good level of protection to weight ratio.
Also allot of cases cover up the sensor on top of the phone(used when using the phone as a remote control with the right App downloaded)this case does not.
People buy a phone worth over 500 euro then buy a 5 euro case why.
Get this and you will not be disappointed.
Mine also came with a good screen protector and cleaning cloth its a very superior product.
The only thing it needs is a small flip stand in the back of it as people use these phones to watch allot of video/films on but still give it 5 stars.
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on 3 August 2013
Just got this yesterday, it came pretty quick considering the estimated was on tuesday and I got it on saturday. Anyway, I chose blue because I thought it was the coolest, and basically the whole thing feels premium and of an extremely good quality, which justifies the price for me.Its pretty easy to put on, not as easy as a silicon but then again, this feels way more solid a=when it is on. Just slide in the button side first then pop down the opposite corners, kinda do the opposite to remove it. Its pretty easy. The cutouts are PERFECT. The buttons are easy to press, although the power button is slightly more stiff. I found on the htc one that the volume controls where abit hard to locate as they are flush with the device but with this case they are easy to find and are way easier to press.The ridges on the back prevent the plastic part from sliding around well and the lip around the screen protects it when placed face down. The case includes one screen protector which I haven't used because I already have a mediadevil one installed but i'm sure it gets the job done. Overall, I think the pricing is justified and if I drop my phone,i'm sure it will survive. Check out some drop tests on youtube. I think it provides a similar level of protection to the otterbox, but adds less bulk, is easier to install and looks a hell of a lot better doing it. Spend the money, and you wont have to spend any more.
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on 25 November 2013
Absolutely worth your money. I have dropped my phone on multiple occasions and not a single scratch is visible on my phone. it doesn't make the phone too bulky and it just looks awesome. The only negative I find is the weird button cover for the power button. If you are thinking about buying it definitely go for it you wont regret it.
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on 8 June 2014
In the last 18 months I've gone through 3 'sturdy' cases and they didn't stand the test of time. I can already tell this one will and wish I'd seen this last year and not wasted money on the other cases I've had. With regards to pricing, I think it's just about right - if you're not prepared to invest in some decent protection for an expensive phone you'll have to live with that decision. I haven't bothered using the screen protector because as you know, the HTC One already has Toughened Gorilla glass (the clue is in the name)
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on 2 October 2013
I watched many reviews of this case online before I made my decision to purchase. The case is great! I've had it for about 2 weeks and so far so good. I wanted a case that is unique and does the job and that's what I got.

It comes with a screen protector as well which is good.

I would have preferred if the aviator colour was available for the HTC One but oh well.

I would definitely recommend this phone case. Good job UAG =]
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on 23 November 2013
BRILLIANT. A wee bit overpriced, but quality, feel and overall confidence in the product more than outweigh the cost.
Highly recommended.
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on 9 December 2013
This robust hard-wearing case is sold by Urban Armor Gear (UAG). They are on-line retailer who sell their cases worldwide through their webstore and electronic retailers. Since starting up UAG have gained recognition for the hard wearing cases and they are used by everyday people to those who also enjoy extreme sports.
Founded in South California, they continue to design and manufacture these cases for even the newest phones including the iPhone 5S/5C.
The case itself is made from a hardened composite material with a soft impact resistant core, which helps to keep your device from even minor scratches and cracks to even the worst drops that could destroy your phone completely. They manufacture this by fusing a hard outer shell with the soft impact resistant core.
The case provides 360 degree protection with the supplied crystal clear HD screen protector, soft rubberised screen surround and rear skid pads. With all of these features your phone really is well and truly protected from. The rear skid pads are located in each of the 4 corners and help to stop the phone from moving.
Inserting & Removing Phone
Inserting the phone into the case was quite easy and clipped right into place. When in the cover the phone is completely secure and you don't have to worry about it falling out. The rubberised sides help to keep it in place and it doesn't move a single bit. They also keep the phone rubbing against the hard outer shell and removing the finish from your £400+ phone (which I have known some cases to do).

Removing the phone is a little more difficult than inserting it but this is due to the rubber lining keeping the phone in place. I have found the best way to do this is to push the phone through the camera hole while slightly pulling back on the sides so the phone edges its way out. You can then pull the phone right out.
Package Contents
1x UAG composite case
1x HD ultra clear screen protector
1x Microfibre cloth

As mentioned before the case is made from a composite material with a soft core to reduce impact shocks. The volume rocker and also the lock button are protected by over-sized buttons, which allow them to be easily used while having the protection of the case around them. The ports on the bottom of the phone don't have any kind of cover but the case thickness would provide sufficient protection if dropped directly on its end. With most cases you have to remove the case to insert some 3.5mm aux cables. I have a range of these and tried every single one, including those which I have had to previously remove the cases for. This time around each one fitted perfectly into the jack without me having to remove the case. A massive positive!
On the rear of the phone there is again no cover for the camera and flash but the thickness of the case provides sufficient protection against any drops. Another positive is that the flash isn't interfered with so there is no glare on photos when fitted with the case.
- Lightweight compound
- Hard-wearing & strong material
- Heavy duty button coverings
- Audio jack easily accessible
- Doesn't add to much bulk to your device
- 360 degree protection

- None

Overall the Urban Armor Gear case has performed well in all areas from protection to everyday usability. Once the case is on there really isn't any need to remove the case as the screen, buttons and rear of the device are all protected to some degree. Even with the case fitted the phone is comfortable to use and it really does feel solid. Nearly no bulk is added so it will still fit into small pockets nicely and will not slip around thanks to the anti-slip pads on the rear.

The case is well worth this small amount of money and I suggest anybody who partakes in sports with their phones on them goes and buys one of these cases. It gets a well deserved 5 stars from me, as I failed to find even one negative with the case.
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on 5 March 2014
HI All,

the thought of spending anything above £5 on a phone case always seemed silly to me, all of my previous ones were about £1, so when I bought this one I had really high expectations...

And boy did UAG delivered! The case is absolutely fantastic, the quality of the plastic used is really good, you can definitely feel the difference. The rubbery black edges provide a really good grip abd the plastic itself isn't polished, so it stays in hand even if they're wet or covered in dust.
I have already managed to drop the phone while running at the gym, the phone hit the track and shot into the wall (I started crying at this point), but there was only a tiny mark on the rubber bit, which seemed to rubbed off already, absolutely no damage to the phone.. I think it's also worth to point out that after 3 months of using the case, the plastic is still white as new, I was worried that it will get dirty like and start to look bad, but that has not happened yet...
The only negative I can think of, would be the fact that this is pretty chunky case, it definitely adds size to the phone; But than, you probably don't mind if you're looking for a hard-cover anyway...

I would definitely recommend this, if you think the price is too much for a case, I'm telling you buy it, you will see the difference between this and the ones for £1-£5 ...
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on 27 September 2013
The case is a hard shell that protects my phone very well. I'm very pleased with my purchase, and I've already recommend this case to others.
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