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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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on 2 May 2014
I've never written a review before but I'm in work, it is Friday afternoon and this looks passable as work on my screen (and I'm looking pissed off so it looks like I'm concentrating). Anyhoo, I only tried this product last night but I gotta say it is some quality stuff! Uppercut broke my pomade virginity and I've been putting off buying it for a fair while as it's fairly high priced, this considered it is worth it! I have thick hair that swallows most products I use and what with the slicked comb over look going around these days I've been in dismay I couldn't join in, alas I thought it was all over before it got started for me. This stuff is a game changer. Managed to get it slicked back pretty easily, it has a nice texture, isn't sticky & the stuff smells better than Emma Stone (well fit). Left it a few hours and it held reyt well! It goes fairly hard and has a bit of shine but I was still able to run my hands through it like them guys in films do. Oh also it is worth having for the packing alone (well, not really, but it looks nice). HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS I'M SAD NOW BECAUSE I HAVE TO GO BACK TO DOING WORK. BYEEEE x
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on 23 June 2015
Barely a finger tip needed, just like my ex wife, although this stuff is very highly recommended. She's not.
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on 21 November 2014
Great wax based pomade. I've got thick hair that refuses to hold with just about any other product, with this it holds like super glue all day and I hardly have to use any. It is wax based and a bit greasy which a lot of people wont like (depending on how your hair is styled you run the risk of looking like a character from grease), but for me it's perfect. If you're looking for something less oily, a good water based pomade would be better, but they tend not to hold as well.
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on 16 April 2016
I'm pretty disappointed with this product. I've given it two stars, rather than just one, because it washes out easily, which is why I bought it in the first place. I had been using Black & White pomade, which was almost impossible to wash out, so I was going to bed each night with a greasy head. Uppercut washes out completely, which is good, but in other aspects it falls short of my expectations.

Firstly, it is not nearly heavy enough. I have naturally puffy hair and this stuff simply can't control it the way Black & White could.
Secondly, I'm not a fan of the smell; it's a kind of cornstarchy smell that I wouldn't really describe as sexy. When I catch a whiff of myself, I don't think: "Yeah, the ladies are gonna love me."
Thirdly, I don't like the way it dries, making my hair crusty. With Black & White my hair stayed pliable throughout the day and I could easily recomb it after cycling to work or stepping in from a blustery day. With Uppercut I need to wet my hair and add more product.

Add all this to the fact that Uppercut costs three times as much as Black & White and I feel pretty stupid for having bought it.
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on 1 February 2015
I am far more familiar with oil based pomades, as i prefer how they work and look. I've only ever used a couple of water-based pomades, so i can't compare this product to much, but i'll leave a bit of feedback non-the-less.
I bought this product due to it's high rating. I heard it was the best water-based pomade easily available in the UK. I certainly agree that it's a nice product, and i can see where the hype comes from. It's super thick, goes in to the hair easily and allows you to do almost anything with your hair. Being a water-based pomade, it has its limits. It dries out and causes your hair to become stiff and unnatural, like hair gel. So some styles are easier to achieve than others. Also, true pomades would allow you to re-comb your hair during the day. Since this product dries out, like most water-based products, there is no way of re-combing. You could try wetting your hair a bit, but it'll never be the same as using true grease.
The scent in the tin is almost non-existent, but once the product is in your hair, the strong vanilla scent hits hard, and lasts most of the day.
The tin design is great. however, i personally would have preferred the product in a classic plastic tub, similar to Suavecito etc. as they always seem more air tight and secure. But this is just personal preference.
Overall, this is a nice product. If you are a fan of thick, heavy hold water-base pomades, then this is a must buy. However, if you're looking for something slicker and re-combable, then i suggest using oil-based products.
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on 11 February 2016
If your reading this then you probably have thick and untameable hair like me. Great as your unlikely to go bald but real problem to keep in place especially after a few hours. I have a slick back and shaved sides and have tried lots of pomades, gels and waxes this stuff is beyond brutal, after a long day at work, commuting and then a full gym session the barnet was still looking fresh. Then the problems began, I had a bath and washed my hair and it didn't come out in fact it set again after 10 mins, then I washed it twice an hour later and it's still hasn't come out. Its a bit like Dax wax in consistency and hold and has a medium shine. Overall a good product and add some hairspray afterwards and it will last for a good day or so, depending on your hair washing routine maybe even years! Word for the wise don't be a bloke and just throw a load in really do follow the instructions and use a little. If your put off by price though go with the Dax although I've been told it's really bad for your hair.
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on 14 January 2016
I bought this along with uppercut deluxe and layrite superhold. I really don't want to give the a low rating because it is a good product however possibly just not for me. Firstly I find it very difficult to get out of the tin due to the texture and it was just as difficult to get into my hair, I find my hand getting stuck in my hair it is so strong. However despite this apparent strength when I put it in my very thick hair it is falling down by the end of the day and I find this disappointing. The other pomade aren't any better so maybe I just need a haircut but I had high expectations with it being 'moonster hold'. It also doesn't smell that great either. On a positive note I love the tin.
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on 16 March 2015
Best hair product I have used and I have tried many! Only need a little for medium length hair, works in well, dries nicely and keep the hold all day. Washes out very easily with normal water no need for shampoo. This product is expensive but you get what you pay for. I use it everyday and a pt of this lasts me for a few months. You will not regret buying this!
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on 24 August 2015
If you have untameable hair that has the odd curl, frizzy parts and looks shi* no matter how hard you try to style it, than your in the same boat as me!

I will never understand how some people's hair can fall so perfectly as soon as they wake up without the need for any product! It really is unfair and if your hair is like mine in this respect than i feel sorry for you! I wouldn't mind if i was black because i wouldn't mind a fro and of course the nice skin complexion to go with it! But I'm pale as a snowman with blonde hair! The least i could have is good well behaved hair which does what i want it to do! But I'm not that lucky!

However i have found that this really is the best product i have ever come across! Its called monster hold for a reason! Thats why its so good! Because of its strong holding ability it forces hair to act like everyone else's normal hair does and thus you can style it and actually make it look nice! I use quite a lot of this to tame my hair and get a mean quiff going on but without it i would be fu**ed! The only thing is that its a real pain to get out and will take multiple washes to get out! With this being said it won't wash away in bad weather!

Then we come to the price! I would not spend this much on any other hair product! Its daylight robbery if you ask me! But for me its worth it to have nice hair! I first took a chance in buying this in an act of desperation to tame my hair! i thought if it doesn't work than i will never pay this extortionate price for hair products again! And i won't! But this product is the acceptation!
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on 26 September 2016
Smells out of this world! Cant quite put my finger on it but reminds me of Caramel and Sherry! The hold is perfect! I took it away to Cyprus and even in 35 degree heat it still held in my hair and didnt breakdown in the heat! Washes out just fine too!
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