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on 2 August 2014
I was a bit nervous about ordering this as it is easy to find you have bought useless junk. However, I thought that £40 for something basically to search on line and play iplayer was a reasonable gamble. I am actually really pleased, the picture on iplayer is good, speed is fine and it seems like a very reasonable bit of kit for a cheap price. It does weird stuff like has a screen shot which it is way too easy to press and you end up storing a load of pointless screen shots until you can be bothered to delete them, also for some reason the browser, while it accepts that i want to use BBC as my home page still invariably goes back to the last internet page I was on. I doubt I will be using either the front or back facing cameras for anythign that matters to me, but they do work. II imagine if you push it much further than the spec it comes with there is a chance it may not be great, but for something to look at online iplayer films etc I can say i have no complaints and am a jolly happy customer. ps it came quickly but the packaging is sparce and I felt I may not have been the first person to unwrap it- it seemed to default to a chinese browser originally, but well, it works fine for me.
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on 17 June 2014
Bought as an entry level tablet for someone who is a student and they are very pleased with it. It's not a top of the range model by any means but I am very happy with this purchase. It does what it says on the tin and offers the full range of android apps out there. Only slight niggle is that after charging the screen can go a bit fuzzy but this goes away. Otherwise would have given it a higher rating.
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on 2 September 2013
I have more than one tablet, the other cost me £150 and this one seems to have no difficulty keeping up with it in processing power and can use the same range of applications. The internal storage isnt great so i'd recommend purchasing a larger microsd card at the same time if you're going to be using it to watch videos, store large amounts of music etc. Its a fantastic little (9inch) tablet for the money, I like it so much i'm even considering purchasing one each for the kids for Christmas... if only to get mine back off them. Fantastic value for money.
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on 11 September 2014
Very nice product for a very low price ,nice for a child or for someone to practice on until they upgrade .Pleased !!
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on 26 August 2015
Absolute rubbish! Don't waste your money
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on 26 October 2013
This review is going to be a realistic review showcasing the product with accurate information and contents that people looking to buy this tablet will find useful. So lets get started:

First of all, I purchased the item and recieved an email saying the estimated delivery date was over 3 weeks away, however, the tablet arrived in 2 days, so dont fully rely on your estimated delivery date.
On opening, the item was well packaged and correct.
Inside the box contained the tablet itself, charger with UK pins, and a microUSB to USB cable x2 (One to connect male to male, one for male to female) as well as an instruction booklet (in illegible English to an extent its almost funny to read)

The Tablet itself: Well built, looks stylish and feels good to hold. Takes about 20 seconds to boot up and initialise for use, and contains base apps such as flash player, youtube, facebook and the official Google Play Store. The resolution of the screen is average, not high quality but decent enough to make out good detail. Apps run fine, however, if you are someone who enjoys gaming, then this tablet is not for you. Simple graphical games such as angry birds, fruit ninja and similar games it can handle fine, but anything above this more graphically intense, such as Dead Trigger, Deer hunter 2014 or 3d ,fast paced or resource hungry games will still open ok and run, but the tablet cannot handle the games and the player will experience very laggy gameplay, extremely low fps and if the game demands too much, a total quit to the homepage.

Moving on from the gaming section, the internet sector is fine and good quality. Connecting to WIFI is quick and reliable with a good range, and the speed online is quick and downloads relatively speedy, providing you are not demanding too much at one time from it.

Storage is decent at 8 GB out of the box, with the option for a MicroSD card increasing that size, so storage is excellent and no problem.

Battery: the battery is of average quality, with it taking around 2-3 hours to fully charge. If there is heavy use of the tablet (eg. games, internet use etc) then the battery will deplete in around 3 hours. If used less regularly or left on standby, you can expect it to last around 12-24 hours on one charge.

Camera's: Two camera's, one front and back facing, not very good quality, still can pick up detail but a little grainy and not too special.

Audio: The speaker on the tablet, although alright quality, is relatively quiet and you will have a difficult time even on full volume hearing much audio in a populated place. Earphone slot is available though and provides decent audio.

Speed of tablet as a whole: Don't expect lighting quick reactions. Although relatively speedy on the home screen, once you start using apps and navigating around, it will slow down a little, (eg. taking 1-3 seconds to respond after tapping something, or freezing for about 5 seconds if there is some multiple operations occurring).
Good quality touchscreen, multitouch and responsive, however, has no proper protection initially so be prepared to clean the screen regularly.

All in all, an average android tablet that is actually a good deal at the price, however, "you get what you pay for"


Well built, stylish tablet
Good internet connectivity, range and speed
Decent storage with option for plenty more
Good speed providing there is not too much multitasking operations ongoing
An excellent tablet for the price payed.

Slow graphics and tablet processor, definately not a gaming tablet for any graphically enjoyable games.
Battery life depletes considerably quickly with use.
Average camera's, not good for quality photos or videos.
Audio speaker alright in a noise reduced environment, poor volume level in populated areas (Good with headphones however)
Occasional slowing down of tablet.

And there you have it, an unbiased, realistic review of this tablet. I will be happy to answer any further questions regarding the product.
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on 30 May 2014
If this tablet worked consistently I would give it at least 4 stars. It regularly freezes on us, won't switch on/off or charge once it's frozen. I can be sat in the same room as the router/hub and it will not connect, or connects very slowly. I actually bought it as a practice tablet for our toddler and to watch his cartoons on demand but even bbciplayer programmes do not load on this piece of cr*p.
At first I thought the tablet was heavy, it is, but I could have lived with that if only it worked. I haven't even looked at returning it after it started buggering up after the first month of very light use, music on spotify, angry birds, some kindle usage etc. Lesson learnt, I'll be paying a bit more for better quality product when I can afford it!
When the product works it's fine but overall extremely disappointed with our purchase, I do not recommend even for children as it will only upset them when it malfunctions - regularly.
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on 19 June 2014
I work in the construction industry and wanted a cheap no nonsense tablet that:-
1) I could use to download and view drawings and documents.
2) Send and receive E-Mail on the go via MiFi
3) Would not cause floods of tears if it was damaged, lost or stolen whilst using in a far from perfect environment.

This little baby has ticked all the above boxes.

Okay when I view and scroll around/ resize A1 and A0 sized drawings the screen is a bit blocky but it soon clears.
I have put Microsoft office on it from Google play so I can update schedules, forms and the like on the go rather than having to do it when I get home in the evening and as an added bonus I can copy everything onto an external SD card for easy use between different devices.

The WiFi was easy to set up and is as quick if not better than the laptop indoors.
The battery life seems to be fine for now although time will tell how long that lasts.

I have put BBC i player on it and that works really well but had to get BBC media player as well, 4OD worked straight away with no problems but have not had much luck with ITV player even after getting Adobe air.
It handles basic games well unless you have to tilt the screen to play.
The real big downside to this is the comical tiny chinglish user manual that came with it and the appalling sound quality I also had problems transferring files from the laptop to this to begin with but worked it out in the end.
Online help is hard to come by.

If you want a cheap entry level tablet for the sort of use that I bought this for or to keep a younger child happy then it is a winner.
If you want i-pad performance then i suggest you pay the extra £300 + and buy one but you will not have an external SD slot or be able to use office.

However if you do decide to buy the natpc search around the different sellers to see who has online support and what comes pre installed, the price varies little and you will be up and running sooner.

Hope this helps and I will update if things change for better or worse.

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on 10 March 2014
started to fall apart as soon as I started to use it . the casing started to split from the screen and then the screen split from its surrounding and it had problems on the screen too .
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on 1 July 2014
Although very pleased with the speedy delivery (2 days) was disappointed with the item itself....it was for my son who is more than disappointed as it does nothing but crash all the time to the point of being unusable
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