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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Unlimited Edition [VINYL]
Format: Vinyl|Change
Price:£23.92+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 21 December 2004
The review below spurred me to write about this album as I think it's just plain wrong! 'Unlimited edition' was the first Can record I bought when it first came out in the mid-70's and the start of a beautiful love affair with one of the greatest and most influential groups ever. It covers what's generally acknowledged to be their most productive period, from 68-74, and although it's made up of previously unreleased studio tracks, as the original liner notes pointed out Can were different to other groups in that, having their own studio, they were able to record more or less as they wanted rather for specific album sessions.
Fans of the Damo Suzuki era Can will obviously gravitate towards stunning tracks such as 'Doko e' and 'TV spot' which seem to burst spontaneously into their own funky existence but the collection is probably even stronger on the Malcolm Mooney period - 'Fall of another year' 'The empress and the ukraine king' the hilarious 'Mother Upduff' and especially the short and incredibly rocking 'Connection' show off his talents better than anything on the first three albums. Plus there's the beautiful 'Ibis', a more languid instrumental take on the 'Dizzy dizzy' theme from Soon over Babaluma led by Michael's violin, and for me the best post-Suzuki track they ever recorded. I admit some of the EFS stuff is a bit throwaway but overall it's an extremely strong collection and a great overview of Can's early years. Definitely not just for completists and, if it's your first experience like it was mine, you'll still have 'Tago Mago' 'Ege Bamyasi' 'Future Days' and the rest to come. I envy you the experience of finding out for yourself!
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on 20 March 2016
Not as good as ‘Limited Edition’, the original vinyl release from 1974 on which this later release is based and expanded upon. Additional material like ‘Cutaway’, a long incoherent piece made up from unrelated leftovers arbitrarily spliced together, merely dilutes the quality of the original LP which already had its fair share of fillers.

Also, the standout opening track ‘Gomorrha’ is presented here in an inferior mix that fades in where the original dramatically hit the tarmac running. The emotional impact is seriously emasculated on this ‘Unlimited‘ version.

Unfortunately the original album has not been released officially on CD, so ‘Unlimited’ remains an essential, if flawed purchase for Can aficionados.

By the way, would strongly recommend 'The Lost Tapes’ 3CD set.
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on 21 July 2006
This is wonderful. Slightly pretentious in places, some of the tracks might be a bit over-long; but it's mesmerising in a way that only THE CAN are.

There some surprises to; for instance the two back-to-back classic tracks 'Connection' and 'Fall of Another Year' would send any serious rock fan into fits of self-doubt and recrimination at not having heard such classics years ago. Holger Czukay, the bands bass player (and engineer/producer) said in an interview on the CAN DVD that all the tracks on this album were recorded without the bands knowledge. That's as may be, it would explain some of the spontaneity and sheer inventiveness present here, but don't think that any of these performances are sloppy or in any way unworthy.

Strange, after buying Cannibalism in 1979, being totally shocked, stunned and then appreciative of this wonderful bands music, they still keep sounding better as each year passes. There is a lot to explore in this one album alone, each track a different and beautiful facet of an amazing piece of rock history (note that rock is used loosely here - it's actually far too narrow a term). Buy it!
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on 30 November 2003
ok so loads of bands i like are obsessed with these guys, a bunch of german proggers, hmm sounds bad huh? keep reading, if youre after pop, melody, whatever eklse, go away now, if youre after incidental music to a film nobody made, and nobody wanted to see youre in the right place, can are, were whatever a good band, but this is just silly, none of the tracks are of any merit it feels thrown together, its just not very good. on the plus side can did release some exellent albums like tago mago or future days, both of which are well and truly worth getting monster movie has its moments too, just not this. for the completist? its your funeral buddy, but for a first time can listenin person? dont bother, get future days or tago mago, just not this.
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on 21 October 2015
As i've mentioned on other Can LPs. Great sounding reissue. Well packed and overall a great addition. These people are reissuing vinyl properly.
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VINE VOICEon 26 November 2008
Be serious for a moment. This just can't be a five-star album. If you give five stars to Unlimited Edition, what will you give Tago Mago or Future Days? Ten stars? Fifteen? Well you can't. Those albums get five, so Unlimited Edition - a collection of out-takes, jams and ephemera - has to have less.

It can be a lot of fun, and there is music here that the dedicated Can-head must never miss out on. Gomorrah, Ibis and I'm So Liese stand out as near-ambient mood pieces that would hold their own on any Can album, while the humour of Malcolm Mooney shines a fresh light on the small body of work from his time with the band. But plenty of this stuff is ragged and irrelevant - the sound of a band having fun.

Worthwhile for the dedicated Can-head, but best taken in limited doses.
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on 19 August 2011
Fresh..after all these years. Definitely not as contrived as later releases. Whether young or old everyone should have this in their collection. Blow away the cobwebs and have fun ! Buy this little gem.
P.S. Forget the down reviews for this...unless like these reviewers you look over the neighbours hedge and have to have the same lawnmower ? Be brave, have an open mind, and smile.
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