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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars

on 27 May 2017
Sometimes I wonder why I continue some series…it’s perhaps because I hate giving up but I’m starting to think I will be glad when this one finish and we get a real conclusion.
Don’t take me wrong it’s not a bad series and I really love all the supernaturals we discover along the story and I do like it…however the author doesn’t manage to catch my rapt attention…Hannah Jayne tried to make the plot complex with false leads etc but for me it was really, really too predictable and I got angry with how obtuse Sophie is becoming… I mean everything is just under her nose… some even tell her , try to reason with her but no she stays focused on her first idea… no instinct at all ( which in a sense contradict what was her best asset in the precedent novels)

Sophie really disappointed me and the non ending love triangle is not helping her cause but even worse…she doesn’t understand what is happening despite the fact that her sister used a similar stratagem in the past and that got on my nerves

This was a easy read even if did not kept my full attention
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 August 2013
Under A Spell Hannah Jayne
ARC supplied by Netgalley
I've read all these now from the first in the series, and its always a fun adventure where poor Sophie lands in all sorts of trouble. This time is no exception. Thinking now her old boss is back she'll be able to relax, Sophie and Will are sent as supply teachers to a school where a pupil is missing as there's rumours of witchcraft involvement. As usual Sophie takes on more than just the job, desperately wanting to find the missing girl, and fearing it's part of a chain and others will go missing. There are similarities to a girl missing from the school the previous year, who was found dead with witchcraft markings on her.
Will, he veers from flirty to back to Protector constantly and I'm not surprised poor Sophie wonders what's going on with him. She's attracted to Will very much, but she's in love with Fallen angel Alex - and recently found he's got the problem that Sophie is the [person he needs to destroy to get back into Grace. So their on off relationship is definitely Off though he hasn't actually told Sophie that. (jerk) Gone from Loving Alex to Cold Alex, and Sophie just doesn't know where she stands. Like her I'm getting confused too, and hope the next book brings something a bit more definitive - though I'm not sure which one I favour. There's something about Alex, he was so great at first til he found out about Sophie, then Will, flirty British Will is sometimes all on and smiles, then the next minute just reminding Sophie he's only there as a task to protect her in her Vessel of Souls role. One minute he's very protective, and next when she's running into something that could be dangerous he's "I'm watching the footy love - good luck and call me when its over..." Puzzling to her and me. Ah well, that's why we keep reading.
As usual the simple job turns out to be tip of the iceberg, and poor Sophie gets bashed and battered once again, with some life threatening moments. Its a good job she heals fast. There's lots of appearances by lovely vampire flatmate Nina - that woman is so funny. She reminds me of Pasty from the wonderful TV show Absolutely Fabulous. She's always striving for something more and in the most unattainable way. She loves Sophie, and yet as ever thinks everything revolves around herself - it seems to be a common vamp trait. When the chips are down though she's with Sophie all the way regardless of the danger. Vlad, Nina's nephew - 16 years old but 113 vampire years, and really is a typical teen; hormonal, arrogant ( and the vamps take arrogant to a new position) and with a teens ever changing love life! You can't help liking him, and the mix of them provides for some really funny moments. Vlads love life excels in this book!
There's murder and mayhem, witchcraft and witches, hexes and curses, and the excitement and danger grows til Sophie faces death once more. I had some ideas who was involved...but I was wrong. Hannah lays false trails to catch us out :) and I was caught! Though I was correct in one suspect. That made the surprise all the sweeter. The only thing I didn't like was the ending - and that's purely from a frustration point of view - I want the next book now so I can find out what happens next, what Will is going to say., what Alex will do next. You know - all the things you want to know from a good series. Its why I love to reread once the series is complete - I can just have a mammoth session of reading without the frustration of waiting for next book.
Priced at £4.31 for a massive 414 pages its excellent value and will join my keepers file for re reading.
Stars: Well written of course, brilliant plots that had me fooled yet again (good job its Sophie and not me, I'd have been dead ages ago) Has to be another five star read.
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on 14 August 2013
If this your first Underworld D. Agency book I would suggest reading a previous one Under Wraps: Underworld Detection Agency Series, Book 1.
This can be read as a standalone book but some of the relationships are written in a way that presumes previous knowledge.
Case in point would be Vlad and Kale. Their squabbling and interaction is described here and there with a few fractions of info, which doesn't really give any clear indication of why, when or what who did what to whom. So the reader has to fill in the gaps. The same goes for the attraction triangle a la Will-Sophie-Alex. Once again the reader doesn't really know why Alex is acting all huffy or why he insists on making annoyingly vague statements and flouncing off at every opportunity. In fact his flounces take priority over finding a missing teenager.
The story started out slow and was a little disjointed here and there, but it picked up and was quite enjoyable.
I think the author was trying a little too hard to keep it in the YA ball-park because the tone and behaviour of the characters swung like a pendulum. They switched from teen-tone to witty adult quips to squee moments and back again to sensible adults.
Although I have to admit there were quite a few one-liners in there that made me
Overall I think the author needs to develop the main character more and have her actually take a few steps forward instead of treading the same path over and over again. Let her grow into the strong adult individual she can be instead of being the often obtuse and impulsive teen she acts like.
I received a copy of this book via Netgalley.
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on 13 February 2015
Good, interesting detective story, with vamps, demons and a ditzy heroine. It's funny and querky. Not over full with sex scenes
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on 19 October 2013
I rally enjoy these books - the mix of fantastic creatures and the gutsy heroine meant that I had to read it in one sitting!
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on 21 July 2014
Really good I love this series it's so much fun!
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on 21 March 2015
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